Saturday, April 28, 2012


Two hours before I miss my dead line.  Honestly the week just seems to fly by.  We have not done anything special this week.  Chuck did his golf on Tuesday, I took the day and spent it in town.  Thursday he runs off and does breakfast with the Romeo’s.  (really old men eating out)  I was desperate for something to have for the blog, so took some pictures of some of the cactus that are in bloom around here.  They are so delicate and awesome.


FLOWERS 013       FLOWERS 015



The cactus above is just a little bitty guy with these huge flowers.  Love them.  The park is becoming very empty, but most of the lots have RVs on them,  as a lot of the people have smaller travel rigs, or homes in the north some where.  We will still have lots of people to play cards with, and the pool will not be crowded…lol.


Till next week then, everyone on the move, travel easy, stay safe.

Saturday, April 21, 2012


The other day while I was doing laundry, took a drive around the park and took a few pictures.  The cactus is starting to bloom and the roses are spectacular.WINE COUNTRY 007
Here is a guy/gal made out of pots, and the get up changes for the occasion. The gator pond is almost finished, they had a liner installed so it wouldn’t loose water so quickly.  There is going to be a water wheel and quite a bit more landscaping in the works still.
Pond near the clubhouse, not sure that it is really big enough to canoe in though.

On Thursday about 35 women of the Madd Hatters group (aka Red Hatters) went to a near by winery for lunch.  It was an absolutely beautiful day, and we had a fun time.  The thyme for the hats was Easter, and my gaudy concoction took 1st.  WINE COUNTRY 031WINE COUNTRY 019
                    WINE COUNTRY 027
Fields of grapes surrounding the winery.
Friday one of the ladies turned 80 and threw a big party.  It was a lot of fun, she is a really sweet lady and her husband has been having some health problems, so she deserved a big pick me up, and she had a ball. 
Today we went into town and seen the Hunger Games.  I read all 3 books and they were great, which surprised me, when I started almost didn't keep going, just not the story I thought I would like.  The movie was okay, but do think that it lost a lot, there was so much more into building the characters that didn’t come through.  Do highly recommend reading the books, not so much seeing the movie. 
From there we HAD to stop at Costco.  Will some one tell me, how you can walk in that store not needing anything, yet manage to spend a few hundred dollars every time?  And now that I have a storage shed, the sky’s the limit.  T.P. for a life time! 
Well that does it for another week in the life of the Donleys.  Happy Birthday to our SIL, John. 

Saturday, April 14, 2012


This week has been a full range of weather.  We’ve had summer, rain, even snow on the near-by hills.  They are saying we will be having very pleasant days ahead though, which I’m all for.  Feel for the people having to deal with all the bad weather in the mid west, it seems to be very extreme this time. 

We spent the week pretty much just doing what we do best.  Relaxing.  Tuesday, Chuck golfed with the guys, I ran to town and wondered around.  We have been playing a lot of bridge in the afternoons, just casual easy kind. We did go for brunch one day to one of the near by casinos.  They have a free lobster buffet for new members, so we decided to give it a try.  The casino was down some back roads and then some, with out a GPS don’t think we could have found it.  We signed up, got our coupons for the buffet, and got in line. Which took over an hour, but we had a good time with the other people who were waiting. Now if you were paying cash this buffet, it cost 35 dollars a person.  Can’t say that it was worth any where near that, and as for the lobster they were doling it out one half at a time.  And it was slightly frozen yet.  But the dessert bar was unbelievable.  Really, really good!  Would I go back?  NO.  But the price was right, and after we were done, went to loose our 20 dollar contribution, and won 75, and we were out of there, faster than a speeding bullet. 

This coming week, the ladies group here are going to lunch at a near by winery, and we are wearing Easter bonnets.  Spent the day making one, the darn thing got so big not sure that it will stay on my head.  Will get some pictures at the lunch, and of the winery.  Sure that it will be fun.  Anything with wine has got to be good.

Our neighbors from across the street popped into their site, the other day, and I got them to stay for dinner.  Fortunately I had a pork roast cooking, so throwing together the rest was a breeze.  They still have their lot here, but have bought a house on the other side of town, as they are having severe medical problems, which involve their driving into the L.A area for treatment most days.  Really nice people, sure hope that all goes well.

kylee & Roinn

   Have to share this picture of our great-grandchildren at Easter.  Check out Kylee’s eyes and feet.  I just love it!  See you next week! 

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter



The best things in life are still sweet and gooey.

May the joy of the season fill your heart.


Happy Easter!



This week has just flown by once again.  Tuesday we went to Hemet, which is about 30 miles away.  Chuck and John played golf, and Betty invited 2 friends over so we could play bridge.  It was a great time, and then we tried out a Mexican restaurant that had been recommended.  Funny, seems the closer you are to Mexico, the harder it is to find good Mexican food.

We have also been building a corner cabinet for the gazebo.  One that will be fully enclosed as we would like to have a TV out there, especially come summer.  It will be much nicer than trying to cool down the inside, at least that is the idea.  There is a huge wood working shop here with just about every tool you could possibly want.  Course they were all mostly unfamiliar to Chuck, so he would take the wood with all the cuts marked, and sure enough, there was some one who  couldn’t stop themselves from helping.  Could be they didn’t want blood all over their tools. What ever works!  Now I’m working on sewing side panels, seems one thing just leads to another, be glad when this is all done.  We thought we were done, but could not find a cabinet that would work that we could buy.

People are slowly starting to leave the park, although think there are quite a few that stay the year.  I’m kind of anxious to see what the weather is like come summer.  Know that if it is bad we can always head for the coast, which is usually cool.

Got my hair cut this morning and it is very short, think Chuck has more than I do at the moment.  It will grow I know.  Well, I am so proud of my self that I actually managed to do a blog of sorts like I said I would do.  Got seven days to work on the next one.  LOL  Till then, happy travels!