Monday, February 2, 2009

Friends visit, dining with Royality

Roger & Barbara
Wonderful visit the other day with some friends that we met at the RV Dreams rally in Branson. They were here for a short visit to do some dental work, glad they took the time to give us a call. Did some of the sight seeing that we had hoped to do, like the trolley ride through Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge. Glad we had company as it was not all that interesting. Did see a few birds at the nature center, and a hawk overhead. We also tried a ropa, had heard they were a hoot. Wrong.....but they did make the salvation army look like Dillards. (A ropa is an outlet where they get all these clothes, some new, most used and they are just thrown out in a huge mountain and people go through them.) We did not stay but a few minutes, I looked at Barb, and we were out of there. From there it was over to the Riverside club, it was Wednesday, and they do a pork tenderloin sandwich special.
I'll let the picture speak for itself!
Saturday had us "dining with royality". We were pulling the float with our king and queen representing our rv park. We had to have the float in place by 4, for a parade that started at 7. It was rather far to any place so we were sort of stranded till it was over. But there were street vendors that came by and we "dined" in the truck! Of course we were very careful on drinking anything as bathrooms were not to be found. Big parade, over 200 entries, and the people were lined up 5, 6 deep the whole way. The paper said there were over 100,000 people, all I know was there were a lot. The bad part is that we didn't see any of the parade. That's what happens when you are in it, darn. It was the citrus parade, and I have truely never eaten grapefruit like the ones here now. They are the best ever. So good, no sugar, they are so sweet. Poor Chuck, he loves them, but takes a medication that win't allow him to eat them. Feel really bad for him.

Love the truck

Did change the flag
had the Texasone
upside down.


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