Sunday, December 21, 2008

Chicken House Opry

What a great time. We laughed so hard that we hurt. Had a little trouble finding the place, but luck won out. Old eyes you know. We had planned to have dinner out, but decided that we would give their, 5 dollar fer two, a try, and it was good. Bar-b-que beef, beans, grilled bread and sodas, hey, can't go wrong with that. The kids called to wish Chuck a great birthday, and our son, Glen,was very excited. The night before he was bowling in their couples league and he came soooo close to having a perfect game. Rolled a 298. But he said that he was so nervous that he was like jello in an 8 point earthquake. Do miss our grandsons and great grandkids. Christmas isn't the same with out little ones around. Still life is good.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Chuck wins again

Our fellow players of card elimanation are ready to ban Chuck from playing, he has won so often, but last night that it was the grand prize of 84 dollars. It is played with cards and you are in groups of four. You deal out all the cards and then it is like bingo, they call cards and the one who get rid of theirs first is the winner. They play 11 games, 5 where everyone puts in 10 cents, 5 for quarters and the big one, the dollar pot. Personally I don't like bingo, but this goes real fast and it is enjoyable, especially when you sleep with a winner! Played a new golf course today and that was a treat, had more chracter than the other we have played so far. Weather has warmed up, great. Had our weekly golf party, which is great, no need to cook as we all bring snacks so everyone gets filled up. Yesterday was a Christmas party, did the gift exchange, then they were drawing for the chance to steal someones. I had gotten two of the prettiest Christmas placemats, and sure wanted to keep them, and luck was with me. Chuck didn't make out so good, but we have a prize drawing at the golf party, so his is gone there. Good way to get rid of stuff. Chucks birthday is coming up and we are going to the Chicken Opry, surprise, surprise.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Winter in the Rio Grande of Texas

The other morning I was laughing at the kids in Colorado, telling them about our 75 degree temps, and that after noon it bit me in the butt. The mercury went in a free fall, like it was the stock market. And now yesterday and today it is about the same only it added a drizzle just to kick up the misery a notch. About the only thing different we have done is take in the movie, Australia, which was very good. Meant to be seen on the big screen. Have a Christmas party to go to this afternoon. Life is good.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bouganvillea in full bloom

This grows all over here

and it is so pretty. The house is in Hilago
that decorates the whole town. Absolutely
breathtaking at night.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Chicago is NOT the windy city!

How can it possibly be almost a month since my last post? We have been busy doing nothing...there are so many activities that we have to make a list on the calendar! Chuck is more the social bug, he loves games, where as I am not too keen on them. Did find a bridge event at another park, it was great to play again. Lunch was served and had something that had never seen before. Salad made with fresh spinach and strawberries, nuts and feta cheese, with a sweet dressing. It was so good. Of course there were many other dishes all of which were excellent. We did take in one dance here, which is different for us, since Chuck no longer indulges, he is not too big on dancing, and I'm having a foot problem, which they have yet to find a reason for. Just doing lots of tests, but nothing yet. Old age.....naaaa, I don't think so.

We did take in the Christmas lights in a small town near the border, Hidalgo. The whole town is decorated by the city to the max, it is wonderful. I've always loved seeing all the lights this time of year and this was one of the prettiest yet. Miss decorating, but do have the RV done up some. I buy a ornament in just about every place we visit, so have quite a collection already, but it is small, so doesn't count.

Been playing some pretty good golf, and think that I may have to try a little less. At our golf party every week I seem to win every thing, which I feel bad about. Like taking candy from babies, as most of the women don't play that much. Chuck has been shooting in the low eighties/high seventies, so that is really good for him. He has also been very lucky in the card elimanation games and bingo, winning quite often. They have a rule here, win three times in one night and it is into the pool with you. So far he hasn't gotten wet!

The wind here does blow, yet it is not that unpleasant. The air is warm so it does not seem so bad. We did not have the awning installed over the slide outs because of our experiences with the wind in Tucson last year. So glad, cause the wind does seem stronger here at night. We just found out that the covering made so much noise, and in the 5th wheel, your head is very close to the ceiling when you are in bed. But other than that the weather is great, just like Chucks golf game....70's, 80's. The flowers are all so pretty, the bouganvilla (spelling wrong) is totally awesome, and it grows like weeds, it is all over.

