Sunday, July 31, 2011


Wednesday, the six of us (Sullivan's,  Roaming When We Can & McHenry's, Mac and Nette's Road to Retirement ) rented a van and took off to see the upper loop along with the Lamar Valley.  We had been told that the wild life was quite plentiful in the valley and we were not disappointed.

Okay, my idea of a joke.

yellowstone 001

yellowstone 091

Sharing the road.



yellowstone 056


We caught a glimpse of this black bear, so turned around, and right in front of us he was crossing the road.  Scruffy looking, think he/she  was having a bad hair day.

yellowstone 263

Grizzly bear, but he was at quite a distance.  There was one more black bear, have to steal a picture.  Thanks Netters.


We also took in the Mammoth Hot Springs.  It was very interesting and pretty, although it is killing everything around the area.

yellowstone 072

yellowstone 087


yellowstone 069

yellowstone 082

We stopped along the way for a picnic, there are quite a few area with tables, so it is very nice to take a break and not “break” the bank.  This area is a bit on the pricey side.  Then we made our way to Upper and Lower Falls.  We got there around six and parking was no problem.  Unfortunately the sun was not at it best for viewing, but it was still very impressive. 

The canyon wall.

yellowstone 003

The Lower Falls

yellowstone 004

The Upper Fall.  The amount of water going through here was unbelievable. 

yellowstone 121

yellowstone 118

From there we made our way back to West Yellowstone, turned in the van, and decided that we would have ice cream for dinner.  It had been a long day, 12 hours, but priceless. 

The rest of the week, we did make another trip in Rexburg for blood work for Chuck and Mac.  Thankfully they are both in range so they can retest in two weeks this time.  They did find a clinic here so it will be easier.  Other than that we have been playing cards some, chase the ace, ten penny.  Ten penny, was a new game for some of us, really a fun game.  The park had a potluck last night, they had a good turn out.  We all went, ate too much, as usual. Tonight Donna is treating us all to her Chicken fried steak.  We have been trying to not over do the nightly get togethers with too much food, and it is working out.  Did hear that we got in for the Montana rally in Goshen near the end of September.  Want to have Keystone replace the front mountain decal as it is really peeling.  Last year they redid the Montana decal, but thought the other was okay. 

This coming week we will try to get back into the Yellowstone, might be able to meet up with some friends that are in the area for a few days.  Also have tickets to the Mack’s Inn Playhouse to see the Phantom of the Grand Ole Opry, on Wednesday.  Sure that we will be able to fill in any open spots as they arise.  Staying busy doesn’t seem to be a problem.

Life is Good


squawmama said...

I know you guys are really having a great time and it shows in your post... Fabulous photos of the wildlife. And YES I consider the chipmonk wildlife!!! lol
Have fun & Travel safe

Gypsy's Tales said...

Aren't the falls gorgeous. Great pictures!! Hugs, Barb & Bob