Thursday, September 30, 2010

Time Goes Bye Bye

Still in Elkhart, few more days of the Montana rally to go. Last night was our Amish dinner at the Miller House. What a lovely home.

montana rally 010

There were almost 180 so they did have to serve us in two areas. Our group of 60 were seated in the house, the rest were in the area normally used which is a large side building. Imagine having a room that would seat that 60 people comfortably. The food was w o n d e r f u l. Family style, all the food is passed once, then once again, thankfully the pies and homemade ice cream was only on trip. Otherwise do not think we would have gotten to the door. They also had bread, jams, cookbooks, and decorative pumkins, corn and a few other things for sale. They had the most wonderful raspberry rhubarb jam, but that was all gone, darn!

The following night was wine and cheese. Watch out Donna, we have a truckload for you.

montana rally 019

How time fly’s, the finale was tonight! Glad that we came, it was very informative in the way Keystone treats their customers. There factory reps were in attendance the first few days ready to work out any of the problems that we were having with the rigs. And then it was off to the factory for repairs. We were having an issue with our front decal starting to peel and a front jack that when raised very high, blew fuses. While there they found some sort of problem in the front and are going to pull the cap in the morning to check and see if there is something that needs to be taken care of. And we are pleasantly surprised as ours has been out of warranty for well over a year now. So we are spending the last night of the rally, in the factory campground so we might be able to get a few extra minutes of sleep before we are kicked out. This morning we had to have it here by 7 AM! Have the laundry all loaded up and ready to go, everything will be clean for when we finally get these wheels a-rolling again.

This area sure is great to bring your RV to. There are so many places to get the parts and fixtures you might want or need. And the prices are right.

We plan just to head down to Indianapolis, Chuck has cousins there, so we will stop for a brief visit. After that we are still in the coin flipping mode……no plans, at least for a few days, we will be meeting friends in Tennessee around the 10th or sooner.

Update: Picked the trailer up at four and by the time we did the tire check and all the other duties it was 4:30, we could have stayed another night at the factory, but they start rolling in to work about 3:30AM, and it sounds like the Indy 500! So we decided on this campground just down the road a bit, but when we got there it was not a place we wanted to stay, so we went off in search better digs.

montana rally 022

Past the largest complex of silos.

montana rally 028

Past a beautiful covered bridge.

montana rally 035

Spotted a few balloons. And finally arrived at the Indianapolis State Fairgrounds. We have stayed here before and we know the routine. It is not anything special, but we do have FHU’s and security.

So that brings me up to date, which is great.

Life is Good.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

On To Rally Three

The Escapees Rally came to an end, and slowly one by one our group of friends departed.  The finale day was a drawing for Caravan all paid trip, one that we will not be taking.  Finished up with a hot dog dinner and entertainment by the duo of Melissa and Larry, aka, One More Time.  Great show, and this was followed by a dance.  But most of our group decided we had to have one more game of “hand and foot”.  We had found a place to play…..the storm shelter, it is open 24 hours a day, has bathrooms and air conditioning, tables and chairs, what more could you ask for?001

Barb, Rich, Bob & Mary


Keith, Donna & Chuck

There were 5 tables of 4, ladies were the main winners, where as the next night we were down to 2 tables, men’s night.  And then we were a twosome, Chuck and I were the only ones staying for the final rally, we are the only Montana RV in the group.

We did not find anything that we could not live with out at the Escapees Rally, other than a few shirts.  Have a feeling the Montana one may prove to be different, as there are several factories reps, and they will be having the special-one-time-deals. LOL  Also we are going to be here during the once a year, Michiana Mennonite Relief sale.  They are taking over the entire fair grounds with the exception of where we are camped.  Looking forward to sharing in the experience, they say that they will easily raise half million for the work they do worldwide. 

Yesterday we met Mac and Netters in Shipsawana for lunch and a little shopping.  Found the perfect hanging for the back of my counter as you enter the front door.  Hanging it took some ingenuity but it is finally up and looking good. 

We also decided to take the tour of Menno-Hof.   It was very informative of the beginnings, to the present beliefs of the Amish and Mennonite religions.  


We have moved once again, this time about 5 blocks, out of the main campground, to the FHU sites on the hill.  This rally has decided that it works best to have pre-assigned sites.  And did it according to when you signed up, being as we were one of the last few we are away from the main group.  That will teach us!  Mac has left his golf cart here, (they are in a motel waiting for their home to get finished with some warranty work) and we have the use of it, so getting around is no problem, and the main tent is not that far from us.

Last night when we were leaving the storm shelter, yes, we shared to secret place with some new friends, it was pouring rain.  All through the night we heard it off and on, but today the sun is out and the forecast is good.  Hearing from all our  friends, who have scattered, mostly south, about the hot weather they are encountering we are thankful for the pleasant temps we have been having.

And with that, life is good, and so on we go.

