Saturday, July 9, 2011

On the Move

First off, Anthony's games.  They were in an  elimination tournament, loose two games and it is all over.  Game one they lost, 12-2, it was sad.  Next night they won, 12-0, and from there they won once again, 14-3.  The 4th game, was a squeaker, going in to the last inning one run down, 4-5.  And that was when Anthony came to bat, 2 outs, he swings and hits the ball…base hit and drives in the tying run. Game went on to extra innings, and they held the opponents and went on to win.  They next had to play the one team that had beat them the first night an lost 5-2, but good try and they played like Champs.  We did not get to see the last game as we left for Idaho. 

Before we could leave we had to have a tire checked out, thanks to our Pressure Pro, letting us know that our front tire was getting low. Stopped at Les Swabs on way out of town, and they could not find anything, but put in a new metal valve stem and that seems to have fixed the problem.

anthony game 009

They were still skiing at Boreal, there was a lot of snow in the mountains this year. We had a easy drive to Winnemucca, Nevada.  Stayed at the Hi-Dessert RV park.  Nice place, easy in/out and honors Passport America & Escapees at 50% off, year round. 

The next day we were off, hoping to make Mountain Home AFB, Idaho. 

anthony game 020

That is one long straight road, and it goes on for miles like that.  We were lucky that we had a great audio book and it made the miles go by fast.  For some reason most of the way was posted at 55, and we stayed with in the speed limits.  Seemed all the tiny towns we went through had very outstanding courthouses.  And that would because???? 

We found our way to the commercial gate to the base and onto the famcamp.  Very nice, some large trees, but big spaces.  Tried to set the satellite without luck and just left it till the next day.  And that started to prove impossible, so Chuck decided that he wanted to look into getting one of the Wingard automatic cubes.  So we were off to Boise and Camping World.  Well we found out that we could only watch  basically one TV, and not record at all.  We may live in a small space but our viewing habits are not always the same.  So that ended that, back to the RV, but first we went by an outlet mall, which called for a stop.  There were very few stores, but there was a Vanity Fair, and I need some new undies, which I took care of.   Once back at the RV, we did the “you got it”, “it’s gone”, till Chuck was ready to scream, (he was already cussing) and then lo-n-behold all is fine.  This is the worst time we have had setting it up, Chuck has a meter that the satellite service men use and usually he can set it up in a few minutes.  

Tomorrow will bring Kevin and Arlene in.  Be great to see them again.  We will all stay here for 7 days and then make our way to Valley View Park, near Yellowstone, for a month.  Can’t wait, the “Gathering” has started.  

Life is Good


FD5, Retired said...

Looking forward to meeting y'all at Valley View. We arrive on the 20th.

Stay Safe

Paul and Mary said...

I have fond memories of Mountain Home AFB! My uncle was stationed there when I was in high school. One summer my family made a road trip vacation to Mountain Home from Kansas City. I remember those long straight roads well!! Enjoy your visit, and have fun with Leno and Kevin!! (Are y'all going to run up to Sun Valley? So beautiful!)

Jim and Dee said...

The gang is starting to come together, how fun. We just went thru that satellite problem last week. It's frustrating. We've learned to deal with no phone, no wifi, no internet, no TV, but it won't happen often.