Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Week

Hope this finds every one full of Christmas cheer, and that it was a wonderful day.  We had a quiet, easy day, and in the afternoon went to the  club house for a dinner with 70 of our closest friends.  Once again, potluck, and done in tables of 12.  I like it that way, each table has a more personal setting.  It was a beautiful day, finally the weather is warming up so it feels like southern California.

Last week our son and family were coming down for Chucks birthday and we decided that the birthday boy should spend it at Disneyland.

disney birthday

We met up there and spent a few nights in a hotel so we could take our time.

disney 078

Glad we did, we are too old for the crowds, lines and more crowds.  The fireworks were awesome, the decorations, unbelievable.  Loved the parades, it truly is a wonderful place.

disney 089disney 085-1

The second day the kids left to be at the park at 8, and we took our time and think that both of us enjoyed it much more.  They got a lot of rides out of the way before the crowding began.  Getting home was horrible though, we had a traffic jam for 30 miles, then when we were only 10 miles from the park there was an accident and the road was closed.  We went back to Wal-Mart and sat in the parking lot, calling the sheriffs office checking to see if the road was open only to be told no, no, no.  Finally after 2 hours Chuck decided we would drive up there and check and if it wasn’t open get a motel.  No road blockage, no police, nada.  Our son had dismantled a gazebo in his back yard, and brought it up to us.  It will work really good here, just needs a new cover. He had a union meeting that night, but wouldn’t leave till it was all put together.  Thank you Glen.

Ran into town today to Costco to try and get some of their Christmas lights that are so pretty, but pricey.  They had it all shipped out, no sale there, and there was outdoor furniture ect. in its place, what a quick change. 

Chuck is off to the golf course tomorrow, he has been only playing once a week, but the weather has not been all that great.  Wednesday we are leaving to meet up with our tour group for the Rose Parade.  Looking forward to that, but also to settling down for awhile once we get back. 

I also became a great aunt on the 25th, now I not only have a grandson with that birthday but a great nephew.  Also some special friends, Bob & Molly, welcomed their bundle of joy the 24th.  We are all so blessed.

Life is Good

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Short Moves Hurt

I had no sooner posted the last blog, than a lot opened up that we felt we would be happier in.  It had some lattice fencing and huge additional patio addition.  So the move was on,  didn’t know that we had so much “stuff” in the storage shed already.  But got it all moved and this morning hooked up Damnearahouse, and off it went.  I was going to take the golf cart over, when I seen that the steps were still down.  I’m waving like a wild women, but Chuck doesn’t see me, so I start running down the street to the cart, mind you with clogs on, going down hill, when I do a face plant literally.  My sun glasses tore up the bridge of my nose, the pavement took care of the rest of it, and my lips are a whole lot bigger than Angelina's.  How I managed not to break my teeth is a miracle. Didn’t even break a nail. But there will be no Christmas pictures this year! 

So after that we are going to Disneyland!  Our son and family are coming down and we are meeting them in Anaheim tomorrow.  We’ll just spend a couple of nights in a hotel, and do a couple of days at the park.  Then they will come back to the park for a few days. The only time we were there our son was about 7, and he is almost 50 now, so it has been awhile.  The military had a great deal on tickets for retirees so glad we could take advantage of it.  

Have  enjoyed having the clown car, took it to town the other day and it was so great to be able to park, AND know where the back end is, cause it doesn’t have any.  lol

Well, I have had two large mugs of hot apple cider, spiked with left over Makers Mark, and I’m feeling good. Make that feeling very, very good.   End of my tale of woe, life is good.

Monday, December 12, 2011

New Wheels

We have batting around the idea of getting a small car for around here, being as we will be spending a fair amount of time in this area.  Driving the truck or rather parking it is defiantly not one of my favorite things to do. Even Chuck would prefer something else.   But not a new one, not for us, not now, so yes, that is what we got.  A 2012 Honda Fit.  Surprisingly it has a lot of room inside, and very easy to get in and out of.  And parking it should be easy!  Boy, does it look small in the picture, yet it’s not.

car 025

Our son and family are coming down next week for a few days.  Want to help celebrate Chucks 75th birthday.  Sure will be good to see them, especially our grandson.  He is already in junior high, just growing up so fast.  He was the only grandchild that we got to be around on a regular basis, so he holds a special place in our hearts.  The other two grandsons lived across the country and would visit for a month in the summer, and after having two little guys for that length of time, waving good-by was with mixed emotions. But they are in there 30’s now, where did the time go?

