Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Where oh where does the time go?

Our last few days in Maine was our chance to have one big lobster boil. And we did it up royal.

Chuck with his glasses all steamed up.

The last night was spent having dinner at a well know restaurant, where the locals go, and it was very good. Yes, it does seem like all we do is eat!

cute idea for paper towels over every table

Our friends Dick & Jane
Thank you, for a wonderful time

Looks like Chuck thinks the lobster is after him!

Days are just flying by, it does past in a blur at times. We have been in Pennsylvania for over a week and this is my first post, just getting lazy, I guess.

Having left Maine the day after Labor Day we thought we would have lighter traffic, but think that most of the tourists had the same strategy. It was a safe trip, though longer than we had anticipated, due to the lack of campgrounds along our route. One of the first that came along was only about 80 miles from our final stop, so we decided to push through, 450 miles in one day is not something we even contemplate doing. But not having to move for a short jaunt was worth it. May have to rethink not making reservations.....na, we like the freedom of not having a time schedule.

We have stayed at this campground before, and it is about 12 miles from Chucks home town. Unfortunately for us a bridge is washed out and detours are part of the travels to and fro. We have been lost more these past few days, than in the 3 years we have been on the road. There are so many country roads in the area, and Chuck remembers just enough to get us totally lost. And our tom-tom isn't much help most of the time.

We have helped Chucks brother in law celebrate his 85th birthday with his lovely family.

Yes, he did get GREEN bananas.

Another hi- light was attending church last Sunday, where his niece, Holly, is the pastor. The congregation is truly lucky to have her, she is so inspiring.

Holly & Jonathan

Chucks niece, Debbie and her husband Norman

And Nora, somehow there are no pictures of you, but thank you for the tour of your charming unique home.

We have thoroughly enjoyed the time we have spent with our relatives that are in the area.
This visit was very special for us.

We also managed to meet with Keith & Donna and Randy & Terry, it was a great time, and yes were once again eating! And this was Amish style, meaning they just keep bring food, and then comes the desserts. http://guilertravels.blogspot.com/

Tomorrow we are off again, driving down to Virgina to wisit with Chucks sister for a few days, then we will turn our sights on Ohio. Can't wait to see everyone again, and to experience Nicks rally.

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Joe and Sherri said...

My goodness! Looks like you are have a great time...we on the other hand have been sitting in the rain for weeks. I am getting cabin fever!