Have not been too good about taking pictures but will post a few. Which about all that I have taken since seing here.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Wow, where does the time go?

Hard to believe that we have been here for more than 2 weeks, and I made a committment to post at least once a week, so much for that....LOL. We have been busy getting acquinted with people here, got involved in the golf league, which plays twice a week at two different courses. On Thursdays afterwards they have a finger food cocktail hour to pass out the winners prizes. Great, no having to do dinner that night. Lots of card games and things to do, so we have been busy doing nothing basically, but enjoying it. I've been spending time in the swimming pool getting in some exercise, seems a lot easier in the pool. Have not done any touristy things, but figure that there is plenty of time for that. Thanksgiving the owners are having a catered dinner for all, so we will be spending the day with several hundred people, don't think that we will be all alone. There will be plenty of games afterwards and all. weather has been great, sunny, warm but not hot. The wind does blow most days, just some harder than others. I have a doctors appointment this afternoon, think that I'm doing okay, but will see how things check out. Never been any place that has as many medical facilities as here. Not sure why.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Rio Grande Valley

We arrived here Saturday, November 1st. Getting settled took some time as this is an older park, as most of them seem to be, that was built before slide-outs, so they are not all that wide, but we finally managed to end up happy. Which didn't last too long. We were going to dinner when I had a horrible pressure on my chest and it ran up into my jaw, which scared me enough to head for the emergency room. Fortunately they found nothing wrong, but wanted to run some more tests, so the poked, prodded, scanned over 3 days to come to the same conclusion. So I'll take that as good news.
This area is a lot bigger than I had expected, one town runs into the next. Glad to get out of San Antonio. Driving around there we both felt like we were putting our lives in jeoprody especially downtown. But we did enjoy our time there, and will probably take a tour there this Christmas season to see the lights on the riverwalk. Although it is farther than I thought, almost 250 miles. So will just have to see what there is too offer here.
We finally got our dish network working. Maybe some day we will be able to just whip it out and set it up, no problem! Did find out something that we didn't know today, so we are edging closer. But it has been an adventure, and a miracle that we haven't thrown something through the TV. Just getting the local channels, which you have to do ever time you move is a real challenge. You have to be very creative.

The park here is smaller than the one we spent last winter in at Tucson. But the people we met are very friendly and they have a lot activities, so we should stay busy. Winter Texans are what the snow birds are referred to here, and they are happy to see us! The cost of staying here is about what would have been 3 times more in Arizona, and in the grocery store today it was the same. They do say the wind blows here a lot, but then it did in Tucson, at least there is grass here so the dust isn't bad. So far we are happy with our choice to spend 4 months here.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


The other day we went down to the Riverwalk and the Alamo. It always amazes me at how small the buildings were back then. The grounds around the Alamo were lovely, much nicer than the Botanical Gardens here, they were a disappointment. But then it is not the time of year for flowers. We took the trolley tour and it was something that was worth five dollars, certainly not the twenty-five per person they charged. The boat ride through the Riverwalk was great, plan on going back some night and do it again when the lights are lite. We had dinner down there and it was excellent. Now if only I could get a good hair cut, that is something that is hard to do. Golfing tomorrow, then think we will take in the senior open that is here.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Natural Bridge Caverns

We haven't been doing any sightseeing the last few days so we decided to take in the caverns. They were totally awesome, but I did have a little of a hard time making the up hill walk out of them, with my copd and all, but as you can see did make it. We also took in the wildlife park there. One of those that you drive through and all I could think of was that commerical where the elephant sits on the hood of a car! The zebras were by far the biggest beggars, they were sticking there heads right in the windows.

Been playing some golf, Chuck has got in a few more games than me, so what else is new? Nice to have the courses right next to us practically, but you do have to drive off base to get to the clubhouse. Weather has been pretty nice, just a few days where the humidity has been high.

We have about two more weeks here before we more on down the road to settle in for the winter, which is the Mission Bells in McAllen. Looking forward to putting down the jacks for a while. But then we are always ready to hitch up and move on.

