Monday, June 20, 2011

Enjoying Park of the Sierras

We have been spending the week at the SKP park, enjoying the peace and quiet. Having taken in Yosemite and all its beauty there is not that much to see or do here. People are very friendly in the park, although this is more of a winter retreat so the club house is kind of empty and there is no swimming pool. BUT there is a casino a couple of miles from here, which we have visited 3 times. They have a very generous welcome package, sign-up bonus of 20 dollars free play, (on day 2) 10% off senior food prices, and free t-shirt. Got two new sleep shirts now. Figure they only cost a few dollars, well maybe a bit more. But we had a good time.

Today we sent off the paperwork and check to Jojoba and we now officially have a lot there on Hummingbird Lane. Works out great, when we catch up with our hummingbird door window, (that Lanette got us in Mexico and that Donna Green is hauling around) it will fit right in. We are thinking with Jojoba’s location so close to San Diego and L.A. there will be a lot to entertain us and any one coming to visit. We will have plenty of FHU sites there, so hopefully we will be seeing a lot of friends that will pass through that area. They have a wonderful club house, huge heated swimming pool, 2 large Jacuzzis, plus all the other amenities. It is out in the country though, about 15 miles from Temecula. We won’t be going there till after Tennessee, which we have planned for October. Did not think we would get an offer of a site so quick, but then we hated to turn it down, we actually had our choice of two, in case come October there would be no openings, so we decided to go ahead. Usually there the wait is a year or two. We are happy with our decision, and can’t wait to actually be there.

Some bad news of traveling friends loosing their 5th wheel to a fire. Seems the bearing locked up, blew the tire, started a fire, and even though they had a fire extinguisher it wasn’t enough to stop it. Luckily they got the truck disconnected, and they are okay. Can’t imagine what they are going through, full-timers have there whole life in the rigs, and then to be in a strange place. They are special people who have many friends far and wide, and know that all are hurting with them as are we. We have a Pressure-Pro tire monitoring system, but then so did they. There goes my peace of mind that it gave me. Just a reminder to make every day special in some way, because we never know what we face around the next corner.

We are heading back to Marysville, so that Chuck can play in a golf tournament with our son. After that we are making our way to Mt Home AFB in Idaho where we will stay till going to Valley View RV, outside of Yellowstone Park for a month. Seems like we have been in a holding pattern for the last few months. But it was a treat to make a unplanned trip to California, and surprising our grandson speechless was definitely priceless. Enjoyed spending the few days we got to kidnap him, we do miss him.

Life is Good, RV Life is Better

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day of Wows

Having lived in California for 40 years we had not made the trip to Yosemite.  Well, today we kicked our selves for waiting so long, but because of the record snow pack this year, the waterfalls were the best they have ever seen.  I had a very hard time trying to limit the pictures, and still have too many, but bear with me,  unfortunately they don’t really tell the whole picture.

El Capitan

yosemite 050

The meadows are under water in most areas, and some of the camping areas are out of commission, but other than that it was fine.  The news had expected the park to be very limited, thankfully they were wrong.

yosemite 078

There were waterfalls every where.

yosemite 051


yosemite 001

Half dome in the background.

yosemite 027


yosemite 097

Yosemite Falls

yosemite 128


yosemite 229

yosemite 179

yosemite 162

Part of the Spirals

yosemite 220

On the way home we stopped at the pizza place that Nick Russell had raved about, and it was great.  Great ending to a perfect day.  Tomorrow is a kick back, do nothing day.

Life is Good, RV Life is Better.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Last Day

We had nothing planned for the day, so after a few chores out of the way, we were out the door.  For lunch we picked up subs from Anthony’s favorite place, Subway.  Then off for a picnic on the ocean shore.  Weather just is not cooperating as it is quite cool.  After that it was a drive out to Carmel and the beach.

santa cruz 013

Tide poolssanta cruz 015

santa cruz 023Then off to the beach where he walked down to the water, and played dare with the waves and lost.  So back he comes to take off the wet shoes and back he goes, but not for long, the water is like ice.

santa cruz 030       Great old tree.

santa cruz 032                                 santa cruz 039

After leaving there we made a few quick stops, then it was back to the RV, did a load of laundry.  We are meeting Anthony's parents about 150 miles from here and then we are heading to The Escapees park in Coarsegold near Yosemite.  We will spend a week there, then Chuck is going back to play in a member/guest golf tournament with our son. 

santa cruz 070

Oleanders that grow in the meridian, they thrive on the gas fumes, and basically no water as it seldom rains in the summer here.  But they bloom for months and sure cut the glare of lights at night. 

We arrived safe and sound, but we must have gone through a twilight zone or something.  The heavy duty outside cord had a loose wire, fixed it, a  wooden angel fell off the wall and got under the kitchen slide, got it out, the bedroom clock won’t work and the microwave just sits there, no lights on the screen.  We decided that we would not touch anything else until tomorrow. Oh darn!  Heard on the news that they are expecting floods in the Yosemite valley floor so all tours may be closed for awhile.  Makes me wonder just WHO I ticked off that bad?  Oh well, what will be will be.

