Thursday, December 6, 2012


Wow, the time has flown by since we have been back.  Seems that there is something happening all the time.  Almost everyone is back so the place is jumping, so to speak.  There was the poker tournament, which Chuck and I both played in.  Chuck managed to hang in there for third place, as for me, well, not so much.  But it was fun, lots of laughs.  It was only a 20 dollar buy-in so nothing to get too excited about.  Then there was Thanksgiving, and we hosted a table, which meant it was up to us to set up the table and cook the bird.  Decided to try smoking it this year.  But we were a little afraid that it might not get done in time, so cooked it the day before.  So of course it cooked in just 6 hours….lol.  Turned out very good, not too smoky, very mellow.  Of course there has been bridge, which we seem to play a lot.  The group is getting bigger, so hopefully we will end up with some good games. 

We have been seriously thinking about getting a small travel trailer, which we would use for short, quicker trips.  Also we are giving some serious thought to making a trek to Alaska come 2014, and would want something smaller for that.  One that we could park just about anywhere.  Found one that we really like, and what makes it special is that it has a Murphy bed in the living room area.  Plus it is only 23 feet long, but because of the bed, seems so much bigger.  The bad part is it is new to the market, so there are no used ones basically out there, and hate to spend the money for new.  No rush, we will just take our time and what will be will be.  Which means we will probably end up with the new one.  It is what it is.

Last Monday was the parks craft sale and soup luncheon.  Bought a beautiful Christmas quilt, and 20 minutes later Chuck’s name was called for the one they were raffling off. What a surprise. One of the volunteer soup makers fell ill and they put out a plea for replacement, an being the good soldier I volunteered.  Little did I know that they wanted me to make 16 gallons!!  Had no idea how to buy enough, but what I ended up with could have made 26 gallons.  So figure there were 5 of us making different soups, and it all either got eaten or went home with people.  That is a lot of soup.  You know us Escapees, we travel on our stomachs.  Next day we decorated the hall for Christmas.  There were many boxes of decorations, most in need of repair, but with a little glue, wire and fluffing, we managed to make everything look down right cheery. Today was the wine, fruit and cheese get together to meet the candidates running for the board of directors.  It was definitely different as they split us into groups of 12 or so, and had the candidates come to us one at a time.  Lot more personal, good idea.

We have a few parties coming up before Christmas, then there will be New Year’s eve.  Have nothing special planned till the middle of January, then we are making a quick dash to Vegas for a few days.  Our daughter and SIL will be coming for a convention, which makes it a great excuse to go.  Plan to just stay in a hotel, drive the car.  About the middle of February will probably make a trip into Arizona. Had hoped to make Casa Grande in early February, but have some bridge classes that are weekly, and we will have to wait for those to be finished.  Right now we are busy getting all those pesky doctor appointments out of the way.  So far so good.

Seems like we are so busy, the time just flies, yet when I go to write about it, nothing really much comes to mind.  But we are loving it here, every day we are sure we made the right decision to buy in to Jojoba Hills.  Will post some pictures later of the quilt, have to take them first.  


Tuesday, November 13, 2012


When you are traveling on the cheap, you take what you can get, when it is available.  We hit the air base around 10 at night for a plane that was on the schedule to leave around mid night.  As it was there were only 13 seats and we were number 8 and 9.  That is until a family of five checked in, and as he was active duty, they went to the head of the line, now we are 13/14.  We decided to hang around a bit just in case, and it paid off, they managed to take everyone, 32 people.  Once again it was a mad dash, Chuck had to return the rental car, get a cab back, all in a matter of minutes.  We got all checked through, then waited in a secure waiting area.  The hurry, hurry and wait routine. The plane was a large cargo carrier, with cargo strapped down the center.  Think they must have been hauling meat, it was so cold.  Not you could tell the seasoned travelers as once we were on the plane they were pulling out the knit caps, jackets, blow up seat pillows. Even blow up air mattresses, they plopped those on the floor and got 4 hours sleep! These people were not on their first cargo plane flight, unlike me and the ole guy I sleep with.  So very glad they passed out lots of blankets.  Five hours and we were back at Travis AFB and our car.  It was a good experience and we know that we will do more travel this way, but also we will be much better prepared. 