Monday, October 13, 2008

San Antonio, Texas

We arrived here about a week ago and planning on staying till the end of the month, then we will be off to McAllen, about 250 miles south, where we will be spending the winter. The campground that we are at is on Fort Sam Houston, and must say that it is by far one of the nicest that the miltary has, at least that we have stayed at. The only drawback, well maybe two, one of which is the roads, they are so in need of help. The other is the railroad track is not too far from us, although you can get used to that fairly easy. There are two golf courses that are very close, and I actually played the other day, and surprised myself to no end. One of the best games that I shot in over a year, had not played in almost 4 months. Came close to beating Chuck on the front nine, but he did better, still I was reallly happy.

We have a lot of sight seeing to do, there truely is a lot to see here. The Alamo, Tower of Americas, Riverwalk and much more. Also got tickets for

Natural Bridge Caverns. They have a zip line there and was trying to talk Chuck into it, LOL, but in order to try it we would have had to climb this rock wall for 50 feet or so. Not going to happen! But looking forward to seeing all. Chuck bought a monthly pass for the golf courses here, so he is more than happy that we are staying this long, and we aren't having to rush

to see everything. By rushing it is sort of like going every other day.

San Antonio

Have arrived here and having a great time, decided that we will spend the month here before traveling to McAllen where we are spending the winter. The campground we are at is on Fort Sam Houston, one of the nicest miltary ones we have tried, although the roads on base are terrible. Think they have been here since the last 100 years. Two golf courses that are just across the road. Actually got to play for the first time in 4 months, and it was a wonderful surprise, actually shot one of the best games in the last year. Life is good. We have been takening some of the sights, seen a few movies, one of which was American Carole. Will say that it could not have been more political incorrect, but then the way things are going, Chuck and I enjoyed it from start to finish. I'm so bad! We got tickets for some of the things that we want to do down town, but have yet to make a day of it. Time just goes so fast. But looking forward to the riverwalk and theis very

Monday, October 6, 2008

Down Sizing....Big Time
We started this journey a little over 2 years ago. Leaving our home of 35 years in Marysville, California. Have traveled to many states and Canada, we are now officially consided Texans. Being full timers was something that my mother had always wanted to do, unfortunately my father felt that there had to be a place for him to hang his hat. Which to me would have been Denny's, or any other restaurant, as he seemed to leave his behind most of the time. So maybe this is where this wonderlust came from, plus Chuck being in the military, and "home" was on the move over the years. What ever reason we are enjoying having a back yard that consists of the whole USA, wonderful neighbors, and the chance to enjoy it all. What a wonderful life we have.

Friday, September 19, 2008

We found our campground and got set up, which was fairly easy once we figured out the spot. New campground and the sites are not marked and they are very large. Plus with all the rain they had here you more or less had one shot at parking, any more would have churned the ground and there was the possibility of sinking. But we made it fine. Then it was off to the dealer. They were certainly some of the nicest people to do business with, and the price was by far the best that we had come across. Waiting for the extras (rails for the hitch) to come in and once we have them installed, we will be on the road again. Had planned to go to San Antonia and Austin but Ike has put a cabash on that. Probably just go to Dallas and hang out there for a month and then head south. They have one golf course here, country club, Chuck played it the other day. Said that it was a very good and interesting lay out. There is also a par three course here and I am going to give it a try, which will be my first golf outing since my accident. Trying to up load pictures, but the internet connection I have is so slow that it isn't letting me do that.
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Texas, we have arrived!
We left Colorado Springs, Sunday, September 14th. Drive was an easy one, just a little over 300 miles. They have a FREE campground in Dumas, Texas, and it even has electricity, so it is something to keep in mind. Wish we could have found some place to stop for breakfast, so we could have left a little money there. Next day took it easy too, stopped and seen Odie & Joann for an hour or so. But we hit their town right in the middle of the day, so too early to stop, as Chuck was really wanting to get here. The new truck was waiting and he was anxious to say the least.
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Monday, September 8, 2008