The park has gotten busy, and we have too. The weather has been good to not so good.  Not as warm as Texas, but also not any where the amount of wind.  We are debating on whether the lot we are on is the one we want, or trade to another.  We can do that, but only when one opens up.  Like the size of ours (although they are all large) and the fact that it faces a hill on the back side.  Even though that means we have no view, we have absolute privacy.  Before we do some rock work, and put in a sitting/dining area, want to be sure this is where we will stay.  Decisions, decisions.

Christmas decorations are up, no tree, the cat would probably get the better of that. I’ve tried to pick up a ornament that reminds me of some thing special or some place new.  Have quite a few now, yet they only take up 3 photo boxes, so the storage is not a problem.  And it is nice to remember why each one was bought.

car 012

Today I made Makers Mark bourbon balls.  Think most of those will be going to the club house.  They should get a few pace makers working over time, but they sure are good.  Most of my shopping has been on line, they even wrap it, and just have it sent where ever it needs to go.  And then money and gift cards take care of the rest.  Awwww life is good………

Monday, December 5, 2011

Craft Fair

Today was the craft fair for the park.  Some very talented people live here.  Bought a few things, but they are gifts, so will let it go at that.  They also had a soup luncheon which was very good.  Five different kinds of soup, all you can eat.  unfortunately I could only sample two and they were both delicious.  There were also sampler plates of cookies and candies, and one of those came home with us. Would have like to gotten a few more and froze them as our son and family are going to visit for a few days before Christmas.  But we had made a trip to Costco and the freezer is at full capacity.

We have been looking to buy a small suv, preferably a CR-V,  the least favorite thing to shop for next to  a swimming suit, in my humble opinion.  Something will turn up, just going to look and the hassle is not my thing.

Played hand & foot last night, they play with real cards here….lol……and lots of rules, but it is fun.  Only play 4 hands and that is the game, so it doesn’t go on too long.  Tomorrow working in the mail room, putting up mail, Chuck will be on the golf course.  Slowly we are finding our niche.


Two Bits and her new toy.

Friday, December 2, 2011

It Can’t Be December!

We have been making some progress in getting settled in, although it seems to be going slowly.  I read on someone's blog how when you are going to be some place for a week, how you prioritize  the plans you have for that area, and everything gets taken care, places get seen,all in the time frame.  But when you are going to be there for a extended period, things just get put on the back burner.  And that is so true for us.  We have done no area exploring, although we have been to Temecula a number of times, and we are starting to knew our way around there.  Nice town, lots of shopping and very pretty.  About the only negative we have of Jojoba is that we are 15 miles from town, so our eating out has been cut down dramatically, which is a good thing in a way.  I’m having to learn to cook all over. 

Yesterday for Thanksgiving we had a small potluck .  They did the 12 person tables, which works out great, and we had a good time.  Slowly we are getting into the swing of things, everyone is very friendly.  Chuck is happy to be making weekly golf outings, plus there are more card games going than we are able to participate in on a regular basis.  It is a sad day when Chuck has to make a choice of what he can play…lol

Well darn it, left the puter for a minute and it turned into a week.  If anyone thinks that we may be flying by due to the huge wind storm in L.A., we actually had no wind here to speak of.  Just as surprised as everyone else when we seen the news the next day.  Am so not missing the Texas wind.  We decided to take a run to Camp Pendleton, which is only about 25 miles away, but that is the back side.  Callie (gps) had us going on a few back road that might of one time led to the base, but not any more, so many gates are closed due to 9/11.  So we made a few turn arounds but eventually reached a gate we could get into.  But the base is huge, the good thing the golf course is on the back side, the bad news, the commissary, on the front side 18 miles away.  By the time we finally got there, shopped, we did not have time to run by and take as peak of the ocean.  Chuck is not fond of driving in the dark and as it was he did have to the last few miles. It will pay for us to do a major shopping there ever so often though.  California is pricey when it comes to anything to do with living here. 

Yesterday I went up and helped decorate the club house, which I had a great time doing, I’ve missed doing up the house for Christmas.  In the RV, I just run my loop of greenery and hang my ornaments that I’ve acquired from each state we have been in and that has been it.  Although this year we got some of the new lights from Costco that  are so pretty for outside.  Had to put the awning out to have some place to hang them.  We haven’t decided if this is the lot that we intend to keep, so we are holding off doing anything.  As for getting out door furniture, that is hard to come by in December, even out here. 

