Friday, November 11, 2011

Settling In

We have spent this past week getting used to our new surroundings. Unloading “Damnearahouse” was surprising, there is no longer any doubt of why we could never find anything.  There was a lot of sometimes two and three of the same item, but we  could not lay our hands on any of it.  Having that shed will make it a lot easier, hope that when we will need something it will not be in the shed.  Think we have come to a much better understanding of what we really do need to be out on the road.
Our site, 410 Hummingbird Lane
jojoba 055
Landscaping at the entrance
jojoba 062
jojoba 058jojoba 066
Huge pool and spas
jojoba 059
Surrounding area
jojoba 065
  Jojoba was literally craved out of the hillsides, with mostly sweat and back breaking work.  I’ve taken an  scanned it to share the history.   Amazing!
jojoba story 001
jojoba story 002
Life is Good


Leno said...

Looks really nice. I am sure you will enjoy it. By now you have probably met some of the folks there and played cards, lol!!
Hugs to you both..

squawmama said...

Very nice... Looks like a great place to be for the winter!!!
Have fun & Travel safe

Speedy said...

OK how do I get there??? This looks like the place for me. Sherri says she could handle that kind of scenery too

Joe and Sherri