Friday, November 22, 2013

Hey,I’m Alive!!!!

Thought I had better up date as the other day I was at the doctors having some tests done, and when the nurse pulled the paper from the ekg machine it was a flat line.  So I better hurry before it catches up to me, so let me get this blog out.

We have been busy having a good time getting settled, most all of the park has arrived back from  their travels.  First off was our giant garage sale, which netted the park a total of 17 thousand dollars.  Course half the stuff will probably be back on sale next year, seems no one can resist all those bargains.  Then there was the Founders Day celebration, to kick off the official start of next years 25th event.  For that I volunteered to put together a skit, and we managed to do have good show.  Jojoba has a large collection of costumes and props which is a big help when it comes to something like that.  We are also in the process of putting together a Beefsteak & Cheesecake calendar.  Keep in mind that the steak is rather tough and the cheese is quite lumpy, but still the sales have been going good.  And so many groups wanted to be represented we had to make it a 15 month calendar. We are preselling and have hit the 300 mark already.  I personally think anyone who has kids ought to send them all one.  Let them worry about the parents a bit. 

While in South Dakota this year, I along with another friend hit the winery that makes the Red Ass Rhubarb wine, and we stocked up.  So we decided that we would have a ladies night out, which meant reserving the Ranch House here.  Which is great, we all could drive our golf carts, no DUI’s that way.  We limited it to 12 and had a great time.  Laughed till tears ran down our legs.  Opps.

The park is putting on a Thanksgiving dinner that we can’t pass up, for 5 dollars, it is more than a bargain.  So that is our plan, although I do have a turkey thawing in the frig.  Just got to have turkey sandwiches the next day.  Plan to spread it around so we don’t get sick of it.  Sort of got it  free, which is always good.  Then we have our craft sale next week, which also features a soup luncheon.  Six people each make TWO large roasters of soup, and everyone buys bowls for all the different soups for as much as they can eat.  It is a fund raiser for the woodworking shop.  I volunteered to make soup again this year, in exchange for some help in making wooden valances/shelves for the little trailer.  It only has 3 windows, so it is not like a big project.  And only two of them can be used as shelves. 

We have made no decisions on travel plans this winter, but we will either make a trip to Yuma/Casa Grande or go with a group into Mexico.  Sort of depends on doctors appointments and repairs.  Chuck sees his cardiologist again next month, and we are anxious to hear his recommendations.  Getting old sucks, but the alternative is even worse. We also checked out a assisted living/care facility in near by Hemet.  Very nice place, and some day, Lord will and the creek don’t run dry, we may live there. 

When we arrived back this year I decided that we needed a remodel of sorts.  But when you do anything thing to 400 square feet it is rather difficult.  Decided that I would put the day bed out in the gazebo, and put in chairs.  Well, when we looked at recliners in the store, they did not look so big, but once we put them in the RV, HOLY COW!!! Luckily we only bought one, and it took up so much space, but I figured that I would live with this goof up for a year or so.  But after a couple of weeks it was just too much, so someone said to see if the store would take it back, now I had no hope of that happening, but much to my surprise they were happy to!  And the best part, at the yard sale some one had donated two very nice beige rocker recliners, in excellent shape, and the price was 100 dollars, total.  Happy, happy, happy. 

Well it is off to happy hour, playing bridge later tonight, my partner will not be too happy if I stay very long at happy hour.  Wow, that is a lot of happy's there.  Thanks all for hanging in there with us, hopefully my flat line was a mistake……..  

If you would like to check out Jojoba Hills, we had two resident computer wizards redo our web site and it is wonderful.