Sunday, July 31, 2011


Wednesday, the six of us (Sullivan's,  Roaming When We Can & McHenry's, Mac and Nette's Road to Retirement ) rented a van and took off to see the upper loop along with the Lamar Valley.  We had been told that the wild life was quite plentiful in the valley and we were not disappointed.

Okay, my idea of a joke.

yellowstone 001

yellowstone 091

Sharing the road.



yellowstone 056


We caught a glimpse of this black bear, so turned around, and right in front of us he was crossing the road.  Scruffy looking, think he/she  was having a bad hair day.

yellowstone 263

Grizzly bear, but he was at quite a distance.  There was one more black bear, have to steal a picture.  Thanks Netters.


We also took in the Mammoth Hot Springs.  It was very interesting and pretty, although it is killing everything around the area.

yellowstone 072

yellowstone 087


yellowstone 069

yellowstone 082

We stopped along the way for a picnic, there are quite a few area with tables, so it is very nice to take a break and not “break” the bank.  This area is a bit on the pricey side.  Then we made our way to Upper and Lower Falls.  We got there around six and parking was no problem.  Unfortunately the sun was not at it best for viewing, but it was still very impressive. 

The canyon wall.

yellowstone 003

The Lower Falls

yellowstone 004

The Upper Fall.  The amount of water going through here was unbelievable. 

yellowstone 121

yellowstone 118

From there we made our way back to West Yellowstone, turned in the van, and decided that we would have ice cream for dinner.  It had been a long day, 12 hours, but priceless. 

The rest of the week, we did make another trip in Rexburg for blood work for Chuck and Mac.  Thankfully they are both in range so they can retest in two weeks this time.  They did find a clinic here so it will be easier.  Other than that we have been playing cards some, chase the ace, ten penny.  Ten penny, was a new game for some of us, really a fun game.  The park had a potluck last night, they had a good turn out.  We all went, ate too much, as usual. Tonight Donna is treating us all to her Chicken fried steak.  We have been trying to not over do the nightly get togethers with too much food, and it is working out.  Did hear that we got in for the Montana rally in Goshen near the end of September.  Want to have Keystone replace the front mountain decal as it is really peeling.  Last year they redid the Montana decal, but thought the other was okay. 

This coming week we will try to get back into the Yellowstone, might be able to meet up with some friends that are in the area for a few days.  Also have tickets to the Mack’s Inn Playhouse to see the Phantom of the Grand Ole Opry, on Wednesday.  Sure that we will be able to fill in any open spots as they arise.  Staying busy doesn’t seem to be a problem.

Life is Good

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Whoooo, been here one week and has it ever flown. We have been busy, not so busy and down right lazy. Almost every day we have had a new adventure.

We convinced Chuck to drive Miss Arlene, Bridget and Kathy, on day two. Not bad enough when he have one woman telling him where to go, but three?? We just had him meander around Henry’s lake and the areas near by. Our main purpose was to get pictures of the nest I had spotted on the way in. road  trip 028

Osprey was in the nest, and when we got out of the truck not a bit happy, but did not fly away.

The next day we had to make a trip to Rexburg as Mac and Chuck both needed blood work and there was not place near. But first it was lunch time an Netters found some good reviews for the Filling Station. And it was very good.

show 026

show 022

Mac and Netters

We girls decided that we would do a little maintenance, hair and nail wise. Arlene and Lynette were happy with their hair cuts and pedi’s, but not so much with my nail fill-in. They were at it for almost 3 hours and still was not satisfactory, but by then I was done with it. Long day, we were all glad to get on the way home.

show 039

Took the detour on the way, and seen these beautiful falls. And there were so many wild flowers in bloom every where. Made the trip so worth it.

road  trip 056

The following day we mainly laid around and that night went to a dinner show at the Macks Inn Playhouse. Great prime rib dinner, and the show was fantastic, Home School Musical. Our sides hurt the next day from all the laughing that we did. The young couple who had the main parts were very good, both were great singers and the dancing was very professional. But the main character was hilarious.

show 069

Going back again before we leave the area as they are doing two different plays, where we will see the Phantom of the Grand Ole Opry.