Spent just a couple of days in our old home area, visited with the kids, and off we went as Chuck had a cardiologist for his six month check up that he didn’t want to miss.  Put a audio book in and the miles just melted away.  Got home just as it was getting dark, so the timing was good.  Hate being off day light saving time, gets dark so early, 4:30 and the sun is going down.  Bummer.

Thanksgiving is almost here, we are planning on hosting a table, and Chuck is going to smoke a turkey.  Instead of having a big pot-luck, they do tables of 12, which work out quite nicely. There is also a porker tournament this week end and I’m going to give it a try, glad they are having a couple of practice sessions, been a long time since I played poker.  Hope I don't make a fool of my self. 

Sort of thinking about next summer and the travels we hope to embark on, just wonder what gas prices will do.  Guess we can always put a wind mill on the roof of the truck.  Tuesday did not make my day, but life goes on……hopefully.

Monday, November 5, 2012


We decided that our chances of getting a flight to Hawaii would be much better out of Travis AFB in northern California, as there was an air show scheduled in our time frame and the flights had just dried up. Easy drive, had a audio book an the miles flew past amazingly fast. We got a room in the hotel on base, an there were 4 planes leaving the next day. But in the morning 2 had been canceled and the other moved to the afternoon, but still lots of seats. But Murphy’s Law wasn’t done with us yet. In the afternoon the one with 73 seats,,,,,gone,,,,,,which left the one with 10. And there was 2 families ahead of us, one with 5, the other 4. Back to the hotel, and no flights due out the next day. But we were keeping an eye on the Facebook page for Travis an at 8:45 AM there popped up a flight, with roll call for 8:45!!! Let me tell you we were out of that hotel and at the airport by
9, an not a minute too soon. Plane was a C5A, huge, second level, all first class seating.


That is a long climb up there!

Room for 75 people, we flew with 10. Had booked a room for the night before at the military hotel with the understanding if we had to cancel we paid anyway, but when we were checking in, they said as long as we had notified them they just moved it to another night.


Nice surprise. We just relaxed on the balcony, me with wine, Chuck with his soda, and watched the sunset and the moon.


Beautiful, we made it!! Big sigh of relief. Ready for breakfast.

The next day we were off to get the rental car and our hostess, Alice, whose plane was arriving are 12:30. We had arranged to meet her at the rental car location, just in case we had not arrived she would have access to the car. As it was we had just finalized the rental agreement an she appeared. We drove over and retrieved our luggage from the hotel as we had taken the bus over. Your Medicare card and a dollar, ride all day. Good deal, you know us seniors, love a deal. We arrived at the house and totally were enchanted with it. Big, very old, but lovely. The other two couple arrived, and we rushed to the store for some dinner, and once again settled in and relaxed. Three hour time difference, takes quite a toll.


I want that!  House down the street, really wild.

Day two found us still shopping for food, our hostess, Alice, provides most of the food, so we had agreed to take her to the commissary to do a large shopping as she will be here 6 weeks. And everyone was winding down, deciding what we wanted to see and do.
Off to the macadamia nut farm,


well maybe it should be called the macadamia nut store, as the groves are located at a higher location. But there were plenty of samples of many different flavors, Moving on we came across other crafty shops. We decided to send a box of nuts and candy to our son and his family, the shipping was quite reasonable, and of course we had to make a few purchases to be eaten while here. From there we went to an orchid farm.


How lovely, So many different and wonderful varieties. Picked out a couple and had them sent to our daughter.

Saturday was a golf day


for Chuck, so I tagged along with a couple and went to the huge flea market that is around the stadium down town. We didn’t begin to see it all, but spent and couple of hours there, some good “stuff”. Also good prices. Hawaii is more on the pricey side, although gas is cheaper than in California.
Sunday we decided to do the around the island drive. The couple that I spent yesterday with, who are sharing the house joined us. Sunday was not the day to go to the beaches as the locals are out also and parking is limited in many places. But we did stumble on the most amazing Shrimp Truck.


It was the most recommended one and seemed to have the longest lines of all.  Mmmmm good.


They had garlic shrimp, lemon butter shrimp, shrimp and more shrimp. Yes, that is a lot of garlic, but hey…..


