Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Wow, where does the time go?

Hard to believe that we have been here for more than 2 weeks, and I made a committment to post at least once a week, so much for that....LOL. We have been busy getting acquinted with people here, got involved in the golf league, which plays twice a week at two different courses. On Thursdays afterwards they have a finger food cocktail hour to pass out the winners prizes. Great, no having to do dinner that night. Lots of card games and things to do, so we have been busy doing nothing basically, but enjoying it. I've been spending time in the swimming pool getting in some exercise, seems a lot easier in the pool. Have not done any touristy things, but figure that there is plenty of time for that. Thanksgiving the owners are having a catered dinner for all, so we will be spending the day with several hundred people, don't think that we will be all alone. There will be plenty of games afterwards and all. weather has been great, sunny, warm but not hot. The wind does blow most days, just some harder than others. I have a doctors appointment this afternoon, think that I'm doing okay, but will see how things check out. Never been any place that has as many medical facilities as here. Not sure why.

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John said...

Hi, Sorry I haven't answered sooner..Sounds like you two are enjoying yourselves.. Are you still down by San Antonio?? I haven't been doing much here at home except I belong to two bowling leagues, both on Thursday.. This past summer I went to New York, Indiana, and Iowa..I was gone about 6 weeks.. I just sold my pick-up and trailer, then turned around and bought a 24ft Motorhome, was thinking of heading towards AZ during Christmas.. Stay in touch, Your friend John