Thursday, December 18, 2008

Chuck wins again

Our fellow players of card elimanation are ready to ban Chuck from playing, he has won so often, but last night that it was the grand prize of 84 dollars. It is played with cards and you are in groups of four. You deal out all the cards and then it is like bingo, they call cards and the one who get rid of theirs first is the winner. They play 11 games, 5 where everyone puts in 10 cents, 5 for quarters and the big one, the dollar pot. Personally I don't like bingo, but this goes real fast and it is enjoyable, especially when you sleep with a winner! Played a new golf course today and that was a treat, had more chracter than the other we have played so far. Weather has warmed up, great. Had our weekly golf party, which is great, no need to cook as we all bring snacks so everyone gets filled up. Yesterday was a Christmas party, did the gift exchange, then they were drawing for the chance to steal someones. I had gotten two of the prettiest Christmas placemats, and sure wanted to keep them, and luck was with me. Chuck didn't make out so good, but we have a prize drawing at the golf party, so his is gone there. Good way to get rid of stuff. Chucks birthday is coming up and we are going to the Chicken Opry, surprise, surprise.

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