Then it was time to venture into Yellowstone Park, so we decided that we would try Ole Faithful and the near by sights. We took two vehicles as we are about 35 miles from there.

yellowstone 056

Along the way we saw a few animals.

yellowstone 004

And of course, what we came for, Old Faithful.

yellowstone 044

yellowstone 009

Just some of the small crowd waiting for the geyser to go off. We stopped at a few other places, or I should say attempted to stop as parking was non existent. We had packed a picnic lunch and we found a nice area with tables and had lunch and enjoyed the beauty of the area. Kevin and Arlene decided they had had enough for the day and headed back. Mac and Netters along with Chuck & I stopped at the Grizzly & Wolf center in West Yellostone. There they had two of the grizzlies out in the compound, and they were were so much fun to watch. They played in the pool wrestling around for a good hour.


Here is Illie laying on her back, enjoying her spa.

bear2Brother Sam, weighing in at 1200 pounds.

yellowstone 075

I will close this with a Big Bear Hug!

Bear Hugs!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Happy Times

We left Idaho Falls fairly early and found our way through the first bit of construction.  Then on down the road a bit, more construction had us going in the wrong direction, but a u-turn and we were back on track.  Drove into Idaho Falls and stopped at Wally World for those last few items and to top off the gas.  We were just having a quick bite in Subway when in came Mac and Netters, followed by John and Bridget.  Big hugs all the way around.  We were off from there, tummies full, gas tanks and cupboards  all taken care of.  We only had 90 miles to go, and Callie (GPS, short for recalculating) had us arriving 5 miles short of our destination.  But we finally found our new home for the next 30 days.  Now the Valley View can not be called a resort, actually it is listed as a laundry first, then RV park.  But our sites are all together, and they are huge, and we are all very happy with them.

Today the guys went one direction and the girls the other.  They checked out the near by golf and lake.  We went to town, and wondered around a bit, no purchases other than a bite to eat.  Did make a stop at the information bureau and picked up plenty of research material.

Tonight we were just grilling corn and brats, and the rain drops started for a minute but then it settled down and we had a nice dinner, topped off by Arlene’s fruit pizza.  We moved inside our rig and played “chase the ace”.  Mac had a few stories and we laughed till we cried.  Fun time, so good to meet up with these great people again. 

The weather here is actually cool, But you will hear no complaints from us.  Pictures have not been a priority, but will do better. 

Life is Good

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Mountain Home to Twin Falls

Although the campground at Mountain Home was very nice, the four of us (Sullivan’s) found that there was not so much to see or do in the area. By putting our heads together we came up with plan “B”. Twin Falls offered some interesting sights to see, and we found a “wonderful” campground with hot springs and a mineral water pool. Well, the latter turned out to be not so good. The campground is fine, but the swimming pool, hot springs, is open to the public for a fee, and let me tell you, I think that this afternoon there was standing room only in it. They come by the truckloads, lots and lots, AND lots of kids. They are all at the pool area, and we are a bit of a distance from that, so they are not a bother, but the blissful soaks we thought we would be enjoying are not going to be happening.

Today we took a ride into Twin Falls, and it is an awesome sight looking down at the Snake river. A bit of trivia that I found interesting, although I wonder just how they came about with these precise facts.

twin falls 130

twin falls 143

Really?? Might it have been for 5 weeks, or maybe even 7?

And 48 miles an hour, not 50, hmmmmm?twin falls 002

Two great looking golf courses down there, one private the other public.

twin falls 015

At certain times they allow base jumping from the bridge, does not tempt me!twin falls 032

After a quick lunch we set off to see the falls. The first is Shoshone. Awesome.

twin falls 075

Lots of water for this time of year, so they tell us.twin falls 079

twin falls 098

From there it was off to the Twin Falls, which were not quite so impressive, although worth seeing.

twin falls 055

twin falls 114

The black rocks, the blue sky, the water, wow.twin falls 119

This picture was just for the many shades of greens. Beautiful area. We are here for one more day and then we will be moving to Valley View park outside of West Yellowstone for a month. Can’t wait to see the northern part as we did not get to it the last time we passed through. And with all the water still here it is bound to be spectacular. We are so lucky to be able to enjoy the many sights this country has to offer, and the wonderful people that we have had the privilege of getting to know.

