Monday, October 13, 2008

San Antonio, Texas

We arrived here about a week ago and planning on staying till the end of the month, then we will be off to McAllen, about 250 miles south, where we will be spending the winter. The campground that we are at is on Fort Sam Houston, and must say that it is by far one of the nicest that the miltary has, at least that we have stayed at. The only drawback, well maybe two, one of which is the roads, they are so in need of help. The other is the railroad track is not too far from us, although you can get used to that fairly easy. There are two golf courses that are very close, and I actually played the other day, and surprised myself to no end. One of the best games that I shot in over a year, had not played in almost 4 months. Came close to beating Chuck on the front nine, but he did better, still I was reallly happy.

We have a lot of sight seeing to do, there truely is a lot to see here. The Alamo, Tower of Americas, Riverwalk and much more. Also got tickets for

Natural Bridge Caverns. They have a zip line there and was trying to talk Chuck into it, LOL, but in order to try it we would have had to climb this rock wall for 50 feet or so. Not going to happen! But looking forward to seeing all. Chuck bought a monthly pass for the golf courses here, so he is more than happy that we are staying this long, and we aren't having to rush

to see everything. By rushing it is sort of like going every other day.

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