Wednesday, September 22, 2010

On To Rally Three

The Escapees Rally came to an end, and slowly one by one our group of friends departed.  The finale day was a drawing for Caravan all paid trip, one that we will not be taking.  Finished up with a hot dog dinner and entertainment by the duo of Melissa and Larry, aka, One More Time.  Great show, and this was followed by a dance.  But most of our group decided we had to have one more game of “hand and foot”.  We had found a place to play…..the storm shelter, it is open 24 hours a day, has bathrooms and air conditioning, tables and chairs, what more could you ask for?001

Barb, Rich, Bob & Mary


Keith, Donna & Chuck

There were 5 tables of 4, ladies were the main winners, where as the next night we were down to 2 tables, men’s night.  And then we were a twosome, Chuck and I were the only ones staying for the final rally, we are the only Montana RV in the group.

We did not find anything that we could not live with out at the Escapees Rally, other than a few shirts.  Have a feeling the Montana one may prove to be different, as there are several factories reps, and they will be having the special-one-time-deals. LOL  Also we are going to be here during the once a year, Michiana Mennonite Relief sale.  They are taking over the entire fair grounds with the exception of where we are camped.  Looking forward to sharing in the experience, they say that they will easily raise half million for the work they do worldwide. 

Yesterday we met Mac and Netters in Shipsawana for lunch and a little shopping.  Found the perfect hanging for the back of my counter as you enter the front door.  Hanging it took some ingenuity but it is finally up and looking good. 

We also decided to take the tour of Menno-Hof.   It was very informative of the beginnings, to the present beliefs of the Amish and Mennonite religions.  


We have moved once again, this time about 5 blocks, out of the main campground, to the FHU sites on the hill.  This rally has decided that it works best to have pre-assigned sites.  And did it according to when you signed up, being as we were one of the last few we are away from the main group.  That will teach us!  Mac has left his golf cart here, (they are in a motel waiting for their home to get finished with some warranty work) and we have the use of it, so getting around is no problem, and the main tent is not that far from us.

Last night when we were leaving the storm shelter, yes, we shared to secret place with some new friends, it was pouring rain.  All through the night we heard it off and on, but today the sun is out and the forecast is good.  Hearing from all our  friends, who have scattered, mostly south, about the hot weather they are encountering we are thankful for the pleasant temps we have been having.

And with that, life is good, and so on we go.

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