Time Flys

Got a lot to catch up on. Labor Day week end we spent at the cabin in Westcliff with our family. Our oldest grandson,Johnathan and his girlfriend, Robert, our youngest, and his wife, Kerstin, and their wonderful children, Roinn and Kylee. Of course, our daughter and her husband rounded out the party. Weather was not conducive to boating though, and the boat sort of had a toothache, as it didn't seem to want to run all that well. So we ate and played games, told lies, drank a little too much, and had a good time. Otherwise there is not too much going on. We have been to the movies, "Dillards", and I still can't believe that I did not buy a thing. Chuck made out like a bandit though. Course is was a 75% off, so it was a good day. We are getting ready to leave here, probably be on Friday. Waiting on some paperwork to come in. But that is about all there is.
Posted by Kathy at 8:23 PM 1 comments
Wednesday, August 27, 2008

State Fair

We went to Pueblo for the State Fair. Worked out great, not knowing where it was located, upon entering Pueblo, there were signs for parking and a shuttle service to the fair. Great! Free parking, free bus and even better this was dollar day, so entrance was almost free. Which was good, because after purchasing one (1) taco and one (1) lemonade, for a total of twelve (12) dollars, we knew the bargains were over. The fair was the fair, but they had a wonderful sand sculpture, which to me was worth it, at least the admission price. LOL
On the way back to Colorado Springs, we were going to stop at the Mountaindale campground to say good-by to some friends that are leaving the area soon. But the closer we got, the bigger the storm that was passing the area became, we decided that it would not be a good idea. Back at the our RV it had not even rained, but then that is Colorado. Today we are taking in a chili cook off, must not forget to take the anti-acids.
Posted by Kathy at 2:05 PM 2 comments
Monday, August 25, 2008

