Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cut Loose of Betty’s Web

bettys 001

What a great time we had, the friends, the food, the laughter, and the card games, that unfortunately were won entirely by the men.  Not once did the women emerge victorious……but we are plotting revenge as I write. 

bettys 029

We took a tour of the Tabasco factory one day which was very interesting.  The plant was not running, instead  there was a short movie, and then we walked through the plant.  And of course the country store, my oh my, there were a lot of Tabasco items to taste, even ice cream, and of course we had to make several purchases.  Thanks for the tour Denny and Suzie, we really enjoyed it. 

bettys 031Barb and Roger came by for a short visit, and we went to a restaurant that Betty said was her favorite.  Very good food, unique wall décor, and great margaritas.  What more could you ask for.

bettys 016

Thanksgiving we all made a dish or two, and someone even did a turduckin.  Can’t honestly say that I would buy one, it was interesting to try it though.

bettys 022                          

                        bettys 023

bettys 024

Hey, they have only the best in Louisiana.

bettys 027

We had food and more food, what a feast.

bettys 036

The next day Bob and Molly were off to Red Bay to try and get the repairs completed on their motorhome.

bettys 034

The Little Green Man behind the wheel of their toad.  Looks like he has a new job.

Sunday afternoon We went with Keith and Donna to the play, Tuna Christmas, and it was fantastic.  Two men played all the parts, and did a awesome performance, it was  laugh till you………..well at my age, let’s just leave it at that.

Monday we left Betty’s and followed the Greens to the casino at Kinder.  It was a short 80 mile jaunt, and we settled in a very nice park here at the casino.  Good time yesterday, slots seemed to be very loose, today, no so much.  But today was seniors day and they were bringing them in by the bus load.  Played blackjack and pleased to say that we are leaving here winners.  Not buy a new RV winner, more like a new bumper sticker, spare no cost , winner.  But a winner none the less.

Tomorrow we will be rolling down the road, headed for San Antonio, almost 400 miles, looks to be a good 2 day trip.

                       Life is Good.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Enjoying Betty’s RV Park

We had planned to arrive at Betty’s, in Abbeville, Louisiana,  on the 23rd, but heard from Molly that there was a swamp tour scheduled for that day, so cancelled some plans, pulled in the slides, and were rolling down the road ASAP on Monday. 

swamp tour 004

Bye Biloxi

The 220 mile trip was uneventful, although traffic seems quite heavy.  We arrived at Betty’s about 3, and after squeezing in we were ready for the daily “happy hour”.  Great seeing old friends, and making new acquaintances.  If you have been here you know what it is like, if not, you must put it on your bucket list.  Of course after happy hour, we were off to eat at Suire’s, a local restaurant that is a real treat, very good food.

swamp tour 017

Interesting contrast of the white herons and fall foliage. Tuesday we were off for the swamp tour, there were 16 in our group, and our guide and boat were waiting for us.  http://champagnesswamptours.com  So very glad that we made the decision to take this tour.

It was Awesome!swamp tour 038

swamp tour 041

Words are not sufficient to describe what we saw.   Even though a lot of the trees look like they are dead or dying, they were quite healthy. Bryan, (our guide) was very knowledgeable and made the tour so interesting. 

swamp tour 050

swamp tour 057

Would love to take this tour again at another time of the year, as the changes would be drastic with all the plants in bloom and the changes in the trees.  The beauty was so unexpected to me, the unusual shape of the trees due to the way that have adapted to survive.  In our travels there are so many places that I’ve just been blown away by.  How lucky we are to be able to see and enjoy it all.  Gives a new meaning to stopping and smelling the roses, and do so appreciate that we have been lucky enough to do it.

swamp tour 068

Natural man-made duck blinds.

swamp tour 100

And then it was off to find some food.  Being as we were to be spending a few hours with out restrooms, most of us had limited our in take and were starving.  Okay, those of you know that Escapees never starve, we travel on our stomachs. But it was a good excuse.

swamp tour 126

We have not been in this area, so a lot of the menu was strange to me, but Bob tried a combination platter, (crawfish boulette, crawfish macque choux, crawfish pie, fried alligator were just a few items on the platter) and Molly and I managed to taste almost everything, and it was so good, even though we weren’t too sure of what we were eating.  Most of us went for the fried catfish and it was also very good. 