Monday, September 20, 2010


Some folks ride the train of life
Looking out the rear,
Watching miles of life roll by,
And marking every year.
They sit in sad remembrance,
Of wasted days gone by,
And curse their life for what it was,
And hang their head and cry.
But don't concern oneself with that,
I took a different vent,
Look forward to what life holds,
And not what has been spent.
So strap me to the engine,
As securely as I can be,
I want to be out in the front,
To see what I can see.
I want to feel the winds of change,
Blowing in my face
I want to see what life unfolds,
As I move from place to place.
I want to see what's coming up,
Not looking at the past,
Life's too short for yesterdays,
It moves along too fast.
So if the ride gets bumpy,
While you are looking back,
Go up front, and you may find,
Your life has jumped the track.
It's all right to remember,
That's part of history,
But up front's where it's happening,
There's so much mystery.
The enjoyment of living,
Is not where we have been,
It's looking ever forward,
To another year and ten.
It's searching all the byways,
Never should you refrain,
For if you want to live your life,
You've gotta drive the train.
All Aboard Everybody...


This just seemed to fit the RVing life.  Author unknown.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Rally Number Two

Leaving the campground in Elkhart can only be described as an unorganized fire drill.  But God looks after the feeble minded and we are all settled in an area at the Goshen Escapees rally. As I write this we are  into our second rally and it is by far the largest.  There are almost 800 rigs, which means there are a lot of people, yet it has been very well organized and there seems to be more than enough room in the seminars and the hall where the largest events take place also does the job.  And the weather is perfect. 

goshen 024

There is no “it” factor here, but we are having a great time.  Yesterday was the kick-off and there was a drawing for a cash prize of 2500.00.  Nope, we are not richer by that amount.  Tonight there were drawings for more door prizes, but none of those found there way into our RV either.  Have a few seminars that have peaked our interest over the next few days, and before we know it we will be waving good-by to everyone.

Lunch the other day took us to the South Side Diner, which has been paid a visit by Guy from Diners, Dives and Drive-Ins. We all had sandwiches and they were good, but the lemon pie was fabulous. 

goshen  goshen 019

We have been to Shipsawana several times,as there is a large flea market there on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  We have also paid more than a few visits to the Rise N Roll bakery.  They have have the most amazing caramel cinnamon donuts, and there sandwiches are all on homemade bread!  Talk about good.  As I’m writing this I’m almost drooling as it is lunch time and there was no breakfast this morning. Our last rally is also here so we will only be moving to a full hook up site.  We are actually looking forward to that one, as it is a Montana owners get together, and it will be interesting to talk with other owners and learn from there trials and errors.

goshen 039

Jenny and Don’s reaction to being presented a wedding gift of a day tour of Amish country.  They had just come from the daily door prize drawings and had won a trip to Dollywood, which is not far from were they live, so it will make a nice week end get away. Congratulations.  

After our Montana rally we will be heading down the road, sort of like a lost moose as we have not made up our minds quite yet.  Scratch that, we are headed to ‘Lisa’s’ gathering at Defeated Creek COE, in Tennessee, but just for 4 days, it is pretty booked up.  Glad that we could get that as there will be a few friends that will be there that we have not seen for awhile. After that though the lost moose effect kicks in till Thanksgiving, which we are planning on spending at Betty’s. It will all work it self out, so will go with the flow.

Life is Good.

Monday, September 6, 2010

New Furniture

Wow, how could I forgot to post pictures of the new cabinet/table & chairs.  We are very happy with the unit.  The table is free standing, with a leaf that is accessible in the table, for easy storage. We also have 4 chairs, wish those were easy to store, but we will find a hole some where.  

Recently Updated

Think we will remove the desk chair for one, it is a little large for the area.  Two-Bits, (our cat) is hugging her scratching pole, she has taken a liking to sleeping there, but it won’t last, she likes to move around.  She is very good about scratching only where she is allowed.  

Yesterday was a movie, Eat, Pray and Love.  I’d give it neither a thumbs  up or down.  Being as the gang had decided it was a free day, Chuck & I thought we would try Lunkers for lunch/dinner.  And we ran into 8 of our group there, so that was great, along with the food.  Last night was cards again, 3 tables of 4 and 1 of 6.  Think it was girls winning 2, and loosing 2.  Or maybe the guys “won” 2, naaa, girls lost 2.  Tonight we are cooking out, sure we will eat too much.

Till next time… is good.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Time Fly's or I’m Downright Lazy

Can not even guess where the time has gone since my last post, but the first of three rallies is about to begin.  Most all the people have arrived, and or group has grown daily.  We have been spending most of the days eating, shopping, socializing and just having a great time getting caught up on all the travels and adventures.

Didn’t get very far with that up-date!  One rally down, two to go.  It was a very good, well thought out and informative time.  And we got away with just a few purchases, which was great.  Of course our main entertainment has been eating lots and often.  The second night was a beauty contest, Hoosier Hotties.  Hope posting the pictures does not damage the computer.

dad  Yes, my dear hubby

fannyy sally

Oppsrally2010 008rally2010 027

  rally2010 029 

Our children are probably looking into having us committed before we do harm to ourselves.

We also took in the RV Hall of Fame.  It was very interesting to see some of the first RV’s with all the comforts they afforded, which weren’t what we would consider as anything nowadays.

elkhart rally 043

Mae West’s travel car

elkhart rally 041

In the three city area are quilt gardens, done in flowers.  Quite pretty and very original.  There are maps with all the locations, plus the visitor center has a free cd giving all the information.

elkhart rally 027

We have yet to do the entire drive,, but hopefully we will before we leave.

Wow, that about catches us up to the present, so can get back to watching some of the action.


Last night “hand & foot” out come, and I cringe to post this…..guys 2, girls zip.

All for now, life is good.