Three of us had the garlic, which was so good and sweet, but sure felt for the person that didn’t, imagine being in a closed car for hours. We certainly didn’t have to worry about being attacked by vampires. There was also a truck selling corn on the cob. The best ever. They take the corn, grill it, then submerge it in a container of butter, when you order they pull it out on a stick, hit it with a blow torch, then cover it with spices and parmesan cheese. OMG, was it good.


The Dole pineapple plantation was a stop, did the garden and the train ride through some of the fields.  Interesting to see the plants in different stages of growth.  But the only real pineapples we seen growing were in the entrance area.


Does not seem possible that that little stem can hold up those big pineapples. 


The pineapple fluff, the absolute best.  There was a banana split that had the guys tempted for 20 dollars, thankfully they passed.


Some of the mountain scenery.  Every where you look it was all eye candy.


  Moving on we came across Wameia Falls.


There was a golf car ride to the falls, that could be purchased and we decided that we would do the trip the easy way. Back at the falls there were people swimming in the pool, and although I had to do it alone I did,


Getting in and out was quite painful, the rocks were so hard to walk on, but I made the sacrifice it and have the pictures to prove it.
Chuck has played golf a few times, not that it would seem to justify toting the clubs all this way.  But he loved it, and know that having his own clubs made it better.  Otherwise each bad shot would have been due to rented clubs….lol


Being in a huge house, right on the beach surely does beat hotel living. Plus the fact that we are not on Waikiki with all the tourists. Although it seems that half of Japan is over here.
Our time here is coming to an end, sadly we have certainly enjoyed our stay, and our hostess has gone out of her way to make sure that we enjoyed ourselves. But there were times…..Saturday we had made plans to have a wonderful sunset dinner at the Elks club, as they have a wonder dining room overlooking the ocean.


This is the most expensive Elks club in the nation to join, am not sure of the cost, but when I heard it knew that we would have never joined there. We arrived and were seated, but told that dinner was not available, something to do with the chef and a swimming pool accident. We decided that we would try an Italian restaurant that Alice knew near the house. Off we went in two cars, but once we arrived the haughty waiter was like …..”table for SEVEN….NO reservations…Saturday night…IMPOSSIBLE for two hours! Off to a pizza place we went, while there the news was coming on about an earthquake in Canada, an a possible tsunami for Oahu. Okay then, we were off to the blare of sirens, rushed by the house, threw everything we owned in the cars an off we went. Chinese fire drill, comes pretty close to what we must have looked like. We drove to higher ground and all pulled off together to await this giant wave of 4 inches of water that eventually came ashore. The next day chuck was not feeling his best due to all the excitement, so we just took it real easy and stayed at the house. Sorry that we had opted for the deluxe tour that included a real life, once in a life time adventure.

The whole house decided that the Polynesia Culture Center was a must do, and we were able to score tickets from the base for a very reasonable price.  They included the park, grand buffet and the show.  I had been there 30 years ago and was not too impressed with it, but time has made a huge change and it was very entertaining.  The buffet was good and the show was amazing.  Everyone thought it was the best. No pictures were allowed of the show, but did take a few outside.

DSCF0369DSCF0386    DSCF0370

Tuesday October 30th, we took a final island drive. Had to try that fabulous corn one more time. Sorry to say it did not come close to the first ones, but the pineapple ice cream at the Dole Plantation did. We arrived at the house and Alice had made a wonderful Mexican dinner, mushroom and spinach enchiladas, pork Verde in a green sauce, margarita's…..wonderful.
Now to find a ride back to California………..

Thursday, October 11, 2012


Ever year at this time Jojoba Hills has a park sale.  From the proceeds they buy all the little extra for the members through out the year.  Last year the total after expenses was close to 12,000 dollars.  So it is not just a small sum.  Although everyone said that it was a sight to behold, I will tell you it is impossible to imagine.  When I first seen the clothes that were for sale,  was wondering why everyone in the park was still clothed.  There are only 275 lots here, but still we sure generated a lot of STUFF.


These were just women’s clothes, men's were outside.  These are about half of them.


Need coffee pots?  Slow cookers?  Toasters?  There were so many and so much of every thing.  Takes 3 days to get some semblance of order, then it is open to the people of the park.  Now for the next two days, open to the public, and on the final day it goes for a dollar a bag. 