Am going to post this NOW, as it may be next year if I go away again.  What a great way to live, busy, busy, busy.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Settling In

We have spent this past week getting used to our new surroundings. Unloading “Damnearahouse” was surprising, there is no longer any doubt of why we could never find anything.  There was a lot of sometimes two and three of the same item, but we  could not lay our hands on any of it.  Having that shed will make it a lot easier, hope that when we will need something it will not be in the shed.  Think we have come to a much better understanding of what we really do need to be out on the road.
Our site, 410 Hummingbird Lane
jojoba 055
Landscaping at the entrance
jojoba 062
jojoba 058jojoba 066
Huge pool and spas
jojoba 059
Surrounding area
jojoba 065
  Jojoba was literally craved out of the hillsides, with mostly sweat and back breaking work.  I’ve taken an  scanned it to share the history.   Amazing!
jojoba story 001
jojoba story 002
Life is Good

Friday, November 4, 2011

Land of Fruits, Nuts and 4.30 Diesel

Having spent the night in Camp Verde, Arizona at a pricey park, 39 dollars, with the Good Sam discount, we were off to an early start. 001 Mostly to get back to the audio book we were finishing up, John Gresham's, Litigators.  Easy drive over to Dewey, and then Callie (gps) took us up this hill right through  a up scale neighborhood, but did take us out to 89, so all was fine. ca2 046 That is till we found us on this mountain trail, but we were committed so on we pressed.  Thirty some miles later we we coming down into the town of Congress.  Know that the Escapees have a park in the area, but we 026were white knuckled out and went on down the road, not that we would have stopped that soon after all.  From there it was a okay ride, some wind, bad for a few miles, smoky for a while, due to a controlled burn.  Only the government would do a controlled burn in a 30 mile plus wind storm.  Finally we were within 45 miles of  Jojoba, and we were feeling giddy,


we had made it………well not so fast, that mountain in the distance, we were going over it!  Course we did not realize that till once again we were past the point of no turn around.  The only thing I can compare this part of the trip to was driving up Pike’s Peak. 

042See that tiny little line in the picture, that is the road, I was taking these pictures without looking, just holding the camera out the window snapping away.  Could not bring myself to look, and heights do not bother me that much.  But this was high!047

Chuck has to be the bravest driver ever, or else he was so scared he could not utter a word.  The truck pulled us up and over without even working up a sweat, and the jake break took us down like we were a feather.  Have a feeling if it knew where we were it would have threw up in it’s exhaust pipe. I can guarantee you there will be a new route next time. 

Now to the best part, we are all set up on our huge site.  Wow, we have space to park 3-4 vehicles.  And a nice large storage shed, so will be able to leave some of the stuff we use in the winter months here.  That will be so nice.  The weather when we got here was great as was yesterday, but today rain off and on.  Yesterday we ran into Temecula and found a family doctor and got appointments scheduled.  Then ordered a golf cart, which we will need in these hills.  Don’t have pictures of the area yet, but soon.  Think we will be happy to spend the winter here, and in years to come, lots to do, great shopping in Temecula, casino about 8 miles, plus San Diego and L.A.  Not that we will be running to the big cities, but they are there, along with all they have to offer.  And I’ll be able to get my ocean fix as it is about 40 miles away.  All that for the price of 230 monthly, which includes cable, water, garbage.  The only extra we have is electric, don’t think we could beat that.  Of course there is the 4.30 diesel!

Life is Good

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Scary Sights

Our great-granddaughter had a Halloween party in the parking lot of her school, on Saturday  It was a trunk party where the parents did up the backs of their cars and the “goblins” went trick or treating.  They had little games and balloon art.  Great idea as it wasn’t crowded and some of the trunks were very well done.  And the grown ups  really got into the costumes.   Scary.

halloween 001           halloween 002    


halloween 007Grandson Robert, Kersten, Roinn and Kylee.

From there we went back to the house where our SIL had smoked ribs, and they were out of this world.  Went back again to night for left overs, and good byes.  Short visit, but it was good to see everyone before going west for the winter.  Long journey ahead, twelve hundred miles.  Got some new audio books, with John Gresham's new one, among them, so that will make the time go fast.  Our friend Barb gave us one in Coffeyville, and it was pretty darn good, really made those miles fly by.  Thanks Barb.