Right now we are waiting on Roger & Barb, http://recesstimeontheroad.blogspot.com as they are coming for a visit, and we are……..what else…….going out to eat.  Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and we are having a huge dinner at the campground with everyone bringing a dish or two  or maybe even three.  Old habits die hard, and seems everyone has their family favorites.

Also have made reservations for a local play on Sunday, Christmas Tuna, which the reviews are raving about.  Should be fun.Monday we will be making our way to San Antonio, where we will park for a few weeks, while hopefully Chuck can get new hearing aids ordered.

Happy Thanksgiving, Life is Good.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Biloxi Days

Having just done a grocery run at the commissary, I have to do a little rant. Do the companies think we are just totally STUPID? I just bought a pound of bacon, (14 ounces) 4 pound bag of sugar, 1/2 gallon of ice cream, (11/2 quarts)and please tell me, how do they put 34 ounces of coffee in a 3 lb can and make it completely full? The darn can did not get smaller, just the contents. Oh, and then we are told there is zero inflation. Yeah, I guess we are that dumb, especially my home state of California. Starting to thread in that forbidden territory in blog land here, so thanks for letting me rant. Had thought that the cost of living in the south was less costly, but seems that everything is much higher than up north. We took in a casino last night, and they have no freebies here, actually they even make you buy the clip cord for your players card. NOT! We did not stay all that long, winning was not happening anywhere we could see or hear. Didn’t take us long to get over getting our dues paid.

Thursday night we went out for pizza with Darrell & Judy. http://wanderingamerica.com Great getting to spend time with them, they have a ERUP lot at the Plantation, so guess you could say they are our future neighbors.

We left the Rainbow Plantation yesterday, and the ride was only about 100 miles, so it was no time till we were here. Our daughter had called and I was yakking and Chuck missed the turn and it took us a bit of a hassle to get back on track, but turning around when your as long as we are is a hassle no matter what. We are staying at Keesler AFB and they are full. We got the last site. Nice campground, river and lake across the road. Will bet no one lets their dogs or cats run loose here.

biloxi 026

biloxi 020

Same beautiful white beaches, love them.

We will be here till Tuesday morning at which time we will be making our way to Betty’s RV park. Can’t wait to see everyone again, it was the Escapees rally that our paths last crossed.

Happy Thanksgiving to All.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Lunch At Roadkill Cafe

roadkill 024

What a great time we had at the See’ya farewell lunch.  Those of you who know us from the RV Dreams, know that our nickname is Roadkill, so we couldn’t get enough pictures.  Actually the food was good, there hours are their own, when they run out of food, they close.  Seems to work, they were pretty full and it was early for lunch.

roadkill 007

roadkill 019roadkill 020

Last night there was a soup’er supper at the campground.  They had 23 different kinds of soup, and for a few dollars you could have a sample of as many as you wanted.  There were some wonderful soups, and I only tasted four.  My favorite was a curry, pumpkin mushroom.  It was so good.  After that it was followed with the weekly ice cream social.  Today it was all about rain, just a slow steady but wet rain.  A do-nothing day.  Life is Good.

Life As I Now Know It

I  would never trade my amazing friends, my  wonderful  life, my loving  family for less gray hair or a flatter belly.  As  I've aged, I've become  kinder to myself, and less critical of   myself. I've become my own  friend. I don't chide myself for eating   that extra cookie, or for not  making my bed, or for buying that silly  pink flamingo that I didn't need, but looks so avante garde in front of the RV.  I am entitled to a treat, to be   messy, to be  extravagant.

I  have seen too many dear friends leave this world too soon;  before they  understood the great freedom that comes with  aging.

