Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Whoooo, been here one week and has it ever flown. We have been busy, not so busy and down right lazy. Almost every day we have had a new adventure.

We convinced Chuck to drive Miss Arlene, Bridget and Kathy, on day two. Not bad enough when he have one woman telling him where to go, but three?? We just had him meander around Henry’s lake and the areas near by. Our main purpose was to get pictures of the nest I had spotted on the way in. road  trip 028

Osprey was in the nest, and when we got out of the truck not a bit happy, but did not fly away.

The next day we had to make a trip to Rexburg as Mac and Chuck both needed blood work and there was not place near. But first it was lunch time an Netters found some good reviews for the Filling Station. And it was very good.

show 026

show 022

Mac and Netters

We girls decided that we would do a little maintenance, hair and nail wise. Arlene and Lynette were happy with their hair cuts and pedi’s, but not so much with my nail fill-in. They were at it for almost 3 hours and still was not satisfactory, but by then I was done with it. Long day, we were all glad to get on the way home.

show 039

Took the detour on the way, and seen these beautiful falls. And there were so many wild flowers in bloom every where. Made the trip so worth it.

road  trip 056

The following day we mainly laid around and that night went to a dinner show at the Macks Inn Playhouse. Great prime rib dinner, and the show was fantastic, Home School Musical. Our sides hurt the next day from all the laughing that we did. The young couple who had the main parts were very good, both were great singers and the dancing was very professional. But the main character was hilarious.

show 069

Going back again before we leave the area as they are doing two different plays, where we will see the Phantom of the Grand Ole Opry.

Then it was time to venture into Yellowstone Park, so we decided that we would try Ole Faithful and the near by sights. We took two vehicles as we are about 35 miles from there.

yellowstone 056

Along the way we saw a few animals.

yellowstone 004

And of course, what we came for, Old Faithful.

yellowstone 044

yellowstone 009

Just some of the small crowd waiting for the geyser to go off. We stopped at a few other places, or I should say attempted to stop as parking was non existent. We had packed a picnic lunch and we found a nice area with tables and had lunch and enjoyed the beauty of the area. Kevin and Arlene decided they had had enough for the day and headed back. Mac and Netters along with Chuck & I stopped at the Grizzly & Wolf center in West Yellostone. There they had two of the grizzlies out in the compound, and they were were so much fun to watch. They played in the pool wrestling around for a good hour.


Here is Illie laying on her back, enjoying her spa.

bear2Brother Sam, weighing in at 1200 pounds.

yellowstone 075

I will close this with a Big Bear Hug!

Bear Hugs!

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Looks as if you guys are really enjoying your time there!!! GREAT photos ~
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