Friday, February 15, 2013


The next few days we will be trying to get together everything we will need to spending a month or so in the little trailer, as we pop around the countryside.  Sure that we will forget a lot, but we will make do or pick up anything we can’t live with out.  Really anxious to see how this RV works for us.  We are hoping to make the trip to pick up the trailer, in two days, which is close to 600 miles a day, long haul, but we won’t be towing, so should be able to do it.

The past few weeks we have been busy with our bridge lessons and getting the truck all set.  First we had to find a tail gate, we had the 5th wheel one.  We were lucky enough to find one on Craig's list, but then it needed a locking latch, plus a few other things.  Also a hitch, tow package, and the cover for the truck bed, and the list goes on.  And of course gas is going through the roof here in California.  But the sun is shining, no wind to speak of, got to complain about something, right?

Ginger & Jessie are coming in for a visit tomorrow, be great to see them again, as we had a very short visit when we were in Vegas.  They have other friends that they are meeting here, hope they all enjoy our resort.  We are also going to a halibut fish fry at the Elks, in the afternoon.  We had gotten tickets when they first went on sale, as they tend to sell out, the fish is fresh caught in Alaska, by several members, and then they have a big fund raiser.  Sounds good. 

Looking forward to seeing all our friends that are scattered all over Texas and Arizona.  Signed up for the Escapade too, so we will be making that this year.  Plans are getting made…what fun. Love having a place we can call “home”, but sure looking forward to getting back out there.

Next post will be on the road………..