Friday, December 2, 2011

It Can’t Be December!

We have been making some progress in getting settled in, although it seems to be going slowly.  I read on someone's blog how when you are going to be some place for a week, how you prioritize  the plans you have for that area, and everything gets taken care, places get seen,all in the time frame.  But when you are going to be there for a extended period, things just get put on the back burner.  And that is so true for us.  We have done no area exploring, although we have been to Temecula a number of times, and we are starting to knew our way around there.  Nice town, lots of shopping and very pretty.  About the only negative we have of Jojoba is that we are 15 miles from town, so our eating out has been cut down dramatically, which is a good thing in a way.  I’m having to learn to cook all over. 

Yesterday for Thanksgiving we had a small potluck .  They did the 12 person tables, which works out great, and we had a good time.  Slowly we are getting into the swing of things, everyone is very friendly.  Chuck is happy to be making weekly golf outings, plus there are more card games going than we are able to participate in on a regular basis.  It is a sad day when Chuck has to make a choice of what he can play…lol

Well darn it, left the puter for a minute and it turned into a week.  If anyone thinks that we may be flying by due to the huge wind storm in L.A., we actually had no wind here to speak of.  Just as surprised as everyone else when we seen the news the next day.  Am so not missing the Texas wind.  We decided to take a run to Camp Pendleton, which is only about 25 miles away, but that is the back side.  Callie (gps) had us going on a few back road that might of one time led to the base, but not any more, so many gates are closed due to 9/11.  So we made a few turn arounds but eventually reached a gate we could get into.  But the base is huge, the good thing the golf course is on the back side, the bad news, the commissary, on the front side 18 miles away.  By the time we finally got there, shopped, we did not have time to run by and take as peak of the ocean.  Chuck is not fond of driving in the dark and as it was he did have to the last few miles. It will pay for us to do a major shopping there ever so often though.  California is pricey when it comes to anything to do with living here. 

Yesterday I went up and helped decorate the club house, which I had a great time doing, I’ve missed doing up the house for Christmas.  In the RV, I just run my loop of greenery and hang my ornaments that I’ve acquired from each state we have been in and that has been it.  Although this year we got some of the new lights from Costco that  are so pretty for outside.  Had to put the awning out to have some place to hang them.  We haven’t decided if this is the lot that we intend to keep, so we are holding off doing anything.  As for getting out door furniture, that is hard to come by in December, even out here. 

Am going to post this NOW, as it may be next year if I go away again.  What a great way to live, busy, busy, busy.


squawmama said...

Glad you're enjoying your time there!
Have fun & Travel safe

Leno said...

Have been wondering how you two where doing. Figured Chuck had found all the card games by now.. We were out to dinner the other night with Barb & Roger and they had asked about you.
Glad you are enjoying.. You must get to the ocean though!!!!
Big hugs to you both...Arlene