Friday, August 16, 2013



Here at PJ Family campground is the perfect place for some down time, and we have been tasking advantage of it.  The weather has been a tad too cool for our comfort, but they say things are warming up.  Did happen on the Swans candle outlet in downtown Jackson.  For years I ordered candles from them and once we started full timing with a cat, that had to be one of my vices I gave up.  Now that we no longer have one, well, lets say that I indulged.  Also celebrated my birthday, Leslie and Mike made a lovely dinner.  And Chuck picked up my favorite cake, (cheesecake) just a bit of advice, never buy it at Wally World.  But it is the thought that counts, and we all saved lots of calories, so maybe it is the place to buy it after all. We have played a lot of ten penny, fun card game, taken a few country drives, found Camping World, basically just lazing around.

Tomorrow we are leaving, heading to Oshawa, Ontario.  Know that we will enjoy spending time there visiting with our friends.  Our Verizon here totally sucked, internet not too bad, but could not get a call out or in.  Of course need to make calls too.  Having a bit of trouble with our vehicle insurance, they would like to increase it by about 500 dollars a year, mainly on the Montana.  Makes me wish we would have a claim just so you can justify having insurance.  Well, maybe not.

Last night we had our delicious, best ever, summer dinner, corn on the cob, fresh garden tomatoes and fried egg plant.  Love it.  Use my conduction burner and it does a wonderful job of frying, it is the best.

See you on the other side……..of the border.


Friday, August 9, 2013



Forest River throws one heck of a rally.  This is defiantly the place to come if you have any problems or imperfections with your RV.  From the kick off dinner on Sunday night, the next morning we were in the middle of worker bees.  There were maintenance men in golf carts going through our units like crazy. Anything that was not perfect was replaced, or repaired in minutes.  Thought we only had just a few minor things, but now have a new table, microwave, stovetop, vent covers, awning arms, and then there are all the adjustments they did. If we were ever to buy another RV it would be a Forest River product.  And another thing, the repair people, they were the most pleasant, out to please and insure that you were happy, why it was like they cared.  Big change from what we usually run into now a days.  Nor did the meals disappoint, quite the contrary, full breakfast, and then some,every morning .  Monday night was the WOW welcome dinner, and they went all out.  A full service sit down.  And they did a super job. 


All the other dinners have been buffets, and we actually had to do a little of the work, but no cooking.  Tonight is our farewell dinner, and after breakfast we will be ready to move on down the road.  Escapees are not the only ones who travel on their stomachs.  We are heading about 150 miles into Michigan to spend a few days visiting with Mike and Leslie Kennedy.  Then we have decided that being as we are only about 350 miles from a very good friend who lives out side of Toronto, there is no way we could not go. Luckily we have our passports.  

Sunday, August 4, 2013



We have been in this area of Elkhart/Goshen, Indiana more than any other place, other than when we have planned to hunker down an spend the winter.  There is no better place for RVers to get repaired or renovated as there is everything here.  We have made trips to the salvage places, Montana factory, to get some needed pieces for Damnearahouse, and Chucks favorite place, Rise-N-Roll.  DSCF0882

They have a saying there, “Keep your eye on the donut, not on the hole”. 


We spent the better part of the last week at a Passport campground in the town of Howe, great price, even though the PA (12.50) was good only 2 days.  After that it went to 14.00 for Escapees.  Water and electric only, but very quiet, country quiet, there is a difference. They did have a heated pool, and I had good Verizon.  And we made it without dumping, but it was close.


Of course we had to take in the famous Shipshewana market.  Love it, open only Tuesday and Wednesdays.  Found a few things that jumped in my shopping bag, and decided that we needed to send a “hey, see what we found for ya” box to our kids. We do that every so often, rather than saving things for special occasions.  Storage room is precious in these tin boxes too. We have been so lucky with the weather, other than some rain now and then it has been wonderful.  Looks like the rest of the week will be more of the same.

We are in Goshen now, at the fairgrounds, waiting for the FROG (Forest River Owners Group) rally to start.  There is no quiet here, the train tracks are with in a stones throw, and you can hear those whistles starting to blow a mile away.  Only bothered me the first night, last two nights not so much.  After looking at the program, think it might should be called the FOOD rally.  Full breakfast every day, strawberry shortcake for a few hours during the day, and full dinners every night, but one.  Will have to say though that night, there is a pot luck.  A whole week when I don’t have to think of what, when or where we are eating.  That is great!  They are expecting 400 rigs, so that is quite a lot.  Had thought there would be more little ones, but they are all makes, but they are now under the Forest River umbrella.  Have officially named the the Little One, he will now be the Tadpole. 


I have no idea what this little buggy is for, had not seen anything like this, but did see one pulling a boat the other day.  Love this area.