Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Happy Times

We left Idaho Falls fairly early and found our way through the first bit of construction.  Then on down the road a bit, more construction had us going in the wrong direction, but a u-turn and we were back on track.  Drove into Idaho Falls and stopped at Wally World for those last few items and to top off the gas.  We were just having a quick bite in Subway when in came Mac and Netters, followed by John and Bridget.  Big hugs all the way around.  We were off from there, tummies full, gas tanks and cupboards  all taken care of.  We only had 90 miles to go, and Callie (GPS, short for recalculating) had us arriving 5 miles short of our destination.  But we finally found our new home for the next 30 days.  Now the Valley View can not be called a resort, actually it is listed as a laundry first, then RV park.  But our sites are all together, and they are huge, and we are all very happy with them.

Today the guys went one direction and the girls the other.  They checked out the near by golf and lake.  We went to town, and wondered around a bit, no purchases other than a bite to eat.  Did make a stop at the information bureau and picked up plenty of research material.

Tonight we were just grilling corn and brats, and the rain drops started for a minute but then it settled down and we had a nice dinner, topped off by Arlene’s fruit pizza.  We moved inside our rig and played “chase the ace”.  Mac had a few stories and we laughed till we cried.  Fun time, so good to meet up with these great people again. 

The weather here is actually cool, But you will hear no complaints from us.  Pictures have not been a priority, but will do better. 

Life is Good

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