Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Week

Hope this finds every one full of Christmas cheer, and that it was a wonderful day.  We had a quiet, easy day, and in the afternoon went to the  club house for a dinner with 70 of our closest friends.  Once again, potluck, and done in tables of 12.  I like it that way, each table has a more personal setting.  It was a beautiful day, finally the weather is warming up so it feels like southern California.

Last week our son and family were coming down for Chucks birthday and we decided that the birthday boy should spend it at Disneyland.

disney birthday

We met up there and spent a few nights in a hotel so we could take our time.

disney 078

Glad we did, we are too old for the crowds, lines and more crowds.  The fireworks were awesome, the decorations, unbelievable.  Loved the parades, it truly is a wonderful place.

disney 089disney 085-1

The second day the kids left to be at the park at 8, and we took our time and think that both of us enjoyed it much more.  They got a lot of rides out of the way before the crowding began.  Getting home was horrible though, we had a traffic jam for 30 miles, then when we were only 10 miles from the park there was an accident and the road was closed.  We went back to Wal-Mart and sat in the parking lot, calling the sheriffs office checking to see if the road was open only to be told no, no, no.  Finally after 2 hours Chuck decided we would drive up there and check and if it wasn’t open get a motel.  No road blockage, no police, nada.  Our son had dismantled a gazebo in his back yard, and brought it up to us.  It will work really good here, just needs a new cover. He had a union meeting that night, but wouldn’t leave till it was all put together.  Thank you Glen.

Ran into town today to Costco to try and get some of their Christmas lights that are so pretty, but pricey.  They had it all shipped out, no sale there, and there was outdoor furniture ect. in its place, what a quick change. 

Chuck is off to the golf course tomorrow, he has been only playing once a week, but the weather has not been all that great.  Wednesday we are leaving to meet up with our tour group for the Rose Parade.  Looking forward to that, but also to settling down for awhile once we get back. 

I also became a great aunt on the 25th, now I not only have a grandson with that birthday but a great nephew.  Also some special friends, Bob & Molly, welcomed their bundle of joy the 24th.  We are all so blessed.

Life is Good

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