Monday, June 20, 2011

Enjoying Park of the Sierras

We have been spending the week at the SKP park, enjoying the peace and quiet. Having taken in Yosemite and all its beauty there is not that much to see or do here. People are very friendly in the park, although this is more of a winter retreat so the club house is kind of empty and there is no swimming pool. BUT there is a casino a couple of miles from here, which we have visited 3 times. They have a very generous welcome package, sign-up bonus of 20 dollars free play, (on day 2) 10% off senior food prices, and free t-shirt. Got two new sleep shirts now. Figure they only cost a few dollars, well maybe a bit more. But we had a good time.

Today we sent off the paperwork and check to Jojoba and we now officially have a lot there on Hummingbird Lane. Works out great, when we catch up with our hummingbird door window, (that Lanette got us in Mexico and that Donna Green is hauling around) it will fit right in. We are thinking with Jojoba’s location so close to San Diego and L.A. there will be a lot to entertain us and any one coming to visit. We will have plenty of FHU sites there, so hopefully we will be seeing a lot of friends that will pass through that area. They have a wonderful club house, huge heated swimming pool, 2 large Jacuzzis, plus all the other amenities. It is out in the country though, about 15 miles from Temecula. We won’t be going there till after Tennessee, which we have planned for October. Did not think we would get an offer of a site so quick, but then we hated to turn it down, we actually had our choice of two, in case come October there would be no openings, so we decided to go ahead. Usually there the wait is a year or two. We are happy with our decision, and can’t wait to actually be there.

Some bad news of traveling friends loosing their 5th wheel to a fire. Seems the bearing locked up, blew the tire, started a fire, and even though they had a fire extinguisher it wasn’t enough to stop it. Luckily they got the truck disconnected, and they are okay. Can’t imagine what they are going through, full-timers have there whole life in the rigs, and then to be in a strange place. They are special people who have many friends far and wide, and know that all are hurting with them as are we. We have a Pressure-Pro tire monitoring system, but then so did they. There goes my peace of mind that it gave me. Just a reminder to make every day special in some way, because we never know what we face around the next corner.

We are heading back to Marysville, so that Chuck can play in a golf tournament with our son. After that we are making our way to Mt Home AFB in Idaho where we will stay till going to Valley View RV, outside of Yellowstone Park for a month. Seems like we have been in a holding pattern for the last few months. But it was a treat to make a unplanned trip to California, and surprising our grandson speechless was definitely priceless. Enjoyed spending the few days we got to kidnap him, we do miss him.

Life is Good, RV Life is Better

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Hembree said...

I can't wait til OCTOBER!!!