Have not seen any rain to speak of in three months, but today that came to an end.  So it was tarps on….tarps off. The prices are so low that it is unreal.  And yes, I did spend some good dollars buying things that will probably get donated next year, but we will see.

We are running into some bad luck trying to get a military hop to Hawaii, up until now they have had at least a couple of planes going out of San Diego Naval station, each week.  For the last 10 days nothing , nada.  So we are thinking we will make a run up to Travis, they have a couple a day going, most days.  It is about 400 miles, but our little car gets about 43 miles a gallon, so even at 4.50 a gallon, it won’t be bad, compared to air fare.  Can’t wait to see this place, it is on the Historical Register.  The link:

We have been busy enjoying our time here, and welcoming back all the travelers.  Think just about all have returned, can’t miss that sale!  I’ve also been sticking to water exercises, and it makes a big difference to my joints.  The pool is heated, so will be able to continue through out the winter.

Catch up sort of, at least all is well, and looking forward to the next few weeks.  Life is Good!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Where I’ve Been

Wondering if I’ll ever do another blog……well…….soon as I get back near the computer.

where I've Been

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Homeward Bound

Finally looks like the weather is cooling down in our “home” area, so we are planning on heading that way.  We did not plan to be gone very long and sort of left most every thing open to the elements, so we are not sure what we will be getting back to.  Might be kind of interesting. 

Yesterday I played golf for the first time in over three years or more.  Surprisingly I was pleased that I did as well as I did.  There were some bad shots, but overall it was good.  I was forced to quite back then due to my arms that actually stopped working, it got so bad that I had to have help getting dressed.  Doctors were unable to find a cause, but eventually it slowly got better.  Getting old is truly not for sissies. 

Some of our hometown friends were passing through the area and we got to spend some time with them the other day.  We were like two ships passing in the night.  They have been on a four month RV trip to the east coast.  Great seeing them even if it was a short visit. 

So here we go, leaving the base we spotted this doe and her twin fawns.  They couldn’t have cared less.  The deer population is really growing, they are every where.


One of the few flower fields near Lompoc, most have been harvested, but still a few around. 


DSC03482The coastal mountain range.  And the ocean view.




Driving along the coastal highway.


Fog just starting to lift.


Strawberry field. Don’t think I would get any picked, most likely I’d just stand there gazing at the ocean.


Mission Bells on 101 Freeway

The mission bells seen on the 101 Freeway and other locations have been in place since the early 20th Century to mark the original route of El Camino Real (Spanish for Highway of the King or Royal Highway) from San Diego to Sonoma.


Million dollar view.  State park, and it is all about location, location, location. 



Getting close, familiar sights.


Awwww, home at last, good trip, no problems to speak of, AND no tire mishaps, that is a very good thing.


Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Last Sunday we made a run for the coast from central California, just north of Sacramento.  The weather had turned unbearably hot, touching on 110 at times.  We had planned on getting a very early start as to be well on our way and possibly make it to the coastal area before the heat set in.  Up at five, ready to roll at six, and Murphy’s law kicked in, one of the jacks would raise.  Luckily Chuck took a look and seen that a bolt had broken off, and yes, it is Sunday.  Made a dash to Wally World and got some aluminum bolts, which did work, although it took a few to finish the job.  On the road by eight though.  And about half way here we had cloud cover that kept the temps down.  Did have a brief stretch where the temperature was climbing pretty fast, but about thirty miles from here it dropped from 107 to 66. Looks like we will be here for a few weeks, just south of Pismo Beach at Vandenberg AFB. There is a big fire burning near Jojoba Hills, don’t think the resort is in danger at this time.  Glad we are out of there though. 

We have some friends here in the area, and have met a few people in the campground.  Chuck has golfing partners and come Sunday I’m planning on playing with a group.  Been so long, hope I don’t whiff the the ball, that is so embarrassing.  Today we took in the movie, Hope Springs, which was quite good.  Great acting by Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones. 

Also celebrated my birthday this week, Chuck cooked a wonderful lobster dinner, and did a very good job, especially considering that his specialty is breakfast or hot dogs.

Till next time, travel safe.

