Sunday, June 12, 2011

Really BIG Trees

Today we are off to Henry Cowell Redwoods state park near Felton, California. Just a short drive from Monterey, and we arrived to an almost empty parking lot. We had planned to take the train through the redwoods, but it was an hour an half before the next one, so we walked into the park. There was a walking trail of a mile, and we decided, heck, we could do that.

big trees 005

So off we went, the trial was very nice, and the trees…wow.

big trees 052

It was so beautiful and quite as there was almost no one there.

big trees 017

big trees 011

Can’t even see the tops.

big trees 073


big trees 071

Oh yes, the nana picture, thanks Anthony.

big trees 084

After all that we decided that we could do with out the short pricey train ride. Did not think they could improve on what we already saw.

big trees 090

From there we went into Santa Cruz to a Mexican restaurant, The Acapulco, that we had been told about, with the help of our GPS we found it and it was well worth the hassle. I had the best taco salad I think I’ve ever had.

big trees 040

Unfortunately Chuck and I wear down pretty fast, so after picking up a movie we headed back to the RV. The next morning Chuck and Anthony we off for a round of golf. Being as Anthony is a left hand player none of our clubs would work for him, but they did have rentals available. Chuck was surprised at how well he played, yes, he did have some opps, a lot more were good or great shots.

big trees 043

They came home with only one picture, the camera battery conked out real fast. Glad they got the one. After a quick nap by the golfers we headed off to Fishermen's Wharf. We walked around and tasted samples of clam chowder that the restaurants we using to entice you in with. We decided on one and went in, the guys opted for fish and chips, and I had chowder in a bread bowl. santa cruz 007 No Mom, that is water, he was hamming it up big time. Just one more day, and we have no plans, what to do…what to do??? We’ll see.

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