Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Having spent a week in Yuba City, California, visiting with family and friends, we headed out on the long drive to Gillette, Wyoming.  Along the way we hoped to say a quick hello to friends that are spending the summer in Provo, Utah.  We found a Elks there, with full hooks ups, which was very close to the park they were in.  Unfortunately they were under the weather, and missed getting to see them.  Next time.
We have not traveled that much in the last few years, but have really seen a price increase in RV parks.  Coming across Nevada, had one quote us 55 dollars, plus tax, and that was W/E only.  Twice we were forced (bit hard, but choices are some what limited) to stay at KOA’s which we never do.  We arrived in Gillette in time for the storm of the year, unfortunately we were still on the highway.  The rain and hail were so bad that you couldn’t see, yet couldn’t stop and pull off, because you couldn’t see.  We made it fine as it didn’t last but  10 minutes or so.  Now the Camplex where there were close to 3000 rigs parks, (FMAC rally) turned into a muddy mess.  And the rally was over the next day!  Lots of the rigs were parked on grass, and the tow companies were out in full force the next day.  They are probably planning a nice vacation now.
Tomorrow we are moving over to the Camplex, where some of the rally coordinators are already. We are joining them in a get together this afternoon.  It is so great to see so many of these great people that we have met over the years on the road.  It is just amazing how we take up as if no time has passed. What a great life, maybe not filled with “things and stuff”, but family and friends.  We are truly the One Percent!  The coming week will be filled, Chuck is working on the parking team and I am helping with registration.  There are seminars and cocktail parties and fun times planned to the max.  Know that we will have a great time.  Till the next time, travel safe.

Sunday, June 16, 2013




The family arrived right on schedule, tired as their flight left Denver at six.  They had spent the night in a near by hotel, so it was not too hectic, and the kids travel well.  Chuck had volunteered to help cook ribs for the Friday night cook out, little knowing that John (SIL) had just prepared a mega feast of smoked BBQ ribs, tri-tip and turkey for 100+ Air Force Academy graduates and families.  Not only that, they also had to go to plan B and host the event at their home.  All that and then leave the very next day.  But being the trooper that he is, he pitched right in, bed time was early that night though.

Trip to the beach was the first day trip, and the kids had a ball.  Truly realized that kids never walk, only run, and run they did.  Kylee was not too impressed with the ocean, but it was a good source of water which she would haul bucket after bucket to dump in a hole.  But if she felt she didn’t need that much she would take it back to the water edge and pour it back in.  Roinn rode the waves, and of course they both collected shells, once we were back to the resort, they wanted to go to the pool, as one of our friends had some grandkids visiting and they were going.  We had also stopped at Pendleton Marine Base and gotten the military discount tickets for Disneyland, but were told that unlike years earlier, Chuck would have to be in attendance every time they entered the park.  Used to be only the first entry.  THREE days of Disneyland for us, well….anything for these little ones.  We booked a hotel in the area, and planned to do our best to survive the “happiest place on earth”.  For the next few days we stayed close to home, the kids were happy, they were loving the pool, but usually only swimming two times a day, all morning and all afternoon. 

Then the day arrived and off we went, spent day one in Adventureland, and it is fabulous.  keepers4

They do a wonderful job, and we enjoyed it all, but by 7 in the evening,  we were ready for the hotel.  After a quick dinner, Kylee was asleep, Cyndi, John and Roinn went to see the nightly fireworks, and they decided to stay till the park closed.  When we were entering the park I had once again asked if Chuck had to be present at all times, and we were told it was only the first time.  Great!  The next morning, John woke up with a  swollen jaw which necessitated his having to get on antibiotics, that were back at Jojoba.  The hotel moved the reservations around, we went back home, the next day he was much better, they went off for two more fun filled days, happily we stayed behind, we relaxed, worked getting things ready for our departure.  We all were leaving the same day, and they were staying in the “Little Guy”, which we were lucky to be able to park on the lot next door.  Sort of like our own guest room WITH bath.  One of the things you really don’t appreciate in a stiks n bricks.

Once they arrived back, and the grown ups recovered we spent most of the time enjoying Jojoba, with a few trips to town, and another beach day.  The morning of the 11th, everyone was moving early.  The kids were on their way to SeaWorld and then the airport, we were heading the other way.  Our grandson in northern California was graduating 8th grade, and our intention was to surprise him.  Travel was easy, stopped for the night at the Visalia Elks, and to Chucks delight it was TACO night.  Five dollars bought you all the fixings, beans, rice, pasta salad, broccoli salad, fruit salad, and home made earthquake cake.   And 20 dollars got us a good nights rest, didn’t even having to unhook or fix dinner.  Can’t beat that.  We had about 250 miles to go the next day, and we are set up behind the Moose Hall.  There is no “it” view here.  Well, we aren’t too far from the dumpster.  But it is basically the only game in town, and only 10 dollars a night, with W/E.  We are and have been the only ones here, sort of spooky, but have not had any problems, just wish we had another rig or two.  Should remember, be careful what you ask for. 

Graduation weather was perfect, large class, 260, and we were running close to being late, so we were a bit in the back to say the least, but was able to pick him out, although wasn’t quite sure till they called his name.  

keepers.2-001Way to go, Anthony!

Since we are so time limited we have been busy spending time with family and friends.  Even got in a day of bridge.  The truck continued with the problem that all the mechanics in  the world can’t fix right.  This makes the 5th time that it has been repaired for basically the same problem.  Glad that we got it taken care of here (fingers crossed) and we weren’t stranded along the side of the road.  So being as our wheels were in the shop, and they were having a bridge game right here at the Moose Hall, we decided why not.  Half these players are life masters, and the last time we played, we were so far in last place that they had to put our names on the back of the paper.  So imagine our surprise when we came in first!  But it was sooooo sweet. 

Have not downloaded the pictures and the cameras are in the truck, which has carried Chuck off for a Fathers Day treat, playing golf with our son and grandson.  Getting this on paper is a big accomplishment so here it goes.  We are on our way to Gillette for the Escapade.