Life is Good

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Braving the Blizzard

It was not all that bad, but for us wimpy snowbirds this was a major storm.  We had hoped that we would not have to deal with snow as we are only here for a week.  Just needed to get a few things done, and pick up some “stuff” from storage.  Being as we will have storage at Jojoba it will make it easier to have some things there, as we will be spending most of winter time there.winter cc 133 

Roinn was so intense at his workout yesterday, and I got lots and lots of shots of the back of his head, very few from the front.  He is in the first grade, but because of his November birthday almost 7. Very good big brother.

winter cc 143

winter cc 211

Kylee, is so precious, she is all girly girl, think Roinn will have his hands full once they get older, she takes martial arts on Saturdays too.  No ballet for her! 

winter cc 223-1

The sun is out, got the water going, (which was a major job, it was 24 degrees this morning) then got to get my hair cut, nails done, hit the commissary, busy, busy.  Having a family gathering Saturday, which will be nice.  Everyone is so busy with their every day lives, that it is hard to get all together.  So for now we will enjoy the time we do get to spend with one and all. 

Life Is Good

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pic, Pic Pictures

Pictures have been lacking in the last few blogs, so I’m remedying that.

defeated2 061What we did best and most at Defeated Creek, loading the plates so we could………EAT.

defeated2 064defeated2 065

Lisa Hembree & Ric-Tony Hembree & Dave Sussman

defeated2 059Big Bird

defeated2 050Here we have Donna with her new grandbaby, is that a proud grandma?

defeated2 052Netters & Bridget, we all had our cameras out.

defeated2 056Chuck, teasing Fred, Chuck is now known as “Three Finger Chuck”. Never stand between Fred and his food!

Down the road we go. No pictures from Coffeyville, camera never came out, darn.

defeated2 094Cotton field along the way.

defeated2 092Lots of t-shirts in those rolls.

defeated2 107Road Art

defeated2 113

Color in Colorado

defeated2 168

defeated2 161

defeated2 127Pikes Peak

defeated2 181View out our window this morning. Yes, that is snow, but the temperature is suppose to be in the 70’s tomorrow, so will just call it a nice treat…..we are out of here on Halloween.

snow 002Tonight we are going to see our great-grandson at his martial arts practice, that is if the snow lets up…lol.

There's always a lot to be thankful for if you take time to look for it. For example
I am sitting here right now thinking how nice it is that wrinkles & fat don't hurt.

Life is Good

Sunday, October 23, 2011

We Are So Lucky

This past month we have been meeting up with old and new friends, and what a wonderful time we have had.  Some times we feel like pinching ourselves, just can’t believe that we could have been so fortunate to have met so many wonderful people. 

After leaving Defeated Creek, saying good-by to Lisa, Tony, Tez & Ric, along with Rich & Mary, Jenny and Don & Dave, we traveled into Branson with Mac & Netters.  There we split company as we were staying at the Treasure Lake park, where John & Bridget are.  Also Mike and Lisle are also there, and we had not seen them in a couple of years.  We had a wonderful gathering and dinner, with a Suzie and Don and their friends popping in for a quick visit.  The next day Nolan & Donna along with her daughter Carla, with Donna’s new little grandbaby, joined us at Golden Corral, where we all ate too much.  From there we went back to the campground and talked and laughed till we hurt.  If laughter makes you live longer we should all make it to 100.  All was fun & games till we had to say our “see ya down the road” farewells.  We got away early in the morning and made Coffeyville before noon.  There we met up with Barb & Bob Williams, Ginger & Jesse,  John & Laurie Newby, along with one other couple whose name escapes me now.  Dang!  Barb had prepared dinner which we all enjoyed, unfortunately the weather was threatening rain, and lots of lightning, and we had to break up early, but then most every one was having to work the next day, and their day was going to start at 4:30. And it was just the start of their 4, ten hour days.  Everyone is counting the days till December 23, which will be the end of their employment.  

Today our travel day was smooth, the roads in Kansas are wonderful, at least the ones we drove today, so it looks like we will make Colorado Springs tomorrow, if all goes well.  After all the trouble we have had these past few months, I’m not saying anything is final until it is over and done. 

Looking forward to seeing our daughter and family.  Especially the great grand babies, not really babies any more, almost 4 & 7.  Growing way too fast. 

Life is Good

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Moving On

This morning we are packing up and leaving Defeated Creek COE campground, feeling as rested and loose as can be. Yeah, ready to meet the ole cruel world head on. The weather has turned and it is ugly outside, glad all my jobs are pink.