Life is Good, Yes Indeedy!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Really BIG Trees

Today we are off to Henry Cowell Redwoods state park near Felton, California. Just a short drive from Monterey, and we arrived to an almost empty parking lot. We had planned to take the train through the redwoods, but it was an hour an half before the next one, so we walked into the park. There was a walking trail of a mile, and we decided, heck, we could do that.

big trees 005

So off we went, the trial was very nice, and the trees…wow.

big trees 052

It was so beautiful and quite as there was almost no one there.

big trees 017

big trees 011

Can’t even see the tops.

big trees 073


big trees 071

Oh yes, the nana picture, thanks Anthony.

big trees 084

After all that we decided that we could do with out the short pricey train ride. Did not think they could improve on what we already saw.

big trees 090

From there we went into Santa Cruz to a Mexican restaurant, The Acapulco, that we had been told about, with the help of our GPS we found it and it was well worth the hassle. I had the best taco salad I think I’ve ever had.

big trees 040

Unfortunately Chuck and I wear down pretty fast, so after picking up a movie we headed back to the RV. The next morning Chuck and Anthony we off for a round of golf. Being as Anthony is a left hand player none of our clubs would work for him, but they did have rentals available. Chuck was surprised at how well he played, yes, he did have some opps, a lot more were good or great shots.

big trees 043

They came home with only one picture, the camera battery conked out real fast. Glad they got the one. After a quick nap by the golfers we headed off to Fishermen's Wharf. We walked around and tasted samples of clam chowder that the restaurants we using to entice you in with. We decided on one and went in, the guys opted for fish and chips, and I had chowder in a bread bowl. santa cruz 007 No Mom, that is water, he was hamming it up big time. Just one more day, and we have no plans, what to do…what to do??? We’ll see.

Fun With Grandson

Anthony’s last season game went into the books with a W, although it was trying to be a squeaker, they pulled it out.  We decided he would spend the night with us so we would have an easier route to start.  Got on the road about 9 and traffic was good, little heavy in Sacramento, but Chuck manages just fine, with me white-knuckling it. 

aquarium 035

Wine on the vine, and lots of the rolling coastal hills.

aquarium 036

No sooner had we remarked that it looked like we would get there at our estimated time, than traffic came to a stand still.  Slowly we moved forward, but only to be directed to a country “lane”.  Had we know what we were to be traveling on we would have waited it out.  Very hilly, quite narrow, lots of overhanging trees and absolutely no way to turn around.  We were lucky to have only lost the twirley thingy top on the bathroom vent.  Once we found out the reason for the detour, a woman had stopped to help some one and been killed, loosing a vent, no big deal.  And we got smell some roses along the way.

aquarium 041

We are staying at the Marine base language school camp ground, at Monterey.  There are about 30 FHU sites, behind the golf course, an we are lucky our location does not tend to have errant balls flying into it.  (But as I’m writing this Chuck and Anthony are out playing, so it could happen.) Not the best military campgrounds, but location can’t be beat.  We have come to this area for years and we had a favorite restaurant, The Fishwife, so once we were set up we headed there.  Either our taste buds have changed or the food was just so-so, but we will not be going back again. 

The next day we were off to the aquarium, and it was all we remembered and more.  Weather is on the cool side with the fog bank never burning off.

aquarium 268

Will only post a few pictures as there are so many.

aquarium 102

 aquarium 137

Anthony’s favorite in the touch ponds, the sea cucumber, I thought so too.

aquarium 164

  Although these were unusual too.      aquarium 144

The “good sport”, only his nana could talk him into posing for this picture. 

aquarium 180


aquarium 199

aquarium 226Some of the really unusual.

aquarium 202aquarium 211aquarium 212







Seahorses, the males get pregnant.

aquarium 206

Then we were off for a short drive up the coast and over to Salinas to an RV supplier to replace the part we had lost.

aquarium 234

The end of day 1.

aquarium 251

Life is Good, RV Life is Better

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

This Is the California I Remember

Yes, the weather is finally getting to be the way I remember spring/summer in California. Basically we would have eight month or so of sunshine, followed by 3 to 4 months of fog, rain, generally not so nice, but we always could say at least we didn’t have to shovel it. This year it has been slow to get here, but do believe that it is here now. Happy, happy.

We have been busy connecting with friends, enjoying the last few ball games with our grandson. Chuck has been getting in quite a bit of golf, which makes him a happy guy. Time is flying by, before we know it, it will be over. We are leaving here Thursday for Monterey. Our grandson is going with us, he is finally out of school, and in the lull before all-star practice starts. Still not sure when that will be, so we are going and will deal with it. Either we have a nice get-away or it is cut short and his parents will come and retrieve him. But what ever we have 4 days, and we will take it.

Well we did it, put in the deposit for Jojoba Hills SKP park out side of Temecula. When I talked to them they said the wait time was only about a week, which I thought must be a mistake, but they said no. So we will see, don’t plan on going there till after Tennessee. The bad part is it overlooks the park that we fell in love with last year, the really pricey, private one, where the lots did not seem to sell all that fast. But you can't go wrong with a bunch of Escapees, so sure this will work fine for now.

ATD-at the doctor. BFF-best friend fell. BTW-bring the wheelchair. BYOT-bring your own teeth. FWIW-forgot where I was. GGPBL-gotta go, pacemaker battery low. GHA-got heartburn again. IMHO-is my hearing aid on? LMDO-laughing my dentures out. OMMR-on my massage recliner. ROFLACGU-rolling on floor laughing and can't get up, TTYL -talk to you louder!

Life is Good, RV Life is Even Better.