Monday, January 23, 2012

Day By Day

This week has gone by so fast, guess it was cause we did nothing much, but we did a lot of it.  Took in the movie Warhorse, which was actually what you would expect, but didn’t stop me from blubbering like an idiot.  Yesterday we did brunch at one of the near by casinos.  The only thing that we managed to fill were our tummies.  But it was an awesome brunch.  Didn’t eat again till lunch today.  There are about five casinos near here, but we have only been to two so far.  Have not been a winner at either one, but not a big loser either.  I like to play blackjack, but the tables are ten dollar minimum and I just can’t handle that.  That gets to be real money way too fast for me. 

Chuck has an appointment with the VA for hearing tests Wednesday in the morning, and I have one for the afternoon for a problem that can’t seem to get rid of.  Oh, the woes of getting old!  I’m also going to start a gourd decorating course.  There is a gourd festival in Casa Grande, the first part of February that I would love to go to, but depends on my problem.  Also a quick week trip to Yuma, but no definite plans yet. 

Life is Good

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

January Fading

Last night was down right cold, but this morning the sun was shining and once the furnace heated the RV up the world looked pretty rosy.  We have enjoyed the sunshine here, even though it has not been as warm as the valley in Texas.  We have virtually had no wind, and there is seldom a day without wind there.  Seems no place is perfect, weather wise, and the good part is we can always move on down the road.  Our travels this year will most likely keep us close to Jojoba Hills.  We are thinking to taking short jaunts, up the coast, (it is cool during the summer) Grand Canyon, Zion NP, there are a lot of places that we would like to spend more time at.  At least that is a sort of, maybe, might be, could be plan, if….. Yeah, let’s write that in Jell-O and nail it to a tree plan.
quilts 009
Our new site, this one will be the one we will make some improvements to and call home for awhile.  About ready to lay the rest of the pavers and get the gazebo recovered.  I ordered 2, 20 yard bolts of fabric for side curtains, think that should be a fairly easy project.  Will use grommets for easy hanging.  Was able to order a replacement top, and Amazon did it’s speedy delivery.  It is so easy to find whatever you want with the internet, think back when all we had was the Sears catalog.
We have been staying busy, playing cards, peg and jokers, and what ever else is taking place.  Chuck has been getting in a few rounds of golf each week, and of course we have all those doctor visits that seem to go on forever.  And the tests, vampires would require less blood.  Sure glad that we are feeling good and don’t have any real problems to speak of.
Have a glass of Wine.
To my friends who enjoy a glass of wine..and those who don't and are always seen with a bottle of water in their hand.
As Ben Franklin said:
In wine there is wisdom,
In beer there is freedom,
In water there is bacteria.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Good By “Two Bits”

kite 001

I have been putting off writing this blog, hoping that if it wasn’t put on paper, she would reappear.  Some how she got out with out of our rig, without us seeing her, and by the time we realized that she was not here, we could not locate her any where.  She has popped out a few times when we were going out, and we did not realize it, but she always hung around, as she did not like being out once she was there.  So it is a big mystery as to what happened.  Her collar had her name and our phone number, plus she was chipped, but we are very close to a wilderness area, and she might have gone in search of grass.  She really like to munch on it, plus there are lots of quail an bunny rabbits running around and she could have followed them.

Good-by 2-Bits, you were the best little traveler, we will miss you.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Everything Coming Up Roses

 Whoo, getting this blog up  has turned into a real job.  My keyboard will not work on my computer, and that is where my pictures are, so have posted the blog with pictures and am now editing it on Chucks.  Hey where there is a will there's a way.  We thoroughly enjoyed the whole tour, excellent tour company.  Adventure Caravans.  And the weather did it's part too.  

rose parade 2012 020
Posted some more on Picasa,

rose parade 2011 042
Well, this is not working so good.

rose parade 2011 032

rose parade 2012 075
 Close-up of the bird.
rose parade 2012 077

rose parade 2011 196

rose parade 2011 069

rose parade 2011 053
 Following Roy Rogers float came 100 palominos, all carrying the American flag. 
Very impresssive.

rose parade 2011 046

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Last Trip of the Year

We are with Adventure Caravans for the Rose Parade.  They have had us going  non-stop for 3 days, and we decided to sit today out and let our back sides catch up to us.  The first afternoon was settling in, reception party, with instructions that we would board the bus round 9.  Then it was off to the Equestfest.  Consisted of the mounted unites that will be in the parade. Impressive.

rose parade2011 133      rose parade2011 111

Then it was back on the bus for a ride of 90 miles to the Palm Spring Follies.  Now this is a show of people who are at the very least 55 years of age, and they were fantastic.  The showgirls age started at 63 up to 82.  Totally amazing. They had great full body suits including arms and boobs, but you could hardly tell.  Costumes rivaled any thing in Vegas.  After almost 3 hour show we were back on “thee bus” arriving back at the park around midnight, only to be told that we were to be seated once again at 7:15……AM.  We were off to one of the float barns where there were 10 floats being worked on in this area.  Each flower here is in it’s own vial, flowers, flowers every where.

rose parade2011 016

Flowers galore and then some.  The largest float to every be in the parade is being built here, and it  was indescribable. CRS won’t let me remember the sponsor, but vaguely recall something about a dog food company. 

rose parade2011 021From there we were off to the Huntington Library, which is more like a large museum, surrounded with different flower gardens, many of them were not blooming, and the high winds that came through the area, a few weeks ago, took a toll on several areas.  The desert cacti area was superb though.

rose parade2011 182Aloe in bloom, had never realized there were as many varieties of cactus as there were here.          

rose parade2011 184

Every plant here is a cactus, would love to see this when it was in bloom, must really be something.

rose parade2011 203Could have spent the day here.

rose parade2011 102Time to get back on thee bus, and we were on our way to the Band fest.  The bands that are participating in the parade put on shows for a few days.  And for all my Wisconsin friends and family, They were the best of the day.  They did a Pokka and really got into it.  The crowd was stomping and clapping like mad.  Great Show, great job!                                                              

         rose parade2011 247

rose parade2011 246

Once again back on….you know what, and headed home.  rose parade2011 254

Had an hour before we were treated to a catered dinner, and finished the ole year off, with a champagne toast, with poppers popping, horns a tooting, and wishes for a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

Tomorrow we will be off for the parade, leaving here at 5:30, but we are well rested.  Did not mind missing today, it was a tour consisting of Rodeo Drive, Mann’s Chinese theatre, Farmer Market and a few other stops, but we have see it all on different tours, know we both enjoyed the rest a lot more. 

Life is Good