Monday, August 22, 2011

Cozy In Cody

We pulled up stakes last week and made the move to Cody, Wyoming.  Well, almost, we are 17 miles shy if it, but close enough, and they have a Wal-Mart.  We had a run of bad luck, first we had a tire blow out, and our pressure pro did not even make a beep.  Luckily Chuck seen the smoke almost right when it happened, so there was no damage, but I’m so disappointmented in the pressure pro, I really felt so much better having it, but no more.  It is not working at all. We were following Mac & Netters and they did not see us pull over, so bless their hearts, once they waited a while, they turned their “freight train” around and came back looking for us.

CODY 030

Of course we were inside Yellowstone, no cell coverage, but help arrived and we were soon on our way.  Wish it ended there, but, once we got set up in the campground, our electric was pegged out.  We had a loose wire in the plug, so it burned up the toaster oven and coffee maker.  Being it was in the cord after the surge protector was no help.  Luckily did not realize the burn-outs till the next morning so it got bad news got spread around, makes it easier that way.  Could have been a lot worse and for that we are thankful.   The campground here is very accommodating, they are letting us play cards in the one of the dining rooms at night.  So we have been having some heavy 10 penny games.  Last night we played hand and foot with Bob, Barb and Don and Suzie.  It was 1 & 1, so will have to have a play off some time.

Other than Wal-mart, we have been taking in some of the sights.  There was the miniature museum, which was huge, and free.

CODY 120 

Old Town, that had lots of relics.

CODY 096

People back then were really TOUGH, the west would never be discovered in todays world.

CODY 110

The first exercise bike?????? Now I do know what this is, lol………….

CODY 101      CODY 104

One of the more colorful characters, Jeremah”Liver Eating” Johnson.  They reburied him here in Old Town.

CODY 105      CODY 109

The rock formations around here are truly amazing.  We have a wonderful view from our back window.

CODY 092

Pictures just don’t do it justice.  Well it is getting close to “happy hour”, got to put this blog to bed.  Thanks for looking in. 

Life is Good

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Gonna Be A Bear


Just could not resist this one.  Just one more day till we move to Cody, and believe me we are all ready to get those wheels rolling.  The first 2-3 weeks here were great, but as we seen everything, got the t-shirts, well that is when the days got long.  Tonight we all went to town for pizza, and it was good, been awhile since we had had that.  See ya all down the road.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Those Sixty’s Were Great!


Oh yah, way to go, girl.  I’ve reached that magic age where I can say just about anything. After all wisdom does come with age.  Some times. Of course there is  the other option, maybe I’m become senile.  At times that has crossed my mind, but that thought comes and goes.  To tell the truth, I just down right feel comfortable in my own skin, now it could be because it seems like there is so much more of it, but not going to dwell on that thought.


It has been a great ride, have a wonderful husband, lovely daughter, wonderful son, great SIL, and DIL.  Three grandsons, one of whom has own family, beautiful wife, with the most precious great-grandson and great-granddaughter.  Truly have been blessed.

Also the last five plus years that we have spent roaming the states has been a wonderful adventure, that we hope to continue for as long as we are comfortable doing it.  We know that there will come a time, but till then……..


Hopefully to be continued…..

Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Last Trip of Yellowstone

We think this is our final trip through Yellowstone.  That is till we hook up the rigs on our way to Cody, as our route takes us right through the park.  We started out later in the day. thinking that we would arrive at the more popular sites, when the larger part of the tourists had passed through, making finding a parking space easier.  And….. IT WORKED!  Don’t you love it when a plan comes together?

yellowstone 003

The prism pools were beautiful, although the day was on the cool side and the steam did obscure some of the beauty.

yellowstone 011

yellowstone 015       yellowstone 041

yellowstone 024

yellowstone 056

yellowstone 060

yellowstone 059    yellowstone 058

Then there were the paint pots, not so pretty, but very interesting, the smell not so much.

yellowstone 232

The drive on the Firehole Loop produced this interesting crater.  The plaque said that it would erupt some time in the next 48 hours, we gave it 10 minutes, no luck.

yellowstone 416

Some of the wildlife we were lucky enough to see.

yellowstone 063     yellowstone 280

yellowstone 481yellowstone 246

The sunset was the crowning glory, had so many pictures of it, was hard to choose, but this was my choice.  Most of my pictures are thanks to my friend Lynette, as I had not charged my battery and it was rather low.

yellowstone 203

Although Yellowstone has many truly wondrous sights, the remnants of the fire in 88, are still very visible, but the new growth is coming back as strong. 

The rest of the week we have been doing a whole lot of nothing and doing a real good job of it.  A few happy hours, couple of potlucks, few rounds of card games.  Chuck and I snuck off one night to the playhouse for the Phantom of the Grand Ole Opry.  What a talented family, they do a great job.  So that bring another week to a close.  The weather has been wonderful, feel some what guilty when we hear of the heat some of our friends are having to endure. 

My love/hate relationship with my Droid continues.  Turned it off the other night at the show, when I turned it back on, it said must be activated, so hit that button.  Well, that wiped my phone clean, no numbers, no pictures. nada, zip, all gone into the black hole.  And that darn Verizon assistant that is suppose to keep everything on line, well it transferred back one number, ONE!  Beginning to think I’m too stupid to  have a phone like that.  And of course there is no Verizon store within 200 miles. 

This week RVer’s lost one of our own, Doug  Dubrouillet.  We were lucky enough to have met Doug and JoAnn in Tennessee last fall, and being the owner of Fillmore (standard poodle) was one of his claims to fame.  JoAnn, we have you in our thoughts and prayers.  Bless you.