Monday, December 12, 2011

New Wheels

We have batting around the idea of getting a small car for around here, being as we will be spending a fair amount of time in this area.  Driving the truck or rather parking it is defiantly not one of my favorite things to do. Even Chuck would prefer something else.   But not a new one, not for us, not now, so yes, that is what we got.  A 2012 Honda Fit.  Surprisingly it has a lot of room inside, and very easy to get in and out of.  And parking it should be easy!  Boy, does it look small in the picture, yet it’s not.

car 025

Our son and family are coming down next week for a few days.  Want to help celebrate Chucks 75th birthday.  Sure will be good to see them, especially our grandson.  He is already in junior high, just growing up so fast.  He was the only grandchild that we got to be around on a regular basis, so he holds a special place in our hearts.  The other two grandsons lived across the country and would visit for a month in the summer, and after having two little guys for that length of time, waving good-by was with mixed emotions. But they are in there 30’s now, where did the time go?

The park has gotten busy, and we have too. The weather has been good to not so good.  Not as warm as Texas, but also not any where the amount of wind.  We are debating on whether the lot we are on is the one we want, or trade to another.  We can do that, but only when one opens up.  Like the size of ours (although they are all large) and the fact that it faces a hill on the back side.  Even though that means we have no view, we have absolute privacy.  Before we do some rock work, and put in a sitting/dining area, want to be sure this is where we will stay.  Decisions, decisions.

Christmas decorations are up, no tree, the cat would probably get the better of that. I’ve tried to pick up a ornament that reminds me of some thing special or some place new.  Have quite a few now, yet they only take up 3 photo boxes, so the storage is not a problem.  And it is nice to remember why each one was bought.

car 012

Today I made Makers Mark bourbon balls.  Think most of those will be going to the club house.  They should get a few pace makers working over time, but they sure are good.  Most of my shopping has been on line, they even wrap it, and just have it sent where ever it needs to go.  And then money and gift cards take care of the rest.  Awwww life is good………


squawmama said...

Life is Good ~ Love your decorating idea... SMART thinking!
Have fun & Travel safe

Gypsy's Tales said...

Car is adorable!! Decorating is great as usual. Enjoy you visit with the family - fun to get to celebrate Chucks birthday with them. We will be there for the birthday in spirit!!
Hugs to you both - Barb & Bob

Leno said...

Love the car. I would love one but Kevin sure does enjoy a truck..
Glad all is going well. Can't believe Chuck will be turning 75...He has so much energy! Love and miss you guys and we wish we could celebrate with you..Arlene