Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Last Sunday we made a run for the coast from central California, just north of Sacramento.  The weather had turned unbearably hot, touching on 110 at times.  We had planned on getting a very early start as to be well on our way and possibly make it to the coastal area before the heat set in.  Up at five, ready to roll at six, and Murphy’s law kicked in, one of the jacks would raise.  Luckily Chuck took a look and seen that a bolt had broken off, and yes, it is Sunday.  Made a dash to Wally World and got some aluminum bolts, which did work, although it took a few to finish the job.  On the road by eight though.  And about half way here we had cloud cover that kept the temps down.  Did have a brief stretch where the temperature was climbing pretty fast, but about thirty miles from here it dropped from 107 to 66. Looks like we will be here for a few weeks, just south of Pismo Beach at Vandenberg AFB. There is a big fire burning near Jojoba Hills, don’t think the resort is in danger at this time.  Glad we are out of there though. 

We have some friends here in the area, and have met a few people in the campground.  Chuck has golfing partners and come Sunday I’m planning on playing with a group.  Been so long, hope I don’t whiff the the ball, that is so embarrassing.  Today we took in the movie, Hope Springs, which was quite good.  Great acting by Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones. 

Also celebrated my birthday this week, Chuck cooked a wonderful lobster dinner, and did a very good job, especially considering that his specialty is breakfast or hot dogs.

Till next time, travel safe.

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Jill said...

I'm glad to hear you enjoyed Hope Springs, for I've been wanting to see it also. Meryl Streep is good in any movie she does, I think.