Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Here it is a week since my last post, but a very busy week it has been. Most of the pre-rally was spent either getting things ready to eat, or eating, or complaining because we had eaten too much. One night was hobo stew, this is where everyone throws something in the pot and you end up with a delicious stew. Of course you know us RVer's we have to have all the trimming's
Then there was the dutch oven cook out over hot coals. That night was pots of chili, sliced potatoes and chocolate and pineapple up side down cakes.
Donna hard at work

That brought us into Sunday, and of course, BRUNCH! The day was finished off with a wine and cheese "tasting".
Oh happy times!

Looks like they were all "choice wines".
(Not a paper bag to be seen)

Thank goodness the official rally was starting the next day.
New Friends
Rick & Terry

Barb & Bob/Chuck
The seminars were very interesting, I especially enjoyed the one put on by the Geeks on Tour. The picasa and photo story 3 were so helpful. Can't wait to really get to try out some of the tips I learned. Well, I bought the videos so will have a resource to refer back to as it takes me more than one try to get things down to where I can actually say I know how to do it. Chuck and I both attended several others and they were all enlightening. And we did not stop eating, here we are at the pizza party. Each night we gathered for
drawings for door prizes, of which there were many. We also had a young
couple who put on a great show on pizza night. Also donuts and coffee to get you started.
Bob & Molly
There were a few pizzas eaten that night.
Some how they managed to deliver them hot,
and they were good.
Keith getting birthday wishesNick, the one who put the rally
See you next year!
all ready for Halloween
And that bring me to today. We loaded up in the vehicles and headed for a
flea/farmers market a few miles away. It was a different set-up being as
everything was in huge buildings. The weather here has a lot to do with
that I'm sure. Other than pumpkins there was little produce, but there was
a racing car promo wheel, and being it was free, we all gave it a spin, and
we all won some nice gift cards for 20 dollars. Ours were from Home Depot and Burger King.
Lunch was also free, yes, free! Great bean soup and corn bread. Plus the diesel was 23 cents cheaper there, so topped off the tank.
I would call that a good day in any ones book
of DEALS of the DAY.
Monday we are traveling up to
Elkhart and settling into Duncan's RV for
repairs, & tune-ups. Hopefully it will be a
short stay.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Early to Rise and OH, CRAP!

There have been about 3 times since we have been on the road that I have gotten up before Chuck, and believe me, if this morning is any indicator, it will
be the last. Got the coffee going, turned on the computer, not connecting, turned
the T V on, only channel coming through on the satellite was
the info channel. Okay, coffee ready, what the heck???
The refrigerator door fell off!!
Well, not all the way, but the hinge is broken, which happened once before. We
had been planning on going to Elkhart after the rally, and they will have
the parts waiting, hopefully they will be able to fix it,
so that it won't happen again.
Thankfully it is still usable, but we are
being very careful.
TV's working, computer is connected,
life goes on.
It was great seeing Bob, Molly, Keith, Donna, Howie and Nora, plus meeting all the others
that have arrived for the "Class of 07" pre-rally of Nick's rally. Last night was
hobo stew and it turned out great. We did have a rainy day though, but we managed not
to get wet.
So that is all for now, I'm crawling back in bed and pulling the covers
up over my head, and not coming out
till it's a new day. Glad that I got my
OWFISH shirt.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fly Away

Today was a day that I was not really looking forward to, sort of like Chuck waiting for me in a shoe store, but unlike him, I found that it was very interesting and enjoyable. AND it was free, something that does not happen in a shoe store, well almost free, there was the I-Max and then lunch, plus we are planning on going back tomorrow, another movie, and Air Force One. Seriously if you are ever in the area it should be on your bucket list. The airplanes are just props, it is all the history that is displayed, plus so very much more.

Now that is a tire!

Quilts made of Holocaust squares.

This section was so heart wrenching, but

then so were the areas depicting Viet Nam, World Wars 1 & 2,

and all the other atrocities that man has

inflicted on his fellow man.

Map of concentration camp

Cute little plane,

and a very different one.

Apollo One

There was also a section on the space program, along with the Berlin wall.

The place is huge and they have a wonderful museum.

Looking forward to tomorrow.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Grand Time in West Virginia

We left Pennsylvania and traveled to West Virginia to spend a few days with Chucks sister and her husband Jim. We decided to leave the "damnearahouse" in Harrisonburg at their son's house. The 45 miles to their home is either up hill or down hill and both are extreme. Both of which are enough to make me a nervous wreck just driving/riding over it. And the locals who drive it all the time sort of think of it as the grand prix, man, they can fly.
Anna Mae & Jim

Chucks sister, Anna Mae, was in a play that made it's debut while we were there, and it was absolutely wonderful. We laughed till we hurt, and the scene that Anna Mae had where she had accidentally taken heavy duty pain killers by mistake, was so hilarious, I had tears running down my face. And they even managed to bring Elvis into the play and it made sense.
Elvis lives!

In costume
(Mrs. Rich B----)

There also was the Treasure Mountain festival going on, with crafts and a quilt show. And of course lots of food......fried oreos were one of the things spotted, not the least bit tempting. We spent most nights talking and getting caught up on all that has happened over the years. Anna Mae has just retired and is getting used to the life of ease.

We left there, drove back to Harrrisonburg and spent the night in the 5er and were ready to roll by 8 the next morning. Drove about 300 miles and spent the night in the "Lone Dog Campground". Sounds bad, but was actually quite nice. Finished the drive today and we are settled in at Wright-Patterson AFB in Dayton, Ohio. Chuck was getting kind of shakey, what with no golf for over 2 weeks, and they have 2 courses here. Also the Air Force museum and it is suppose to be very nice. They have the Air Force Ones of Kennedy and Reagan on display. We used the time today to wash the 5er and do laundry. Hit quite a bit of rain off and on, so glad that we could wash it.

