Thursday, January 1, 2009

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

What a wonderful week. Christmas eve there was a party at the club in the afternoon, which got everyone in the mood. Entertainment was topped off with the folding lawn chair Chippendale's. See attached pictures. Christmas day there was dinner provided by the park, and Chuck and I volunteered to be part of the helpers and served. At least we did not have to cook or do the dishes, one of the joys that I'm happy that was left behind. Do miss the family and all the festivities, but relied on the memories. In the afternoon took in the movie Marley and me, which was great, but being the softie that I am, the ending had me sobbing. Also seen Doubt, in which the acting is terrific, story not so much. So we have had a few days of golf, and last night decided that we would take in the dropping of the ball in times square on the t.v. Lots of fireworks going off here, as they sell them around here this time of year, but come midnight we were both snoozing. Our golf group decided that we should have our regular tournament, which is what we did today, then we had our get together with lots of lovely snacks. Great, didn't have to think of dinner! Weather here has been ever so nice, actually there have been times that it has verged on hot. We went to the coast one day, and the wind was really blowing there. Seen some para sail boarders, which was great for them, but once the sail was in the water they would really have to work to get it out. Fun watching though. We have been here two months now and the time has just flown. We are here for a couple of months and then we will be meeting some RV friends at a mini rally in Kernville. From there we are planning on hitting the big rally in Albuquerque the middle of April. Then I think we will be heading for Colorado Spring for a few weeks, then off to Wisconsin, slowly, ever so slowly, on to Pennsylvania. Then even more slowly down the coast. But a lot of these plans are in jello, which is nailed to a tree.

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Leno said...

So glad you have updated your blog. I like keeping up with the two of you. Look forward to seeing you in Kerrville.
Arlene & Kevin