Last night we had a finale dinner with everyone in Cookville, at a fabulous Chinese restaurant, excellent. Sorry to be leaving our friends Lisa and Tony, know that they would love to be able to join us, and who knows....... some day.

Keeping this short, must get things done, see ya in Branson,Missouri.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Unwinding at Defeated Creek, Tennessee

Once the last check was done on the work at Mor/Ryde we were out of there faster than…….,well fast! The travel day was very uneventful, and we made great time. The leaves were just beginning to turn, and getting a good shot was almost impossible. Sixty miles an hour and a dirty windshield seen to that.

defeated 001

The traffic heading north in Louisville was backed up for at least 15 miles,

defeated 004

sure glad we were heading the other way, we had smooth sailing. We pulled into Grandma’s RV park, and across the street were a couple from the Montana rally. They were smiling behind their hands as I was putting the leveling boards under the tires, as they had just had the level-up system installed. Maybe next year. The next morning we took our time as we only had 140 miles, but they were all on back roads, up and down, curvy and slow, so it was more like 300, but we were all set up by 3 in the afternoon. This is such a pretty place.

defeated 006

Out our back window.

defeated 011

No trains, no traffic, a wonderful place to recharge our batteries. Unfortunately a lot of the people who had made reservations have had to cancel, so the remaining few are sort of spread out. Once a reservation is made and in the computer, changing the site is not possible. But we are doing fine, dinner at one site, campfire at Lisa & Tony’s. Tony is the official fire builder and a fine job he does! He also has the wood. The first few days the weather was perfect. But it has gone to normal, little rain, still nice and warm, and the best part NO wind. That will be here tomorrow, now that I’ve said that. Our friends Ginny & Don got here Monday, and Tuesday night he ended up in the hospital. They now have him in Nashville, and are checking his heart out. We are all hoping for the best, and he was in great spirits yesterday when we seen him.

We all piled in the vehicles the other day and went to Tony’s favorite catfish place. If I had to get there it would never happen, we ended up in Kentucky after taking a dozen different roads, but it was by far the best catfish I’ve ever had. It was all you could eat and they meant it. Some of us couldn’t finish the first serving, which was huge, where as others more than made up for it. Delicious! About the only other outing we have had is girls day out, where we hit Bed Bath and Beyond, Trader Joes, and a few other places. Of course there was lunch which was at the Cheesecake Factory. Now right outside, written in cement, was the saying “Life is short, eat dessert first”, but did we pay heed…….oh no, we had lunch, and were so full we couldn’t even think about dessert. Darn.

Have another few days here before we start west. Hope to make a short stop in Branson, then see our good friends in Coffeeville, who are working at Amazon, then on to Colorado Springs for a quick stop. Gotta get out of there before the snow falls.

Life is Good

P.S. the wind is blowing!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Camping Inside of Mor/Ryde

We were up very early this morning, Chuck backed the rig into the shop and we were free for the day.  Spent the first couple of hours in the very nice guest lounge here.  Met another couple who were having some work done, and low and behold they knew some of our Hitchhikers friends.  Barb and Roger Maxie!  What a small world we RVers have.  We then took off and I had my nails done real quick and we made a run to the surplus store in Michigan for a few things, now that we had the correct measurements.  From there we thought a quick lunch at the Rise N’ Roll, but we decided to hit the cheese factory first.  Bad move, we are now in possession of a whole lot of cheese, never shop on an empty stomach. 

010Taken through a very smudged window, now that is a lot of cheese in the making.

  Finally made it to the Rise N’ Roll, split a sandwich, and did not even buy any of there fabulous donuts.  012

013Wash day=Monday in Amish country.  Telephone booth, they are allowed, but not in the house and no seat or chair in them.  Of course with the cell phones those customs are going the way of the horse and buggy…..hmmmm.                         


Phone booth, they are allowed, but not in the house and no seat or chair in them.  Of course with the cell phones those customs are going the way of the horse and buggy…..hmmmm.                      


To kill a little more time we went to see the movie The Help.  Had read the book, and the movie was great, held pretty true to the book, but filled some of the gaps, take more than 1 Kleenex if you’re a softie.  Finally we got back to Mor/Ryde and there was our home … pieces, but almost ready to go. 



Tomorrow should see us hitting the road if they are done early enough, other wise bright and early Wednesday. 

Life is Good