Friday, April 23, 2010

One Month At A Time

Days have turned into weeks, and my posting has been nil, nada and plain just not there, so will make a try at get caught up.

After leaving the RGV we spent a few days in Corpus Christi, and then we were off to Bourne, meeting up with friends for the “full-timers” rally.  Of course as usual we had to have a pre-rally to get in shape for the rally!  It was great seeing everyone and getting acquainted with some wonderful people that we had only heard or read about. 

rally2 014 

There were some great card games, food, happy hours, food, seminars, food and on it goes.  Molly put on a class of blogging that was very informative, and we had a impromptu  lesson on wire wrapping, loved that one, as had never tried anything like that before, an it was amazing how at the end when you started pulling the wires it all came together.

wire 010 

Then there was a geo caching seminar, and off they went in the rain to try there hand at it, with success. Some of our group put on a very entertaining skit one night,

rallytexas 023 

another night there was the brown bag exchange.  There was tacos-in-a-bag, and biscuits and gravy breakfast, and yes, it is all about FOOD.    Well, must have a little vino to bring it all together.

rally2 018 All good times must end, and hugs and waves were in order, but knowing that we will once again meet in Goshen for either Nick’s rally or the Escapees, come August.

We left Bourne on a should we, shouldn’t we note, as the weather was not looking too friendly, but we did fine.  We had a few showers, but all in all it was good.   Traveled about 300 miles, and about the same the next day.  Had meant to stay at the “free” campground in  , but there was road construction and the entrance was blocked, so we went down the road to another that we had stayed at before.  Did not even unhook, just took to the road in the morning and made it into Colorado Springs.  We are at a campground that we have stayed at before, and the only plus is that it is about 6 blocks from our daughter home.  That and the back of our 5er hangs over a river, so it is very private in that respect.

We were here to help celebrate our SIL’s birthday Wednesday at a very unique restaurant that was constructed around an airplane.  The great-grandchildren enjoyed that.

john's birthday 011

john's birthday 013

Guess you could say that “we” are in for repairs, Chuck is having hernia surgery and I have some weird thing going on with my joints an muscles.  I made a trip to urgent care and they ran some tests and I will be seeing a doctor Monday, hope they have some answers.  Chuck is scheduled to have his surgery done Wednesday, as an out patient, at least we are on the docket. 

So that about catches me up, hoping to get on the road once again soon. 

Friday, April 9, 2010

The 11th Street Cowboy Bar

This whole post is pulled off of Bob and Molly’s blog;  blatant out right thievery, but she does it sooooo much better and they are having me cook dinner so that is my excuse and I’m sticking to it.


Cowboy Bar 145  In the little town of Bandera, which is known as the Cowboy Capital of the World, you will find The 11th Street Cowboy Bar.  There are some things that are just “purely Texan” and the 11th Street Cowboy Bar is one of them.

On most Wednesday evenings in pretty weather, they fire up HUGE charcoal grills…..

Cowboy Bar 131 ….and you bring your own steaks to cook on these big, hot, grills.  For $5.00, you get a large cooked-to-perfection baked potato, salad with all the fixin’s,  and hot rolls.   Oh, and a plate to put your steak on!!! (Bring your own steak knife!)   Then you gather around and cook your steaks and share a Texas style meal and listen to some of the best Country Western bands around….with lots of two-steppin’ on the outdoor dance floor.

If you wander thru this Cowboy Bar and Grill, you will find the most unusual decor……

Cowboy Bar 116   …..rumor has it that they will give you free beer for your bra…..(thanks, but, No thanks!:) )

Thanks to some gorgeous weather and great friends, we shared a really fun evening in Bandera this week…..

Bill and Helen…..Cowboy Bar 085

Lynette, Gregg, Chuck and Kathy…Cowboy Bar 086A few of the girls checking out the entry to the ladies room…hmmmm….. big grins there :)……Cowboy Bar 113

…more of the group waving back at us….Cowboy Bar 101Mary and Rich…..Cowboy Bar 083

..and then it was time to say GoodNite, …Gregg, Bob and Bill, chattin’ up the Indian……Cowboy Bar 141

…it was a night to remember, Texas style for sure!   More good memories, made and shared, and lots to be grateful for!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Shop Till They Drop (guys that is)

We took off for Fredericksburg today and  started at the Wild seed Farms.  There were many flowers in bloom and it was great to just walk around enjoying the sights and the many shops they had.  The country side on the way there was totally in bloom and truly awesome.

fredrickberg 003

Bluebells, red bells and purple bells.

fredrickberg 007

Poppy field in bloom


fredrickberg 018

From there is was lunch time, sorry no pictures, but Chuck and Mac ate so much that Bob had to literally haul them out.

fredrickberg 029

From there it was on to some serious shopping at many of the original shops, and you might expect to see on the nightly news where the economy has picked up rather well in this area.

fredrickberg 037

Bob waiting patiently for the women shoppers.

fredrickberg 034

Tomorrow it is off to the Biker Bar for dinner.  Nothing but the best for us!  Life is Good!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Corpus, Rockport & Wind

We arrived in Corpus with some of the best gas mileage ever, almost 13 miles per gallon, needless to say we had a tailwind  most of the way.  If we could have put up a sail we would have arrived with more gas than we departed with….lol.  With the exception of yesterday we have been blessed with the that wind.

coast 036


After getting settled in the Navy campground, in the humongous sites, and getting recommendations of seafood restaurants we were off to dinner at Snoopy’s.  It was okay, nothing special, but we enjoyed eating on the bay and watching the antics of all the birds. The fishermen coming in would dump their left over bait and the birds sure knew it.  They were all waiting for their free hand out. The next day we were off to the beach up the coast into Rockport, actually scouted out Alice Fay’s for a  late lunch, and the fish there was great.  Did mention the Rockport gang to the waitress as the reason we were there, but got this blank look, so evidently she had no idea.  We were on a hunt for whoppers and not sure if we found them or not as they were so far away.  They were in a meadow by the '”the big tree”.  The tree is estimated to be over 1000 years old.  The flowers were just beautiful in that area.

coast 009


coast 041It was an awesome day, could not have asked for better weather and we just put zed around being tourists.  Yesterday took us to the Botanical Gardens,and the roses were fabulous, but would not put it on a bucket list.



Always said that Chuck could fall asleep on a rock, and this was very deceptive, but it is all rock.

corpus2 026

But no, he is not asleep.  Although touring the gardens was not one of the things he especially wanted to do, so thank you dear, for humoring me.

Tomorrow we will be moving to Bourne, looking forward to meeting up with friends both new and old.  If you ever find yourself behind the “Damnearahouse” be sure give us a honk.

corpus3 001