Life is Good

Saturday, July 9, 2011

On the Move

First off, Anthony's games.  They were in an  elimination tournament, loose two games and it is all over.  Game one they lost, 12-2, it was sad.  Next night they won, 12-0, and from there they won once again, 14-3.  The 4th game, was a squeaker, going in to the last inning one run down, 4-5.  And that was when Anthony came to bat, 2 outs, he swings and hits the ball…base hit and drives in the tying run. Game went on to extra innings, and they held the opponents and went on to win.  They next had to play the one team that had beat them the first night an lost 5-2, but good try and they played like Champs.  We did not get to see the last game as we left for Idaho. 

Before we could leave we had to have a tire checked out, thanks to our Pressure Pro, letting us know that our front tire was getting low. Stopped at Les Swabs on way out of town, and they could not find anything, but put in a new metal valve stem and that seems to have fixed the problem.

anthony game 009

They were still skiing at Boreal, there was a lot of snow in the mountains this year. We had a easy drive to Winnemucca, Nevada.  Stayed at the Hi-Dessert RV park.  Nice place, easy in/out and honors Passport America & Escapees at 50% off, year round. 

The next day we were off, hoping to make Mountain Home AFB, Idaho. 

anthony game 020

That is one long straight road, and it goes on for miles like that.  We were lucky that we had a great audio book and it made the miles go by fast.  For some reason most of the way was posted at 55, and we stayed with in the speed limits.  Seemed all the tiny towns we went through had very outstanding courthouses.  And that would because???? 

We found our way to the commercial gate to the base and onto the famcamp.  Very nice, some large trees, but big spaces.  Tried to set the satellite without luck and just left it till the next day.  And that started to prove impossible, so Chuck decided that he wanted to look into getting one of the Wingard automatic cubes.  So we were off to Boise and Camping World.  Well we found out that we could only watch  basically one TV, and not record at all.  We may live in a small space but our viewing habits are not always the same.  So that ended that, back to the RV, but first we went by an outlet mall, which called for a stop.  There were very few stores, but there was a Vanity Fair, and I need some new undies, which I took care of.   Once back at the RV, we did the “you got it”, “it’s gone”, till Chuck was ready to scream, (he was already cussing) and then lo-n-behold all is fine.  This is the worst time we have had setting it up, Chuck has a meter that the satellite service men use and usually he can set it up in a few minutes.  

Tomorrow will bring Kevin and Arlene in.  Be great to see them again.  We will all stay here for 7 days and then make our way to Valley View Park, near Yellowstone, for a month.  Can’t wait, the “Gathering” has started.  

Life is Good

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy 4th of July

We having just been enjoying our time with family and friends, but are ready to hit the road.  Our grandson had his first baseball game Thursday night and they did not come out on top, but they have played every night since then and won.  On the 4th they are off but another game Tuesday, the 5th.  Luckily they have been playing late at 8, so it has a chance to cool down a bit, weather has been hot, hot and hotter.  We will not be here for the finish, unless that happens the 5th, which would mean they lose, and don’t want that.  But this grandma can’t take too much of this, my heart is in my throat with every play.  It was easier with my son, I swear. 

Chuck and our son Glen, had one request for Fathers day and that was they get to play as a team in the member/guest golf tournament at the club Glen belongs to.  Being as they never ask for anything, had to give in.  Yesterday was the practice round and they actually came in first, but it was 75 percent luck, they ham and egged it so well.  The first official day, not so good, but hanging in there.  They finished in 4th place the last day, and they were really happy with that, think Glen had to carry Chuck most of the day though.  But as long as they had a good time the memory will be something they will always have.

We did not stay out at the base this time, there is one park in town and we are shoe horned in a site there.  Pricey, but the drive into town from the base is a good 20 miles, so round trip eats up the gas, so works out about the same. 

We leave here Wednesday heading to Mountain Home AFB, Idaho, where we will meet up with Kevin and Arlene Sullivan. Roaming When We Can  Been a long time since we have seen them, really looking forward to getting together again.  Then on the 18th we will move up to Yellowstone RV park for a month.  McHenery's are also coming in.  Mac and Nette's Road to Retirement

Tomorrow we are going out to the kids for a cookout, which will be fun.  I’m making apple pies, all American apple pie. There are no fireworks any where here, budget cut and all, so we will have a few, safe and sane ones, to make it official. Hope everyone has a wonderful day, and takes a minute to remember the great country we are lucky enough to live in and most of all the people who gave their all for us to be able to do so.  Life is Good.