Monday, November 8, 2010

The End of the Rainbow

We arrived at the Escapees Rainbow Plantation RV park yesterday, after a short 60 mile trip.  We took HWY 89 the whole way, and it was a lot of stop lights and small towns, but not a bad ride.  However the inside of the RV looked like a giant egg beater had spent the entire time on high speed.  Nothing broke, just amazing how some times it seems to work like that.  When we got here we knew that John and Sandy, were here, but there last names eluded us, so we just registered, pulled into our assigned site, and low and behold there they were right next to us, AND Jim and Ellie, were behind us!  Had thought they had left already.  We had a nice travel day dinner, thanks John & Sandy.  Traveling is pretty good, Arlene & Kevin had us over for a farewell dinner the night before.  Thanks guys.

Today we took off to get some shopping done, I needed a keyboard, mine had just quite working, bummer.  But first we made a stop at Camping World, been a long time, got the chairs that Mary demo’ed, and a few other things.  Then picked up the keyboard at Best Buy.  From there we passed a sleep number bed store, and ours, after 20 good years, was in desperate need of being replaced, so ordered that.  By then we were in search of foooood.  In the mall was a seafood place that we decided to try and it was wonderful.  I had a lunch combo with oysters, shrimp and fish.  Chuck went for bacon wrapped shrimp, we will certainly get there again before we leave the area.  Then it was off to Wal-Mart for cokes and OJ.  This is where I hit the mother lode.  They had capris on a large rack, all priced at ONE dollar.  Bought a dozen, for less than the price of one.  I’ve been needing some more (probably not a dozen) and this time of year they are hard to find.  Really glad now. 

We are back home now and it is dark already, darn, I’m not one of those people that like that extra hour in the morning.  No pictures today, I’ll have to do better,  Life is Good.


Mark and Dortha said...

Sounds like you had a great shopping day. Wishing I could have cashed in on some of those $1 capris.

Enjoy the Plantation and all the good company.


Leno said...

Well, seems like you accomplished quite a bit today. Glad you got the keyboard.. Oh my, you will be wearing a new pair of pants everyday! Did you throw out any old ones??
Good fish place, huh? Will have to get the name of that one.
Miss you both but glad you are in good company. Enjoy!
Until next time....