Time Goes By
Here we are in the middle of August and I've been working on getting this blog off the ground for months. But evidently no all that hard! We are spending the summer in Colorado Springs and there abouts. Weather is great, our daughter and her family are here, and the golf courses are plentiful. Life is good! I have just about recovered from my fall that resulted in three broken ribs, at leasst to the part where I'm no longer in pain. Luckily there are several guys here that play golf, so Chuck has gotten to play quite a bit these past few weeks. Which is where he is again today. Last night we enjoyed taking our oldest grandson and his intended out to dinner at the Macaroni Grill. Dinner was great, and it was nice to just spend time alone with him. Hard for us to believe that he is almost 27, time has certainly flown by. Now that his blog has officially gotten started will do my best to add to it at least on a weekly basis, for those who would like to follow our journey of a trial version tracing the path of a lost moose. Just a few more weeks here and then we will be on the road again, and we are both getting itchy feet. So many places to see, so little time.
Posted by Kathy at 12:53 PM 2 comments
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_WidgetManager._RegisterWidget('_BlogArchiveView', new _WidgetInfo('BlogArchive1', 'sidebar',{'main': {'varName': '', 'template': '\74b:if cond\75\47data:title\47\76\n\74h2\76\74data:title\76\74/data:title\76\74/h2\76\n\74/b:if\76\n\74div class\75\47widget-content\47\76\n\74div id\75\47ArchiveList\47\76\n\74div expr:id\75\47data:widget.instanceId + \46quot;_ArchiveList\46quot;\47\76\n\74b:if cond\75\47data:style \75\75 \46quot;HIERARCHY\46quot;\47\76\n\74b:include data\75\47data\47 name\75\47interval\47\76\74/b:include\76\n\74/b:if\76\n\74b:if cond\75\47data:style \75\75 \46quot;FLAT\46quot;\47\76\n\74b:include data\75\47data\47 name\75\47flat\47\76\74/b:include\76\n\74/b:if\76\n\74b:if cond\75\47data:style \75\75 \46quot;MENU\46quot;\47\76\n\74b:include data\75\47data\47 name\75\47menu\47\76\74/b:include\76\n\74/b:if\76\n\74/div\76\n\74/div\76\n\74b:include name\75\47quickedit\47\76\74/b:include\76\n\74/div\076'}, 'flat': {'varName': 'data', 'template': '\74ul\76\n\74b:loop values\75\47data:data\47 var\75\47i\47\76\n\74li class\75\47archivedate\47\76\n\74a expr:href\75\47data:i.url\47\76\\76\74/\76\74/a\76 (\\76\74/\76)\n \74/li\76\n\74/b:loop\76\n\74/ul\076'}, 'menu': {'varName': 'data', 'template': '\74select expr:id\75\47data:widget.instanceId + \46quot;_ArchiveMenu\46quot;\47\76\n\74option value\75\47\47\76\74data:title\76\74/data:title\76\74/option\76\n\74b:loop values\75\47data:data\47 var\75\47i\47\76\n\74option expr:value\75\47data:i.url\47\76\\76\74/\76 (\\76\74/\76)\74/option\76\n\74/b:loop\76\n\74/select\076'}, 'interval': {'varName': 'intervalData', 'template': '\74b:loop values\75\47data:intervalData\47 var\75\47i\47\76\n\74ul\76\n\74li expr:class\75\47\46quot;archivedate \46quot; + data:i.expclass\47\76\n\74b:include data\75\47i\47 name\75\47toggle\47\76\74/b:include\76\n\74a class\75\47post-count-link\47 expr:href\75\47data:i.url\47\76\\76\74/\76\74/a\76\n\74span class\75\47post-count\47 dir\75\47ltr\47\76(\\76\74/\76)\74/span\76\n\74b:if cond\75\\47\76\n\74b:include data\75\\47 name\75\47interval\47\76\74/b:include\76\n\74/b:if\76\n\74b:if cond\75\47data:i.posts\47\76\n\74b:include data\75\47i.posts\47 name\75\47posts\47\76\74/b:include\76\n\74/b:if\76\n\74/li\76\n\74/ul\76\n\74/b:loop\076'}, 'toggle': {'varName': 'interval', 'template': '\74b:if cond\75\47data:interval.toggleId\47\76\n\74b:if cond\75\47data:interval.expclass \75\75 \46quot;expanded\46quot;\47\76\n\74a class\75\47toggle\47 expr:href\75\47data:widget.actionUrl + \46quot;\46amp;action\75toggle\46quot; + \46quot;\46amp;dir\75close\46amp;toggle\75\46quot; + data:interval.toggleId + \46quot;\46amp;toggleopen\75\46quot; + data:toggleopen\47\76\n\74span class\75\47zippy toggle-open\47\76\46#9660; \74/span\76\n\74/a\76\n\74b:else\76\74/b:else\76\n\74a class\75\47toggle\47 expr:href\75\47data:widget.actionUrl + \46quot;\46amp;action\75toggle\46quot; + \46quot;\46amp;dir\75open\46amp;toggle\75\46quot; + data:interval.toggleId + \46quot;\46amp;toggleopen\75\46quot; + data:toggleopen\47\76\n\74span class\75\47zippy\47\76\n\74b:if cond\75\47data:blog.languageDirection \75\75 \46quot;rtl\46quot;\47\76\n \46#9668;\n \74b:else\76\74/b:else\76\n \46#9658;\n \74/b:if\76\n\74/span\76\n\74/a\76\n\74/b:if\76\n\74/b:if\076'}, 'posts': {'varName': 'posts', 'template': '\74ul class\75\47posts\47\76\n\74b:loop values\75\47data:posts\47 var\75\47i\47\76\n\74li\76\74a expr:href\75\47data:i.url\47\76\74data:i.title\76\74/data:i.title\76\74/a\76\74/li\76\n\74/b:loop\76\n\74/ul\076'}}, document.getElementById('BlogArchive1'), {'languageDirection': 'ltr'}, 'displayModeFull'));
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_WidgetManager._RegisterWidget('_TextView', new _WidgetInfo('Text1', 'main',{'main': {'varName': '', 'template': '\74b:if cond\75\47data:title !\75 \46quot;\46quot;\47\76\n\74h2 class\75\47title\47\76\74data:title\76\74/data:title\76\74/h2\76\n\74/b:if\76\n\74div class\75\47widget-content\47\76\n\74data:content\76\74/data:content\76\n\74/div\76\n\74b:include name\75\47quickedit\47\76\74/b:include\076'}}, document.getElementById('Text1'), {}, 'displayModeFull'));
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