Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ready, Set, Go!

Just a few more days before we are on the road again.  Everything checked out with Chucks eye and he has his glasses ordered, which they promised to have ready come tomorrow, Friday.  They have Territory days in Old Colorado City, so we have decided to stay through the Memorial Day week-end and then get on our

I have been going to an Acupuncturist for the last week hoping to get some relief from my pain ,but does not seem to be of any help…damn.  Have a few more visits scheduled so will continue, very, very frustrating. Still above the ground, so that is good news.  Chuck played golf for the first time today, and he was quite happy to be back out there.  Said he only had one bad hole where the course ate his lunch.  The weather was gorgeous today, seemed like summer has gotten here finally. 

We have not done much the last few weeks.  Did fix a big spaghetti feed for some of our park neighbors and Cyndi & John.  Seen a few movies, a really wicked one….The Daughter, with Kevin Costner, not sure if I’m recommending it but it certainly  was different. 

Looking at our route upon leaving and what we are hoping to take in before getting to Vegas.  Have the Arches, Brice Canyon and  Zion.  Hope that the weather lets us get it in, hoping is about all we can do. 

Looking forward to having the wheels a’rolling, funny isn’t it?  Guess we were meant to roam.  Life is good. 

             smart ass

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Still In Holding Pattern

Chucks visit to the eye doctor yesterday was a mixed diagnosis, the swelling in the back of the eye was getting better and to expedite the healing, it was decided to inject a shot directly into the eye.  Needless to say this was something that I did not witness.  By next week they are hoping that he will be able to have a prescription for eyeglasses, and once he has those on his face, our butts will be setting in the truck heading down the road, can’t wait to get my arms around our grandson.  We are meeting up with them in Las Vegas, once our plans come together.

We have some nice neighbors here, and went to the movies with them the other night.  Seen Letters to Julia, and it was actually pretty good, even though you knew the whole story before going in.  Took a run to Cripple Creek with Cyndi and John, (daughter an son-in-law) Friday night.  Cripple Creek, once a old mining town, is now a little gambling town about 60 miles from here, up in the mountains.  They are really hurting what with the recession, and offering all kinds of deals.  We went for the seafood buffet, which was wonderful.  Huge crab legs, great shrimp, prime rib, all for 22 dollars a person, but it gets better, it was 2 for one!  Of course Chuck left enough in the machines to help cover the extra cost, I broke even but the kids did well, and we left while they were still way up.  Coming out there was about 3 inches of snow on the car, but the roads were clear, and we made it back safely.  

That about does it for the week, other than going to the store, trying to find a few thing in storage, throwing something at the TV when the cowboys lost to the brothers, cheering when Russell lost again. 

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Spring Time in the Rockies aka What Next?

What can I say?  We are enjoying our visit with our daughter and her family, and getting to spend Mothers days with them was a special treat.  Having our wonderful SIL fix us all a feast was also ranked high, but getting to eat out on their lovely deck over looking some of the spectacular scenery, priceless.  Some how it worked out to a 90 minute window when the weather was wonderful, which has been in very short supply since we have been here.  009 007

 Garden of the Gods

Chuck has recovered nicely from his hernia surgery, but the cataract attempt was not as successful, although there is still hope that it will continue to improve.  Until it does there will be no second surgery on the other eye.  Our total living area became mighty small during his recuperation, swear we were living in a closet, and the weather did nothing to make it easier.  I made one awful nurse Hachette. My aches and pains have lessened greatly, but the doctor I’ve been seeing wanted me to make an appointment with a rheumatologist, but it is proving impossible.  Around here they are booking in to August or later, tried California, but they are very selective, although have not made too many calls.  Just so I can function is all I ask, and I’m doing okay now.  Thank goodness. 

spring2010 005

Cherry Trees

spring2010 017

The cherry trees are breathtaking, but it is strange to see the trees just starting to green up, seems like we have been in spring time for the last 3 months. 

Have done a little remodeling, took out the table and chairs, and the big  sleeper sofa.  Ordered a daybed on line (free shipping/no tax) and put that in.  We, make that I, felt like we would be happier with that as it would give us more relaxing space.  Of course it would not fit where the other sofa was, about an inch too wide, so we now have the chairs at the back.  Once we get to Elkhart we will have something built that will work for the dining/craft table.  Also plan to have a few folding chairs, as we added a desk chair for the computer.  All in all think we took off 500 pounds if not more, as there were other items in the basement that went into storage. 

We are still hoping to leave here in a few weeks, heading for Vegas and the Grand Canyon, and then on to California.  Our grandson has had a change of heart about “not” playing all-stars, but think we can still work it out to where he will get to spend some time traveling with us.  Sure looking forward to getting to spend some time with him, it has been way too long.  Up until we went full-time he was in and out of our home all the time, and I loved it, he had a way of making every special, and keeping us young.  Wiped away tear.

Sitting here watching two mallard ducks flout down the creek that sits below us, they are so funny.  They fly back up and do it all over again.  And then there are the squirrels waiting for some one to toss them there dinner.


They even have their own table nailed to a tree!

Hope the sun is shining on one and all, life is good.