Saturday, September 4, 2010

Time Fly's or I’m Downright Lazy

Can not even guess where the time has gone since my last post, but the first of three rallies is about to begin.  Most all the people have arrived, and or group has grown daily.  We have been spending most of the days eating, shopping, socializing and just having a great time getting caught up on all the travels and adventures.

Didn’t get very far with that up-date!  One rally down, two to go.  It was a very good, well thought out and informative time.  And we got away with just a few purchases, which was great.  Of course our main entertainment has been eating lots and often.  The second night was a beauty contest, Hoosier Hotties.  Hope posting the pictures does not damage the computer.

dad  Yes, my dear hubby

fannyy sally

Oppsrally2010 008rally2010 027

  rally2010 029 

Our children are probably looking into having us committed before we do harm to ourselves.

We also took in the RV Hall of Fame.  It was very interesting to see some of the first RV’s with all the comforts they afforded, which weren’t what we would consider as anything nowadays.

elkhart rally 043

Mae West’s travel car

elkhart rally 041

In the three city area are quilt gardens, done in flowers.  Quite pretty and very original.  There are maps with all the locations, plus the visitor center has a free cd giving all the information.

elkhart rally 027

We have yet to do the entire drive,, but hopefully we will before we leave.

Wow, that about catches us up to the present, so can get back to watching some of the action.


Last night “hand & foot” out come, and I cringe to post this…..guys 2, girls zip.

All for now, life is good.






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