Whose  business is it if I choose to read or play on the  computer until 4 AM and  sleep until noon? I will dance with myself to  those wonderful tunes of the 50 &60’s, and if I, at the same time,  wish  to weep over a lost love  ..... I will.

I  will walk the beach in a swim suit that  is stretched over a bulging body, and  will dive into the waves  with  abandon if I choose to, despite the  pitying glances from the  jet set.  They, too, will get  old.

I  know I am sometimes forgetful.   But there again, some of life is just as  well forgotten. And I   eventually remember the important  things.

Sure,  over the years my heart has been broken.  How can  your heart not   break when you lose a loved one, or when a child  suffers, or even when  somebody's beloved pet gets hit by a car?   But broken  hearts are  what give us strength and understanding and  compassion.   A heart  never broken is pristine and sterile and  will  never know the joy of  being imperfect.

I  am so blessed to have lived long enough  to have my hair turning gray, and to  have my youthful laughs be forever  etched into deep grooves on my  face.

So  many  have never laughed, and so many have died before their hair could turn   silver.

As  you get older, it is easier to be positive.  You care  less about   what other people think..  I don't question myself  anymore.   I've even earned the right to be wrong.

So,  to  answer your question, I like being old.  It has set me free.   I  like the person I have become.  I am not going to live forever,  but while  I am still here, I will not waste time lamenting what  could  have been,  or worrying about what will be.  And I shall  eat dessert every single day  (if I feel like it).

Author Unknown

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Love’n This Area

Yes, we have really enjoyed our stay here, could it be that the beach being so close it has something to do with that?  My favorite place in the whole world is the ocean, but don’t want to live right on the beach.  This Escapees park is also very nice, as a matter of fact we are on the waiting list for a lease lot, which will take some time, but will make the decision when we closer to the top of the list.  The main reason would be to have a home base and storage shed, not that we will be stopping traveling, but that decision is not really in our hands, at our age.  LOL

We have been eating so much seafood that Chuck was starting to complain, so the other day we came across Lamberts, the home of the tossed rolls, and we decided that we would give it a try. We had heard about Lamberts but never eaten in one, but we had been told that the portions were huge, plus they keep bring sides to the tables.  No one mentioned that they serve there drinks in mugs resembling a gallon jug, and Chuck ordered a glass of milk. He never orders milk except at breakfast. Well, he certainly GOT MILK!  

La 1 023

Munching down on one of those rolls.

La 1 025

The food was okay, and now it Lamberts is checked off the bucket list.  From there we took a ride over to the beach, watched a volley ball game and just enjoyed the wonderful weather.  It is so awesome, but they are saying that a few days of rain are on the way.

La 1 032

Further up the beach we came across a large work crew moving sand into a huge sieve, then back in the trucks to be placed back where it had come from.  They say they aren’t really finding anything, but the deep cleaning is good pay, and steady work while it lasts.    Such a shame, the sand is so pretty.

La 1 043

Today, Nolan & Donna stopped by for a short time, they are staying not too far from us.  Glad we got to see them as they are on the move again tomorrow.  We are having a lunch on Monday, with some of the people that are here, sort of a farewell, seeya down the road lunch, at the Roadkill Café.  John & Sandy and Jim & Ellie are heading towards New Orleans.  We are staying a few more days, and we are still up in the air on our destination for the next week or so.  Why do I feel like I’m getting no sympathy with all my woe is me, where oh where will we go?  See, it is not all lollipops and roses out here.  Yes, that is being written with tongue in cheek.  Life is Good.

