Saturday, February 21, 2009

Beach, Mexico and Toilet Races

We have been on the go here the last week or so, guess because our time is running out here. So I'm going to work backwards, you know, CRS and all. Yesterday we played a golf course that we had not played before, they have a special, 15 dollars for the family, with cart, after 4. Play as much as you can, which we did, got in 14 holes, so that was great. Lots of water on this course, think there was some on almost every hole. Our regular golf group had their snack party Thursday night, and they will be winding down too. This coming one will be our last, they were a good group and fun to play with. We also had the toilet races, which were a hoot.

Sort of reminded me of backing the RV into a tight spot. One person sat of the toilet, which was mounted to a hand cart, while the other pushed, the trick was the pusher was blind folded. They just had to go a short distance, then around a traffic cone and back to the starting line. Needless some of the spectators were in danger, just like backing that RV.

We also did the beach one day and of course Mexico.

That water is COLD!

Tourist Trap

aka Gift Shop

They has so much stuff in there it was unbelievable

It was the day that they had all the trouble at the other bridge. The only one that is recommended is Progresso and that has not seen any problems as of yet. But it is a little disconcerting to see the army in a bunker in the middle of the street as you enter. But there is not shortage of shoppers, the streets are packed, and they do have some good buys. But with us there are not too many things that we need (or have room for). Did get some cute little folding tables for outside,and some tequila, but mostly just go for the fun of it. I have been enjoying the grapefruit here, they are the best that I have ever eaten, bar none. Fruit and vegetable's are very plentiful and down right cheap. We will be so spoiled. Two years ago we were up north and could not find a tomato worth eating in the middle of the summer. I stopped laughing at people who pulled out their tomato plants that they carried with them, when they were stetting up camp.

I did win at card elimination the other night, sack full of dimes, my very first win of the season, Chuck had a great winning streak for awhile, even the big one once. Being as it goes in the same pot I shouldn't be complaining now should I?
We will be leaving here next week, planning on a few days in San Antonio, then on to Kerrville, where we plan to stay for a month. Lord willing. Chuck has an appointment with his cardiologist Monday, and we will hear what he has to say. The echo that he had done showed some things that the doctor did not like, but wanted to see his records from California before making any changes. So we are keeping our fingers crossed, he is feeling fine, so that makes me sort of feel better. Course he does not always tell me the truth, soooooo, yea. Any way I'm planning on being there to hear it from the doctor myself.

Life is good, the sun is shining, and the wind is at our backs.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Friends Old and New

The past week has seen friends from near and far. Jessie and Ginger, great people who we met, last May, while we were all being reborn "texans". They were headed for Branson for a RV Dreams Rally, and we decided that that sounded like a good time, as we were headed there anyway. They are here in the Rio Grande Valley, having just started full timing. We got together for dinner, and I gave my seldom used cooking skills a try out. Wow, I have really lost my touch, we just plain eat out too much. But reconnecting with them was great, we will be seeing more of them as they will be in Kerrville. We have met some great people here, but one couple has become very dear to us. Lois and Larry, we are so happy that we met you!

And believe it or not they are not golfers, but they don't hold that against us. We have so much fun with them, and bless Chucks heart, he is always such a good sport to be our chauffeur. This past week end seen us taking a trip to one of the flea markets, Chuck bought a hat of hair,

Gives hat hair new meaning

got a duvet cover for the down comforter, but I guess the biggie is we filled up the gas tank for 1.92 a gallon. Gas is going up but diesel is going down, to where it is close to the same price, go figure. Wish that would last, but sure it is only temporary. Windy the past few days, but today it had died down, which was good, played golf so that made it nice. We have not had any rain to speak of since we have been here, so they are hurting. This morning ran to the post office to mail valentines for our little ones and it was like Christmas, could not believe it. There must have been 75 people lined up. Thankfully I could do the little package I had on the computer there, and the rest I had stamps on, Other wise don't think I would have been out of there under two hours. They say it is always like that for valentines day here. Tomorrow we are off to Mexico one more time. Back from Mexico, everyone still has their heads...LOL....we had a great time. Went to a fiesta, well sort of, more like an all you can drink marathon. With a band and dancers thrown in. We were almost as dink as we thunk we were. Got that?

Chuck almost had to carry everyone back across the bridge. Progresso is the area we go in and it is not too bad, just park on the US side and walk over the bridge. Costs 25 cents going in, 30 to get out. The town is fairly clean though. Yesterday we all got pedicures, which Chuck very reluctantly agreed to, but enjoyed to no end.
Hey, they brought us margaritas, where else can you get your toes done and .........maybe we were suppose to use that to sterilize the instruments???? Naaaaa Back next week. Life is good.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Same post same day

Maybe some day I will have this posting down. First I saved, then could not get back in to finish, then had to post it, same goes with the pictures, everything is out of sequence, %$##@#$%%.
Anyway just wanted to say if anyone has not seen Slumdog Millionare, is it great. Also if you are in the valley, Bernie & Red are hilarious. Laughed so hard I cried. We are off to Mexico again tomorrow for a fiesta. Life is good.........

Friends visit, dining with Royality

Roger & Barbara
Wonderful visit the other day with some friends that we met at the RV Dreams rally in Branson. They were here for a short visit to do some dental work, glad they took the time to give us a call. Did some of the sight seeing that we had hoped to do, like the trolley ride through Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge. Glad we had company as it was not all that interesting. Did see a few birds at the nature center, and a hawk overhead. We also tried a ropa, had heard they were a hoot. Wrong.....but they did make the salvation army look like Dillards. (A ropa is an outlet where they get all these clothes, some new, most used and they are just thrown out in a huge mountain and people go through them.) We did not stay but a few minutes, I looked at Barb, and we were out of there. From there it was over to the Riverside club, it was Wednesday, and they do a pork tenderloin sandwich special.
I'll let the picture speak for itself!
Saturday had us "dining with royality". We were pulling the float with our king and queen representing our rv park. We had to have the float in place by 4, for a parade that started at 7. It was rather far to any place so we were sort of stranded till it was over. But there were street vendors that came by and we "dined" in the truck! Of course we were very careful on drinking anything as bathrooms were not to be found. Big parade, over 200 entries, and the people were lined up 5, 6 deep the whole way. The paper said there were over 100,000 people, all I know was there were a lot. The bad part is that we didn't see any of the parade. That's what happens when you are in it, darn. It was the citrus parade, and I have truely never eaten grapefruit like the ones here now. They are the best ever. So good, no sugar, they are so sweet. Poor Chuck, he loves them, but takes a medication that win't allow him to eat them. Feel really bad for him.

Love the truck

Did change the flag
had the Texasone
upside down.