Thursday, October 11, 2012


Ever year at this time Jojoba Hills has a park sale.  From the proceeds they buy all the little extra for the members through out the year.  Last year the total after expenses was close to 12,000 dollars.  So it is not just a small sum.  Although everyone said that it was a sight to behold, I will tell you it is impossible to imagine.  When I first seen the clothes that were for sale,  was wondering why everyone in the park was still clothed.  There are only 275 lots here, but still we sure generated a lot of STUFF.


These were just women’s clothes, men's were outside.  These are about half of them.


Need coffee pots?  Slow cookers?  Toasters?  There were so many and so much of every thing.  Takes 3 days to get some semblance of order, then it is open to the people of the park.  Now for the next two days, open to the public, and on the final day it goes for a dollar a bag. 



Have not seen any rain to speak of in three months, but today that came to an end.  So it was tarps on….tarps off. The prices are so low that it is unreal.  And yes, I did spend some good dollars buying things that will probably get donated next year, but we will see.

We are running into some bad luck trying to get a military hop to Hawaii, up until now they have had at least a couple of planes going out of San Diego Naval station, each week.  For the last 10 days nothing , nada.  So we are thinking we will make a run up to Travis, they have a couple a day going, most days.  It is about 400 miles, but our little car gets about 43 miles a gallon, so even at 4.50 a gallon, it won’t be bad, compared to air fare.  Can’t wait to see this place, it is on the Historical Register.  The link:

We have been busy enjoying our time here, and welcoming back all the travelers.  Think just about all have returned, can’t miss that sale!  I’ve also been sticking to water exercises, and it makes a big difference to my joints.  The pool is heated, so will be able to continue through out the winter.

Catch up sort of, at least all is well, and looking forward to the next few weeks.  Life is Good!