Friday, August 9, 2013



Forest River throws one heck of a rally.  This is defiantly the place to come if you have any problems or imperfections with your RV.  From the kick off dinner on Sunday night, the next morning we were in the middle of worker bees.  There were maintenance men in golf carts going through our units like crazy. Anything that was not perfect was replaced, or repaired in minutes.  Thought we only had just a few minor things, but now have a new table, microwave, stovetop, vent covers, awning arms, and then there are all the adjustments they did. If we were ever to buy another RV it would be a Forest River product.  And another thing, the repair people, they were the most pleasant, out to please and insure that you were happy, why it was like they cared.  Big change from what we usually run into now a days.  Nor did the meals disappoint, quite the contrary, full breakfast, and then some,every morning .  Monday night was the WOW welcome dinner, and they went all out.  A full service sit down.  And they did a super job. 


All the other dinners have been buffets, and we actually had to do a little of the work, but no cooking.  Tonight is our farewell dinner, and after breakfast we will be ready to move on down the road.  Escapees are not the only ones who travel on their stomachs.  We are heading about 150 miles into Michigan to spend a few days visiting with Mike and Leslie Kennedy.  Then we have decided that being as we are only about 350 miles from a very good friend who lives out side of Toronto, there is no way we could not go. Luckily we have our passports.  

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Bob Lehenbauer said...

Looks like you guys are having a blast. Just wanted to say "hi" and hope to see you down the road again sometime..
Bob and Janet