Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Here it is a week since my last post, but a very busy week it has been. Most of the pre-rally was spent either getting things ready to eat, or eating, or complaining because we had eaten too much. One night was hobo stew, this is where everyone throws something in the pot and you end up with a delicious stew. Of course you know us RVer's we have to have all the trimming's
Then there was the dutch oven cook out over hot coals. That night was pots of chili, sliced potatoes and chocolate and pineapple up side down cakes.
Donna hard at work

That brought us into Sunday, and of course, BRUNCH! The day was finished off with a wine and cheese "tasting".
Oh happy times!

Looks like they were all "choice wines".
(Not a paper bag to be seen)

Thank goodness the official rally was starting the next day.
New Friends
Rick & Terry

Barb & Bob/Chuck
The seminars were very interesting, I especially enjoyed the one put on by the Geeks on Tour. The picasa and photo story 3 were so helpful. Can't wait to really get to try out some of the tips I learned. Well, I bought the videos so will have a resource to refer back to as it takes me more than one try to get things down to where I can actually say I know how to do it. Chuck and I both attended several others and they were all enlightening. And we did not stop eating, here we are at the pizza party. Each night we gathered for
drawings for door prizes, of which there were many. We also had a young
couple who put on a great show on pizza night. Also donuts and coffee to get you started.
Bob & Molly
There were a few pizzas eaten that night.
Some how they managed to deliver them hot,
and they were good.
Keith getting birthday wishesNick, the one who put the rally
See you next year!
all ready for Halloween
And that bring me to today. We loaded up in the vehicles and headed for a
flea/farmers market a few miles away. It was a different set-up being as
everything was in huge buildings. The weather here has a lot to do with
that I'm sure. Other than pumpkins there was little produce, but there was
a racing car promo wheel, and being it was free, we all gave it a spin, and
we all won some nice gift cards for 20 dollars. Ours were from Home Depot and Burger King.
Lunch was also free, yes, free! Great bean soup and corn bread. Plus the diesel was 23 cents cheaper there, so topped off the tank.
I would call that a good day in any ones book
of DEALS of the DAY.
Monday we are traveling up to
Elkhart and settling into Duncan's RV for
repairs, & tune-ups. Hopefully it will be a
short stay.

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Leno said...

So glad you enjoyed your time at the rally. Wish we could have been with you.
Have you made plans for Tx yet for the winter?