Not sure when we are leaving here to head for the fairgrounds, where Nick's Rally is being held, probably Thursday or Friday. It is only about a 100 miles, so not a hard drive.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Where oh where does the time go?

Our last few days in Maine was our chance to have one big lobster boil. And we did it up royal.

Chuck with his glasses all steamed up.

The last night was spent having dinner at a well know restaurant, where the locals go, and it was very good. Yes, it does seem like all we do is eat!

cute idea for paper towels over every table

Our friends Dick & Jane
Thank you, for a wonderful time

Looks like Chuck thinks the lobster is after him!

Days are just flying by, it does past in a blur at times. We have been in Pennsylvania for over a week and this is my first post, just getting lazy, I guess.

Having left Maine the day after Labor Day we thought we would have lighter traffic, but think that most of the tourists had the same strategy. It was a safe trip, though longer than we had anticipated, due to the lack of campgrounds along our route. One of the first that came along was only about 80 miles from our final stop, so we decided to push through, 450 miles in one day is not something we even contemplate doing. But not having to move for a short jaunt was worth it. May have to rethink not making, we like the freedom of not having a time schedule.

We have stayed at this campground before, and it is about 12 miles from Chucks home town. Unfortunately for us a bridge is washed out and detours are part of the travels to and fro. We have been lost more these past few days, than in the 3 years we have been on the road. There are so many country roads in the area, and Chuck remembers just enough to get us totally lost. And our tom-tom isn't much help most of the time.

We have helped Chucks brother in law celebrate his 85th birthday with his lovely family.

Yes, he did get GREEN bananas.

Another hi- light was attending church last Sunday, where his niece, Holly, is the pastor. The congregation is truly lucky to have her, she is so inspiring.

Holly & Jonathan

Chucks niece, Debbie and her husband Norman

And Nora, somehow there are no pictures of you, but thank you for the tour of your charming unique home.

We have thoroughly enjoyed the time we have spent with our relatives that are in the area.
This visit was very special for us.

We also managed to meet with Keith & Donna and Randy & Terry, it was a great time, and yes were once again eating! And this was Amish style, meaning they just keep bring food, and then comes the desserts.

Tomorrow we are off again, driving down to Virgina to wisit with Chucks sister for a few days, then we will turn our sights on Ohio. Can't wait to see everyone again, and to experience Nicks rally.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Train's,Trolly's,Boats & Cars

Here comes our trolley.
We did a tour of Boston, after taking the train in
fromWells, Maine. Our tour guides,
Dick & Jane, are doing a wonderful job of making sure we see some
of the best the area has to offer.
At Court & Tremont Streets hangs the giant tea kettle "sign" of the old Oriental Tea Company. This huge tea pot was manufactured in 1873 by a company called Hicks & Badger.
Old State House
So out of place with all the skyscrapers.
We hopped off the trolley had lunch and were back up and running.
We walked to the harbor area and caught the boat for the harbor cruise. "Codzilla" was there, a high speed tour boat, but no one was interested in that, except for the
scary rides!
The weather could not have been more perfect, and the sights of all the
boats and the shore were wonderful. The pictures can not do justice to them.
Boston skyline

For Rent
For Sale
Would just take a few million
Actually the bottom floor is the fire department
for the harbor.
The Constitution

We were back on the shore and on our way to see a few more landmarks.
Paul Reveres house, which was in a very small courtyard, so taking any
pictures did not work out, but there was a great pear
tree.The house was very small and it was amazing how many children he
had, nine by his first wife who died in May, and he remarried in October, and there were nine more children. Made me wonder how he ever had time to make a midnight ride. Then we were off to the Old North Church.
Very different, in that each "pew" was more like a private family seating area, the enclosures were
five feet tall, very private. Beautiful pipe organ though.

Memorial in front of church. Each dog tag represents
a soldier killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, very chilling.
Time was getting short, as the train left at 5:45 and the next was not until 11, so we did not want to miss it. But Cheers had to be seen, so we jumped on the trolley and hopped
off near by, ran (okay, walked) over for some pictures, and back to catch the trolley to the train station.
We were all of a sudden told that the trolley would be waiting at the harbor for the
last cruise to come in before continuing on, which wouldn't work for us. So we were of into the subway, and with the blind leading the blind, at RUSH hour, we did manage to make the train.
WOW, we aren't country bumpkins after all.
Restaurant that brought a tear to
my eye, a dear grandson by that name.
So that was our day in Boston
Matilda dressed for the cooler temps,
and it is getting very cool at night.
Chuck and I took off to do some shopping and to get some prescriptions filled,
which of course involved lunch, Well the little seaside lobster shack like restaurant, had just been visited by George Bush (the father) a few minutes before us. They told me that I
was sitting on the same bench as he had. So the next day we headed north of Wells, and had to
get some pictures of his home at Kennybunkport.
Not too shabby.
SUV's are black
speedboat is black.....
looks like they mean business

Lobster floats or what ever they are called. very colorful and interesting.
Beach along the way to Portland
Globe at a map store. It was huge, a very interesting store. Needless
to say we bought some up to date Atlas's and a few other books that we
felt would make traveling easier, that is if we can find them
Think that catches me us to date. wow, know there was a lot I missed, we are having a great time, Chuck is getting in his fair quota of golf, and we are just loving the peace and quiet, enjoying the time visiting with good friends.