Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Wow, where does the time go?

Hard to believe that we have been here for more than 2 weeks, and I made a committment to post at least once a week, so much for that....LOL. We have been busy getting acquinted with people here, got involved in the golf league, which plays twice a week at two different courses. On Thursdays afterwards they have a finger food cocktail hour to pass out the winners prizes. Great, no having to do dinner that night. Lots of card games and things to do, so we have been busy doing nothing basically, but enjoying it. I've been spending time in the swimming pool getting in some exercise, seems a lot easier in the pool. Have not done any touristy things, but figure that there is plenty of time for that. Thanksgiving the owners are having a catered dinner for all, so we will be spending the day with several hundred people, don't think that we will be all alone. There will be plenty of games afterwards and all. weather has been great, sunny, warm but not hot. The wind does blow most days, just some harder than others. I have a doctors appointment this afternoon, think that I'm doing okay, but will see how things check out. Never been any place that has as many medical facilities as here. Not sure why.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Rio Grande Valley

We arrived here Saturday, November 1st. Getting settled took some time as this is an older park, as most of them seem to be, that was built before slide-outs, so they are not all that wide, but we finally managed to end up happy. Which didn't last too long. We were going to dinner when I had a horrible pressure on my chest and it ran up into my jaw, which scared me enough to head for the emergency room. Fortunately they found nothing wrong, but wanted to run some more tests, so the poked, prodded, scanned over 3 days to come to the same conclusion. So I'll take that as good news.
This area is a lot bigger than I had expected, one town runs into the next. Glad to get out of San Antonio. Driving around there we both felt like we were putting our lives in jeoprody especially downtown. But we did enjoy our time there, and will probably take a tour there this Christmas season to see the lights on the riverwalk. Although it is farther than I thought, almost 250 miles. So will just have to see what there is too offer here.
We finally got our dish network working. Maybe some day we will be able to just whip it out and set it up, no problem! Did find out something that we didn't know today, so we are edging closer. But it has been an adventure, and a miracle that we haven't thrown something through the TV. Just getting the local channels, which you have to do ever time you move is a real challenge. You have to be very creative.

The park here is smaller than the one we spent last winter in at Tucson. But the people we met are very friendly and they have a lot activities, so we should stay busy. Winter Texans are what the snow birds are referred to here, and they are happy to see us! The cost of staying here is about what would have been 3 times more in Arizona, and in the grocery store today it was the same. They do say the wind blows here a lot, but then it did in Tucson, at least there is grass here so the dust isn't bad. So far we are happy with our choice to spend 4 months here.