Saturday, April 14, 2012


This week has been a full range of weather.  We’ve had summer, rain, even snow on the near-by hills.  They are saying we will be having very pleasant days ahead though, which I’m all for.  Feel for the people having to deal with all the bad weather in the mid west, it seems to be very extreme this time. 

We spent the week pretty much just doing what we do best.  Relaxing.  Tuesday, Chuck golfed with the guys, I ran to town and wondered around.  We have been playing a lot of bridge in the afternoons, just casual easy kind. We did go for brunch one day to one of the near by casinos.  They have a free lobster buffet for new members, so we decided to give it a try.  The casino was down some back roads and then some, with out a GPS don’t think we could have found it.  We signed up, got our coupons for the buffet, and got in line. Which took over an hour, but we had a good time with the other people who were waiting. Now if you were paying cash this buffet, it cost 35 dollars a person.  Can’t say that it was worth any where near that, and as for the lobster they were doling it out one half at a time.  And it was slightly frozen yet.  But the dessert bar was unbelievable.  Really, really good!  Would I go back?  NO.  But the price was right, and after we were done, went to loose our 20 dollar contribution, and won 75, and we were out of there, faster than a speeding bullet. 

This coming week, the ladies group here are going to lunch at a near by winery, and we are wearing Easter bonnets.  Spent the day making one, the darn thing got so big not sure that it will stay on my head.  Will get some pictures at the lunch, and of the winery.  Sure that it will be fun.  Anything with wine has got to be good.

Our neighbors from across the street popped into their site, the other day, and I got them to stay for dinner.  Fortunately I had a pork roast cooking, so throwing together the rest was a breeze.  They still have their lot here, but have bought a house on the other side of town, as they are having severe medical problems, which involve their driving into the L.A area for treatment most days.  Really nice people, sure hope that all goes well.

kylee & Roinn

   Have to share this picture of our great-grandchildren at Easter.  Check out Kylee’s eyes and feet.  I just love it!  See you next week! 


Speedy said...

Love those Easter Photos! We had Easter here with Kris and hid eggs most of the day.

Joe and Sherri

Lynda and Bob said...

I feel better since you have a 50 yr old son and older greats than me! My son is 53 and the great grand is only 3 1/2. We are leaving Pittsburgh tomorrow. Nice place! Lynda