Sunday, December 21, 2008

Chicken House Opry

What a great time. We laughed so hard that we hurt. Had a little trouble finding the place, but luck won out. Old eyes you know. We had planned to have dinner out, but decided that we would give their, 5 dollar fer two, a try, and it was good. Bar-b-que beef, beans, grilled bread and sodas, hey, can't go wrong with that. The kids called to wish Chuck a great birthday, and our son, Glen,was very excited. The night before he was bowling in their couples league and he came soooo close to having a perfect game. Rolled a 298. But he said that he was so nervous that he was like jello in an 8 point earthquake. Do miss our grandsons and great grandkids. Christmas isn't the same with out little ones around. Still life is good.

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