Monday, February 9, 2009

Friends Old and New

The past week has seen friends from near and far. Jessie and Ginger, great people who we met, last May, while we were all being reborn "texans". They were headed for Branson for a RV Dreams Rally, and we decided that that sounded like a good time, as we were headed there anyway. They are here in the Rio Grande Valley, having just started full timing. We got together for dinner, and I gave my seldom used cooking skills a try out. Wow, I have really lost my touch, we just plain eat out too much. But reconnecting with them was great, we will be seeing more of them as they will be in Kerrville. We have met some great people here, but one couple has become very dear to us. Lois and Larry, we are so happy that we met you!

And believe it or not they are not golfers, but they don't hold that against us. We have so much fun with them, and bless Chucks heart, he is always such a good sport to be our chauffeur. This past week end seen us taking a trip to one of the flea markets, Chuck bought a hat of hair,

Gives hat hair new meaning

got a duvet cover for the down comforter, but I guess the biggie is we filled up the gas tank for 1.92 a gallon. Gas is going up but diesel is going down, to where it is close to the same price, go figure. Wish that would last, but sure it is only temporary. Windy the past few days, but today it had died down, which was good, played golf so that made it nice. We have not had any rain to speak of since we have been here, so they are hurting. This morning ran to the post office to mail valentines for our little ones and it was like Christmas, could not believe it. There must have been 75 people lined up. Thankfully I could do the little package I had on the computer there, and the rest I had stamps on, Other wise don't think I would have been out of there under two hours. They say it is always like that for valentines day here. Tomorrow we are off to Mexico one more time. Back from Mexico, everyone still has their heads...LOL....we had a great time. Went to a fiesta, well sort of, more like an all you can drink marathon. With a band and dancers thrown in. We were almost as dink as we thunk we were. Got that?

Chuck almost had to carry everyone back across the bridge. Progresso is the area we go in and it is not too bad, just park on the US side and walk over the bridge. Costs 25 cents going in, 30 to get out. The town is fairly clean though. Yesterday we all got pedicures, which Chuck very reluctantly agreed to, but enjoyed to no end.
Hey, they brought us margaritas, where else can you get your toes done and .........maybe we were suppose to use that to sterilize the instruments???? Naaaaa Back next week. Life is good.

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