Saturday, August 11, 2012


For years I spent every summer up on this lake, and totally loved it.  There were even a few summers that I never came back to town.  Would make a grocery run but that would be it.  Had not been back since we sold our houseboat, and always had that little doubt that we might not have done the right thing.  As much as I enjoyed the visit, it put my mind at rest on that question.  It was time to move on to other things.  Going back for a visit though is still special.  Thank you friends for inviting me.  Chuck did not wish to join us, it was more ladies time, plus he got to golf for three days. Another reason we sold, he was definitely ready back then.  
englebrite 017
One special way to relax, played several new card games, also tried sequence,(loved it) and actually read three pages of a book.  Several times, hard to keep my mind on reading. 
englebrite 004
Had this duck swimming around us with a top knot, didn’t look like a growth, just a like a ball of fur.  Nick name “Mohawk”.
englebrite 006
The weather here has gotten sooo hot, we are going to make a run for the coast tomorrow.  Plan on leaving real early, maybe we can get there before it get too hot.  Today it hot 107, BUT IT IS A DRY HEAT!!!!  But then so is an oven.  Glad we have 50 amps, we are fairly comfortable. 
Our grandson, taken at his bowling tournament.  Took him and a friend yesterday to the Sky Zone, which is a mega trampoline establishment. They have foam pits, and play dodge ball or just jump.  Spent 2 hours there and they were wore out.  Had a great time though, just the boys, we stayed on the side lines. Believe me this not for the older generation.  That catches me up to date, enjoyed seeing our friends that are still here, but so looking forward to the cool weather at the coast.  The moose lodge, are having a lulu, and they have a huge pit near us in which they cooked two pigs and 5 turkeys over night.  Sure felt sorry for them today as they were uncovering the pit.  Shoveling that dirt and all, good thing the beer was flowing freely.  Would have liked to have gone but the price was a little steep at 35 dollars a person.  So instead we went out with friends, great time, home early, rest fast and hit the road. 

Monday, August 6, 2012

You Can Go Home Again

But it is no longer home! And I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

So far the time in the Sacramento valley has not been that hot.  I was very leery of coming here this time of year, so hopefully it will hold for a while longer.  Chuck is getting his golf fix, sort of.  He pulled a muscle and his side is giving him fits when he plays.  Seen a few friends, and I must say, they are aging fast.  Now they are probably saying the same about us!  We have our jacks down at the Moose lodge in Yuba City.  Have 50 amps and water only, but it is all of 70 dollars a week, so can complain there.  Plus they cook most nights.  And this is where my ole bridge club meets twice a week.  Got to play today, it was fun to see everyone, although the club has gotten quite a bit smaller.

Going to spend a few days with some girls friends on a house boat, starting tomorrow. So looking forward to that, spent many a summer living on one one and loved it.  Our grandson has talked us into taking him and a friend on a adventure, so we will be doing that after I’m back.  He suggested that washing and waxing the 5’er and truck might help his cause, so we quickly agreed. Then we may be heading out. Not sure where to. Had planned on staying a bit longer, Chuck was trying to get installed into the Elks club, and it was almost set up to take place next week.  But today he found out that the guy who was getting it done ASAP……died.  How it will work out now, we don’t know. 

Travel safe, travel easy.  

Tuesday, July 31, 2012


We headed out this morning, picked up our friends, and we off to the Rock.  Hoping to see some otters.  Our son and DIL stopped here on the way home and were telling us about a mother and baby otter they seen and how much they enjoyed it.  No DSC03428such luck for us.  Did see a few but at a distance. These gulls were looking for a free meal.DSC03378

The birds were in full view though.


Our friends, Bill & Carol.


We set off for Paso Robles, where years ago we would always stop at the neatest caboose that served the best hamburgers ever.  It was still there, but, now it had been turned into part of a mini food court.  Hamburgers were still good, onion rings wonderful.  Just no caboose.  And the temperature……we left here, 60 degrees, drove 30 miles inland, 99 degrees.  Sure felt good to get back to the RV.


Had to post this picture, there is a story behind it from the very distant past.  Way to long to go into here. 


One more day here, and then we move to the central Sacramento valley.  Still not looking forward to the heat, anxious to see our friends, so it is worth it.