Monday, December 5, 2011

Craft Fair

Today was the craft fair for the park.  Some very talented people live here.  Bought a few things, but they are gifts, so will let it go at that.  They also had a soup luncheon which was very good.  Five different kinds of soup, all you can eat.  unfortunately I could only sample two and they were both delicious.  There were also sampler plates of cookies and candies, and one of those came home with us. Would have like to gotten a few more and froze them as our son and family are going to visit for a few days before Christmas.  But we had made a trip to Costco and the freezer is at full capacity.

We have been looking to buy a small suv, preferably a CR-V,  the least favorite thing to shop for next to  a swimming suit, in my humble opinion.  Something will turn up, just going to look and the hassle is not my thing.

Played hand & foot last night, they play with real cards here….lol……and lots of rules, but it is fun.  Only play 4 hands and that is the game, so it doesn’t go on too long.  Tomorrow working in the mail room, putting up mail, Chuck will be on the golf course.  Slowly we are finding our niche.


Two Bits and her new toy.

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