Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Good By Valdez


We are leaving Valdez tomorrow, after spending a very relaxing week here. There is not much to this small village, two museums, one of which was about the town before and after the earthquake of 64.
Because the town had been built on very unstable ground, when the ground began shaking, the water front basically liquefied and disappeared into the ocean. Then the tsunami took out some more of the town.  Most of what was left had been heavily damaged and rebuilding in the same area seemed foolish. 
They moved the town about two miles away, and it is built on very solid ground.  What was not moved to the new town was burnt to the ground.  My parents still lived in Alaska when the earthquake hit, and I remember it was days before we knew their condition.  And then only because a post card arrived. The time before all the technology is hard to visualize today.
Chucks fishing did not result in any pictures, matter of fact, he ended up with only one pitiful fish fry dinner, but he enjoyed getting his line wet.  He didn’t try any of the charters, waiting to get to Homer and Seward for that.
We are heading to Chugiak, and my bothers back yard.  Spend a few days there, and we will see what plans we can come up with.  Know that they all have some ideas of things  to do.  Excited to see everyone, it has been way too long.      


Speedy said...

Alaska is not my cup of tea but I am sure that there is a lot to see there. We are in east Texas now and I am fishing. Sorry Chuck but I am catching fish.

Unknown said...

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