Monday, November 8, 2010

The End of the Rainbow

We arrived at the Escapees Rainbow Plantation RV park yesterday, after a short 60 mile trip.  We took HWY 89 the whole way, and it was a lot of stop lights and small towns, but not a bad ride.  However the inside of the RV looked like a giant egg beater had spent the entire time on high speed.  Nothing broke, just amazing how some times it seems to work like that.  When we got here we knew that John and Sandy, http://themothershiprv.com were here, but there last names eluded us, so we just registered, pulled into our assigned site, and low and behold there they were right next to us, AND Jim and Ellie, http://justravelin.blogspot.com were behind us!  Had thought they had left already.  We had a nice travel day dinner, thanks John & Sandy.  Traveling is pretty good, Arlene & Kevin http://roamingwhenwecan.blogspot.com/ had us over for a farewell dinner the night before.  Thanks guys.

Today we took off to get some shopping done, I needed a keyboard, mine had just quite working, bummer.  But first we made a stop at Camping World, been a long time, got the chairs that Mary demo’ed, and a few other things.  Then picked up the keyboard at Best Buy.  From there we passed a sleep number bed store, and ours, after 20 good years, was in desperate need of being replaced, so ordered that.  By then we were in search of foooood.  In the mall was a seafood place that we decided to try and it was wonderful.  I had a lunch combo with oysters, shrimp and fish.  Chuck went for bacon wrapped shrimp, we will certainly get there again before we leave the area.  Then it was off to Wal-Mart for cokes and OJ.  This is where I hit the mother lode.  They had capris on a large rack, all priced at ONE dollar.  Bought a dozen, for less than the price of one.  I’ve been needing some more (probably not a dozen) and this time of year they are hard to find.  Really glad now. 

We are back home now and it is dark already, darn, I’m not one of those people that like that extra hour in the morning.  No pictures today, I’ll have to do better,  Life is Good.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


florida3 025

Yes, that is how we spent some of the day visiting with Kevin and Arlene.  What an absolutely beautiful place this is.  My keyboard has died,am typing this with the on screen one, so is going to be short.


A house we saw that looked like it had been abandoned, actually the whole development of about 25 houses seemed that way.  Soon as we win the lotto tonight,  will have to look into it.

florida3 029

florida3 008florida3 023

Love the paint job.

Till next time, Life Is Good.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Time at Tyndall

How the time has flown.  We have been fighting colds, and checking the obits, just to be sure there was a reason to get out of bed.  Think that we have finally made it to the land of living again.

We arrived here at Tyndall  well over a week ago.  Got to spend some time with Kevin and Arlene.  We managed to take in several movies,  Secretariat and Red.  Both were very good, funny how the same actor, John Malkovich, was in both of them.  We actually seen Red as a second choice the first day, being as we got our theaters mixed up, so the next day we made up for it.  But the heat and humidity was so high the movies were a good place to be. 

florida2 026

Friday brought some good news, long time friends, who spend their summers in Maine, winters at home in Florida, were making the seven hours trip to spend a few days with us.  I fixed dinner and asked Arlene and Kevin, to join us.  We had a great time, finished up the evening teaching them hand and foot.  After breakfast at the clubhouse, the next day, the guys were off to play golf and the girls went shopping at the Pier Park Shops. 

florida2 002Believe it or not we just were not in the mood to shop, though we each did manage at least one purchase, but it was very minor.  Lunch was at 5Guys, and they lose to In & Out in my book.  The guys golf game was fast, the club house was already closed when they finished, so they were back at the RV early too.  Spent the rest of day playing cards and talking ole times.  The next morning we had plans to go for breakfast, but my cold had really hit me hard.  So I said my good-byes out an open window, feeling like typhoid Mary.  It was great visit up until then. And I just realized that I did not take one picture of Dick and Jane!

florida2 005

The next few days were not any thing to write about, sneeze, cough, cough and then did it all over again. Yesterday felt much better, did some laundry and few other “round-to-its”.  Which leads me to today, and it was pretty much a wasted day.  It rained most of the day, Chuck had to have his blood work done and it was a bit of a hassle finding some place to do it.  Got my hair cut and that about does it. 

Friday we are moving west about 50 miles to the park that Arlene an Kevin are working at for a few days.  The weather is suppose to cooperate so am looking forward to seeing that area.

Till next time, Life is Good.