Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Our lovely daughter and SIL are coming in two days, and bring with them our great grandchildren. We have mostly stayed in the back ground with the little ones, want their grandparents to experience the joy of being the main spoilers, but we do manage to get in a few sessions. Looks like we will have a good time, with Disneyland and Marine World part of the itinerary. Hopefully we will be able to hold up. 

Now to catch up with the past two months, (there went all the good intentions of my keeping this blog current).  After waving good bye to Barb and Bob/Chuck, we got serious about hosting a margarita party fund raiser for the bridge club.  We had almost a 100 percent turn out and a great time.  And spouses were invited.  We have just a few


couples who play. Think there is a reason for that.  Years ago I heard on the radio a story of a woman who was on trial for shooting her husband, though only wounding him.  She was telling the judge that they had been playing as partners in a bridge tournament and she bid this, he bid that, ect. ect.  And the judge threw the case out.  Said anyone who bid like that deserved to be shot!  At the time I did not play bridge and didn’t full understand, but now it makes perfect sense. Bridge is more than just a game.

The days that seem to have flown by have been filled with the same daily routines.  Chuck has been doing some little projects to the travel trailer.  And we got the portable TV “cube”.  Hassling with the dish is not a fun thing most of the time, so thought we would give this a try.  Being as we have Dish, we assumed that it would work by transferring the receiver to the traveler.  Wrong, one is for two TV’s, have to have one for just one.  Done, now hope that this solves the problem.  Murphy's law will surely kick in, I’m sure. 

Once our company leaves we will rolling down the road.  The Escapade is the one place that is written in stone, and we have to be in Gillette, Wyoming, by the 27th of June.  After that we have not formed a plan, all options are open.  Sort of a cliff hanger…lol