Saturday, July 16, 2011

Mountain Home to Twin Falls

Although the campground at Mountain Home was very nice, the four of us (Sullivan’s) found that there was not so much to see or do in the area. By putting our heads together we came up with plan “B”. Twin Falls offered some interesting sights to see, and we found a “wonderful” campground with hot springs and a mineral water pool. Well, the latter turned out to be not so good. The campground is fine, but the swimming pool, hot springs, is open to the public for a fee, and let me tell you, I think that this afternoon there was standing room only in it. They come by the truckloads, lots and lots, AND lots of kids. They are all at the pool area, and we are a bit of a distance from that, so they are not a bother, but the blissful soaks we thought we would be enjoying are not going to be happening.

Today we took a ride into Twin Falls, and it is an awesome sight looking down at the Snake river. A bit of trivia that I found interesting, although I wonder just how they came about with these precise facts.

twin falls 130

twin falls 143

Really?? Might it have been for 5 weeks, or maybe even 7?

And 48 miles an hour, not 50, hmmmmm?twin falls 002

Two great looking golf courses down there, one private the other public.

twin falls 015

At certain times they allow base jumping from the bridge, does not tempt me!twin falls 032

After a quick lunch we set off to see the falls. The first is Shoshone. Awesome.

twin falls 075

Lots of water for this time of year, so they tell us.twin falls 079

twin falls 098

From there it was off to the Twin Falls, which were not quite so impressive, although worth seeing.

twin falls 055

twin falls 114

The black rocks, the blue sky, the water, wow.twin falls 119

This picture was just for the many shades of greens. Beautiful area. We are here for one more day and then we will be moving to Valley View park outside of West Yellowstone for a month. Can’t wait to see the northern part as we did not get to it the last time we passed through. And with all the water still here it is bound to be spectacular. We are so lucky to be able to enjoy the many sights this country has to offer, and the wonderful people that we have had the privilege of getting to know.

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squawmama said...

Beautiful photos... We have never been there so it gave me something to put on the to see list! Thanks
Have fun & Travel safe

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Luci & Loree said...

Had been on that I-80 many times, then a year ago, stopped to see the Falls and is it not wonderous? That is much more water than i got to see.Love the area. Have fun in Yellowstone area!!!