Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Weekly, Monthly, Woops

We are picking up speed at an amazing rate. This month has been so busy, as of now, the reason I have found time is that the laundry was a must do. The weather has been so nice that I feek guilty every time that I see the nation forecast, even Texas (northern) is getting hit with ice today. But we are in the 70's, granted the wind is blowing some.
Changed our minds the other day and did decide to pay a visit to Mexico and it was fun. Went with a fun couple we have met from Canada, so the magaritias along the way made us Happy Gringos. Food was good, but basically that was about all we bought. Now we are planning on doing it again soon. Every one says you have to get your toes done, so will be tying Chuck down and getting him a pedicure. Seen a few of the shows that are going on around here, and they are pretty good. Lots of entertainment, and the parks all intermingle, everyone is welcome. Makes it kind of nice, miss someone, you can catch then later.
Chuck and I have both been getting all our medical appointments out of the way, been awhile, so this will get us current. More medicial facilities here than any place I've ever seen. At least all that will be out of the way. One of the hard facts of full timing, no family doctor. We will probably be back in this area if not this year, then the next.
Played a lot of golf last week, three times, plus on Saturday there was a tournament. Chuck was on a all mens team, I played on a couples team. Guess who came in first.....not Chuck, they did not even place. Can't rub it in tho. There is the Citrus Open days this week end, and we are going to be in it, sort of, actually they wanted our truck. We are pulling the float with the king and queen on it. That is the couple from our park, so guess they all do it. At least we will have a place to park, I hope. Sounds like fun.
Laundry is done, so ........life is so good. Nothing like clean sheets, love it.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Getting my "Two Bits" in

Well, I'm Two Bits, the cat that has these two somewhat worthless humans traveling with me. Guess that I wouldn't get very far with out them, can't reach the gas pedal, nor work the can opener. So maybe they are not so bad after all. But when it comes to writing the blog, well that is another story. The week has flown past, Sunday seen them taking a boat ride on the Rio Grande, but only after a few margaritas, with some new friends, Lois & Larry. Great time had by all, they finished up the day with some fabulous Mexican food. The rest of the week was filled with golf, cards, movies, friends and margaritas. Did take in a few shows that have been here, great entertainment in the area, so they say, I never get to leave this place. Kathy did take off one day with the ladies and went to the Christmas house up near a town called Falfurries. The house is the home of three retired school teachers, (old maids) who are the sweetest. They decorate their house and open it up to the public for tours for six months. Kathy was lucky, or Chuck felt so, as after the holidays everything in the gift shop was half price. Kathy really loves Christmas. She is collecting an ornament from most places they have been. Or two, well sometimes maybe even three. Small works for the RV.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

What a wonderful week. Christmas eve there was a party at the club in the afternoon, which got everyone in the mood. Entertainment was topped off with the folding lawn chair Chippendale's. See attached pictures. Christmas day there was dinner provided by the park, and Chuck and I volunteered to be part of the helpers and served. At least we did not have to cook or do the dishes, one of the joys that I'm happy that was left behind. Do miss the family and all the festivities, but relied on the memories. In the afternoon took in the movie Marley and me, which was great, but being the softie that I am, the ending had me sobbing. Also seen Doubt, in which the acting is terrific, story not so much. So we have had a few days of golf, and last night decided that we would take in the dropping of the ball in times square on the t.v. Lots of fireworks going off here, as they sell them around here this time of year, but come midnight we were both snoozing. Our golf group decided that we should have our regular tournament, which is what we did today, then we had our get together with lots of lovely snacks. Great, didn't have to think of dinner! Weather here has been ever so nice, actually there have been times that it has verged on hot. We went to the coast one day, and the wind was really blowing there. Seen some para sail boarders, which was great for them, but once the sail was in the water they would really have to work to get it out. Fun watching though. We have been here two months now and the time has just flown. We are here for a couple of months and then we will be meeting some RV friends at a mini rally in Kernville. From there we are planning on hitting the big rally in Albuquerque the middle of April. Then I think we will be heading for Colorado Spring for a few weeks, then off to Wisconsin, slowly, ever so slowly, on to Pennsylvania. Then even more slowly down the coast. But a lot of these plans are in jello, which is nailed to a tree.